Rewarding our Young Entrepreneurs for their OWL-mazing achievements is just one of the ways we recognize our Owlettes and BROs for all their hard work!

In August, our Young Entrepreneurs were challenged to grow their teams and spread the O2 love. When they sponsored at least one New Designer/Young Entrepreneur Team (and helped them sell and achieve at least 100 Personal Volume ‘PV’), they started earning incredible prizes!

Congratulations to the following Young Entrepreneurs:

Level 1: Help one (1) New Designer/Young Entrepreneur Team join your team by August 15 (also help them sell and achieve at least 100 PV)

Earned = surprise box full of goodies and back-from-the-vault jewelry (including from our previous DreamWorks® Trolls Collection and more!)

Plus, for every New Designer/Young Entrepreneur Team they sponsored, the box got even BIGGER!

Aaron Bertin

Vittoria Elmer

Matilda Gonzalez

Veronica Gutierrez

Angelina Navarrette

Edgar Zavala II

Level 2: Sell and achieve 250 to 499 PV

Earned = a small, surprise package!

Kenny Bertin

Sofia Jo Contreras

Catherine Cruz

Jazlyn Dawson

Calypso Ifill

Madelyn Maloney

Ava Sveet

Iris Uribe

Level 3: Sell and achieve 500 to 999 PV

Earned = a medium, surprise package!

Jaymee Gomez

Saydee Gomez

Jocelyn Gordon

Veronica Gutierrez

Valerie Jauregui

Maddox Johnson

Ruth Mahnken

Alice Page

Level 4: Sell and achieve 1,000 or more PV

Earned = a box of goodies with a ton of back-from-the-vault jewelry including pieces from our DreamWorks Trolls Collection and a lot of other fun stuff!

Caidense Bohl

Alyssa Freer

Lily Gast

Naomi Kruse

Kira Morris

Josie Nedelman

Rose Saxon-Housum

Kami Scheele

Kaycee Velez

Eliza-Jean Wells

Force For Good® Charm Winner: Josie Nedelman

“I Am Not Alone” Guardian Angel Charm

Josie shared at the Think Goodness “Live with Purpose” Launch Event that she was inspired to create this special Charm after learning she had an older sister who had passed away.

“This Silver Guardian Angel Charm says ‘Not alone’ on the back. This Charm represents that I am not – and will never be – alone. I will always have someone with me.” – Josie Nedelman

September Young Entrepreneur Details

Get all the details on this month’s calls and Facebook Lives here.