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Congratulations to our new 2020 Young Entrepreneurs Council, announced at O2 L.E.A.D. Empowerment Summit in January!

The Young Entrepreneurs Council (formerly the Youth Council) gives Owlettes and BROs (Boys Representing Origami Owl®) the opportunity to serve their peers in the Young Entrepreneurs Program (formerly the Owlette Program) and provide a youthful perspective, which is important in developing a strong program. Young Entrepreneurs Council members represent their fellow Owlettes and BROs, while making a difference and gaining leadership skills.

Congratulations to our 2020 Young Entrepreneurs Council:

Katie Berg, 16 years old, Montana

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has had a huge impact on my life,” shares Katie. “It’s helped me come out of my small-town-girl-shell and become more confident in who I am. I’ve made long-lasting friendships all across the country with people I continue to communicate with on a daily basis. It’s also strengthened my relationship with my mom because of the extra time I have to spend with her. I’ve been able to make my own money and pay for my (school) activity pass, as well as my volleyball gear. I’ve also been able to buy my own cell phone and pay for my own plan. Because of Origami Owl, I’ve also had the opportunity to go to Disney World, Phoenix and Savannah. I know that I always have people who will support me and who I can go to if I have a bad day at school or home. I can now comfortably speak in public in front of 500 people and walk confidently up to an adult to talk to them. The Young Entrepreneurs Program has given me the business skills I will use for the rest of my life and memories that will last a lifetime!”



Phoebe Davis, 15 years old, New Mexico

“Origami Owl has impacted my life in so many ways,” shares Phoebe. “I used to hide behind my mom and our table at events, but now I am doing Jewelry Bars® independently with friends! The Young Entrepreneurs Program has given me my voice, my confidence, courage and friendships when I had none. My business thrives all year despite my schedule. I have learned calendar control and have figured out a system that works for me during my busy swim months. I love that my teammates and their mothers remember my business and come to me for gifts! I have created so many connections with my teachers and Customers through our jewelry, and have some really great fundraisers set up for 2020 for some organizations in our community that I am excited about, including one for homeless teens in Albuquerque! I am proud to represent the Young Entrepreneurs Council!”



William DeCoursey, 17 years old, California

I have been a BRO for a little over four years now,” shares William. “I joined because I fell in love with the Charms. I started working with my mom doing minor things like sorting Charms and stocking items. When we had events or parties, I would help set up, then go sit in a corner. My mom would sign us up for events left and right. Then, one time she couldn’t get the time off from her full-time job, so I had to go by myself (my grandma drove me and dropped me off). I realized quickly I had to step out of my comfort zone and talk to people who would come to my booth. Little by little, I started building confidence when talking about Origami Owl. Flash forward to present day, I mostly work events by myself and was able to save enough money to purchase my own car, and pay for travel to L.E.A.D. Summits and Conventions. Most importantly, I’ve been able to give back to my local community. I want to shed a light on BROs; we’ve come a long way with the number of BROs who are part of the Young Entrepreneurs Program since I started. I am happy to see them all working their businesses. I want to be someone they can go to for help or advice.”



Kayla Edgar, 13 years old, Ontario, Canada

“During the several years of experience I have had with Origami Owl, it has broadened my public speaking skills. I am now comfortable speaking in front of groups – whether it be at a school assembly or in front of a big team of Designers. Our Owlette and Bro Zoom Calls have taught me that I can make goals and achieve them, too!”

**We’d like to give a shout-out to Kayla for thinking outside of the box by submitting a video. We think it’s OWL-mazing that she took a risk and got out of her comfort zone! Kayla’s submission was one of the best we’ve ever received, which earned her a spot on this year’s Council! Kudos, Kayla! **

Watch her video submission here: https://youtu.be/UDHUedd1vcg



Jaymee Gomez, 13 years old, Texas

“Origami Owl has made a difference in my life by allowing me to be more active in my community, helping those in need and being a leader,” shares Jaymee. “I love the jewelry and helping people tell their stories through it, allowing women to feel strength and hope through our Empowerment Collection, but I understand that what we do is so much more than selling jewelry. I truly love Origami Owl and the opportunities it gives me daily to be a better person in my home, my school and my community.”




Cassidy Grover, 12 years old, Alberta, Canada

“I joined Origami Owl a year ago on my birthday,” shares Cassidy. “It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. I joined the Young Entrepreneurs Program because I was bullied and needed something that would give me a reason to smile every day, and something that had people who would accept me for who I am. The Young Entrepreneurs Program has helped me feel good about myself. I want to help others who go through what I went through to feel good about themselves, as well. I just want to thank Origami Owl for this amazing journey that my mom and I are part of!”






McKayla Hartung, 15 years old, New Mexico

“Being an Owlette for more than a year has impacted my life in many ways,” shares McKayla. “I joined because I needed to fundraise for a huge school field trip, but I stayed because I have learned and improved in multiple areas. I now have a sense of responsibility because Origami Owl has helped me break out of my shell! I never would have imagined being a GIRLBOSS at 14! I am now trying very hard to become a Team Leader. This job has helped me visualize my future more and learn about the business world. I believe anyone who wants their child to start ahead can benefit from the Young Entrepreneur’s Program because you learn so much. The community is a perfect and positive place to work at such a young age.”




Elizabeth Hendrickson, 14 years old, Florida

“I am so thankful for the ways Origami Owl has impacted my life,” shares Elizabeth. “It has given me the opportunity to be a Force For Good®, to gain confidence in myself, to help inspire others and make the world a better place, and so much more. It has also given me the opportunity to be a young entrepreneur by owning and working my own business! But, most importantly, I am helping others heal, grow and love by telling their story in a Locket.”





Megan Hendrickson, 21 years old, Florida (Alumni)

“Origami Owl has helped awaken who I was meant to be,” shares Megan. “Before I joined at 15, I did not wear jewelry! But despite that, I recognized what this company has that no one else does – community, an incredible Young Entrepreneurs Program and Founders with a lot of heart. Because of those reasons I joined, and it’s also why I am still part of this company now as a 21-year-old. Our jewelry is personal, powerful, beautiful and impactful. But, we are so much more than just our products. The people I have met and connected with all mean so much to me. I was surprised by being named the 2016 Most Inspiring Owlette four years ago at Convention. That moment humbled me and made me realize that we ALL are inspiring. You are inspiring, simply by being yourself. Origami Owl took a shy, non-jewelry wearing, unconfident 15-year-old and transformed her into an ignited, confident, strong, jewelry-loving adult who isn’t afraid anymore. Helping and encouraging up-and-coming Owlettes and BROs is a huge passion of mine. I’m grateful for our Young Entrepreneurs Program and Origami Owl!”



Selina Novello, 18 years old, Alberta, Canada (Alumni)

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined,” shares Selina. “I have been able to travel to Conventions and grown personally because of it. It has given me more tools in my toolbox for who I will become in the future. Origami Owl is so much more than just a jewelry company; they believe in the growth of their youth. I have learned so much about myself and how to have a greater impact on the lives of others. I have become a stronger Force For Good and learned how to empower others. I’ve made connections with other Designers and most of all, been able to leave my sparkle everywhere I go. Because of Origami Owl, I am the best version of myself.”




Jade Rangel, 12 years old, Texas

“I have been given a beautiful opportunity to work side-by-side with my mother,” shares Jade. “Normally in corporate business, the parents work and the kids stay at daycare or with family. Instead, I get to share this time with my mother and family working this business together. I want to help others succeed so they know they, too, can grow and help others. I love that I have been able to grow as a person, daughter and sister.”





Kami Scheele, 12 years old, Montana

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has impacted my life by providing me with life-changing opportunities,” shares Kami. “I use my commission to help pay for my softball equipment. One of my favorite parts is that I get to be closer to my mom by working and traveling with her.”






McKendra Sloan, 19 years old, Oklahoma (Alumni)

“Origami Owl has impacted my life in MANY ways, but there’s one that sticks out most to me,” shares McKendra. “Before Origami Owl, I suffered from severe social anxiety, which made me lose confidence in myself. I was afraid to go out and meet people, or even just say a simple ‘hello’ due to my social anxiety. I would worry about what people thought of me because of my height. All that changed in 2017, when my mom and I started this business together. With each event we did, I slowly started to come out of my shell and engage people more. I now look forward to events and meeting new people. As a matter of fact, I will talk their ears off! I never would have had this much confidence without the love and support of my O2 family and this amazing opportunity.”





Brianna Standen, 18 years old, Ontario, Canada (Alumni)

“Origami Owl has helped me in so many ways, that I can’t even count how much love and positivity this company has given me,” shares Brianna. “When I first joined, I wasn’t aware of how this company was so much more than jewelry until I started going to Conventions. Last year’s Convention in Savannah made a huge impact on me and showed me that we are all a big family. I’m so blessed to work for this amazing company with my mom and help her every weekend by spreading love and joy that this company has brought to our whole family.”





Mattie Warren, 13 years old, Texas

“The Young Entrepreneurs Program has impacted my life tremendously,” shares Mattie. “I have been able to make money and save it for the future. It has been so fun running a company on my own. One of my love languages is gifts. I love to receive and give gifts. Since I started O2, I have been able to gift a lot more to my family this year than in the past years! One of the amazing things about the Young Entrepreneurs Program is that you learn business skills at such a young age! My mom had been in direct sales for a long time. I enjoy sharing what I love!”





Kelsea Whiting, 16 years old, California

“The last five years with Origami Owl have been nothing short of life-changing,” shares Kelsea. “I am not even sure that I can find the proper words to explain just how much this company means to me. As a young girl, I suffered from major social anxiety. I ate lunch in the cafeteria, cried every day of kindergarten, and absolutely refused to speak to a crowd. I worried about things I could not control, and this was a major source of my stress. This stress and anxiety was amplified when I was 12 years old and my parents divorced. This was also the time that I discovered my outlet – Origami Owl. Little did I know, starting as an Owlette with this company would completely burst my shell, eliminate my anxiety, and allow me to give major speeches to large crowds. It is because of my experiences at Jewelry Bars and vendor events that I had the confidence to run and win the title of State Vice President for California Future Business Leaders of America. I have given speeches to crowds of 1,000 people at a time, without worry, all because of Origami Owl.”



Wellington Emanuel, 16 years old, North Carolina

“Origami Owl has given me the opportunity to be a Force For Good and mentor others,” shares Wellington. “I enjoy doing events and fundraisers with my mom. Most of all, our mission statement is one we all can live by.”

More About the Young Entrepreneurs Council

Thank you to all the Owlettes, BROs and Alumni who sent in their submissions to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Council! The Young Entrepreneurs Council is a one-year term, so we highly encourage those who weren’t selected this year to try again next year!

Young Entrepreneur’s Council Perks: Opportunity to enhance the Young Entrepreneur’s Program as it continues to evolve; opportunity to be highlighted throughout the year; one-on-one time with Bella and Yvette Torres-Dickson; special recognition at Convention; play a significant role at Hoot Camp at The O2 Experience; end-of-year gift and only pay $25 to attend Convention!

We’re so proud of this year’s Young Entrepreneurs Council members and know they’re going to make a positive impact on the Young Entrepreneurs Program!

Get Connected to the Young Entrepreneurs Program

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