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Update 08.09.17: Fall/Winter 2017 Sell Sheet just added!

Available July 18 for Designers; July 25 for Customers

Life is a great balancing act and it’s about discovering and embracing the magic of who YOU are!

Origami Owl® is proud to introduce the Fall/Winter 2017 Collection featuring jewelry that celebrates your story to inspire you to chase your dreams and shine.

Watch Origami Owl Co-Founders Bella Weems-Lambert’s reveal of the new collection at The 2017 O2 Experience.

Sell Sheet

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*Please note, there is a price error on Page 37 of the TOM for the Crystal Station Chain. The correct price for CN5054 is $28/$36 (as shown on Page 44). Also, the Gunmetal “Believe” Bracelet Slider on page 33 should say BS1023 and not BS1010. There is also a CAD price error on Page 32 of the TOM for the Black Patent Slider Wrap. The correct CAD price for BR7001 and BR7002 is $18 CAD.

Here are FAQs about the Fall/Winter 2017 Collection.

Jewelry Updates

As always, we have a few updates to our jewelry as we prepare for the new Fall/Winter Collection. Here are details about Seasonal Exclusives that will stick around, jewelry items that will be moving to online only, pricing updates and more.

Get the details here.