Less than one month remains for you to achieve the Level Up Leadership Challenge and we’ve added so many new achievers and near-qualifiers during the month of November!

See who’s focusing on personal and team growth, and are on their way to earning some exciting packages (including free event tickets and more) for 2021 events – L.E.A.D. O2 Empowerment Summit and the O2 Experience convention!

Check out the tips our recent Tier 2 qualifier, Senior Director Melissa Taylor, shared in the Flight Plan earlier this month for extra inspiration and ideas!

Congratulations to the following leaders who already qualified and earned the special LEAD 2021 VIP Ticket & LEAD 2021 Recognition:


Cailin Bundrick

Erin Keene

Holly Corbett

Karen Alaniz

Breanna Johnson

Tami & Tatum Butcher

Lisa Weihbrecht

Alba Saenz

Jessica Lopez

Tier 1:

Sandi-Rose Smith

Courtney Butler

Aimee Johnson

Melissa Davis

Randy Mellon

Hope Erbert

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Tier 2:

Melissa Taylor

Here’s who else (in first name, ABC order) is on their way to earning some OWL-mazing event packages!

Angie Durrant

Brea  DeRespini

Carla New

Carole LaPorte

Carolina Jardim

Christina Whearley

Dawn Firstenberg

Deborah Oakland

Joan Milligan

Kathy Cornell

Katie DeVito

Kelly Montoya

Maria Navarrette

Melissa Prochnow

Michelle Freatman

Nancy Pye

Sandra de la Garza

Sandy Gast

Get all the details on our Level Up to Leadership Challenge here.