Our Young Entrepreneurs spread the O2 love in May and made such a big impact in their communities!

From hosting Force For Good® give-back events to sharing the new, officially licensed Justice League for Origami Owl Collection, our Young Entrepreneurs carried out the O2 mission and made a difference in lives and their businesses.

Take a look at their results!

Congratulations, May O2 Mystery Box Earners

Congratulations to our May Incentive earners! Our Young Entrepreneurs were challenged to have a fundraiser for someone they wanted to help, or for a business/organization in their community, or both!

The earners will get an O2 Mystery Box with items hand-selected by Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert.

We want to continue Origami Owl’s kindness movement and we know our Young Entrepreneurs can make an extraordinary impact!

Here are the earners from May and what they did:

Ellie Beutin

Elli’s fundraiser was to help a one-year-old baby boy named, Josiah, with a congenital heart defect and Down Syndrome. The funds she raised will help pay for his medical bills.

Erin Collins

Erin fundraised for Operation Catnip of Gainesville, Florida, to help spay and neuter community cats and find them homes. When Erin was throwing the trash away one day, she saw a letter from Operation Catnip on top of the pile of trash and took it. She went to school and took all the money she had in her piggy bank ($2.17 in change), and asked her teacher to help her mail the money to Operation Catnip. She never told her mom what she was doing. The director of Operation Catnip called her mom expressing her gratitude and told her she had posted about Erin on their website. Erin’s story and donation had unknowingly started a ripple effect and other kids started to send in their piggy bank money as well!

Jazlyn Dawson

Jazlyn decided to do a fundraiser for the Community Pet Project by the SPCA. They take donations and give pet food to families who can’t afford it. By donating money, they help other families keep their pets well and alive.

Ava Deklerk

Ava’s fundraiser was for Little Hands Kids for a Cause. Little Hands is a local charity that helps families who have children with life-threatening illnesses. The organization really need funds right now because they can’t hold any fundraisers due to the pandemic. Erin is giving them 75 percent of her commissions, plus a raffle prize. She has learned that it takes a lot of work to run a fundraiser, however, she wants to keep learning more and helping them.

Wellington Emanual

Wellington fundraised for Five N Two Food Pantry. It is a local food pantry in his community. They provide food, clothes, and more to their community. He has given them over $300 in May to support a food drive that provided over 100 pounds of food to community members in need. He will be extending this through the month of June.

Miley Haight

Miley does a different fundraiser every month. In May, she fundraised for Ben’s Builders and donated all her commission, plus bought $250 in Legos for their organization. Ben’s Builders is a local organization that donates new and gently used Legos to kids at hospitals in her area who will be hospitalized for a long time. Ben’s parents do this in his memory because he passed away. It is really close to her heart because her sister also passed away from a terminal illness.

McKayla Hartung

McKayla’s fundraiser was for her neighbor who is now on a heart donor list in Denver. This heart is very much needed for him to survive so she created the fundraiser, “Operation Save a Life: Be a part of giving a heart.”

Jocelyn Irby

Jocelyn fundraised for a group in her dance studio called Darby’s Dancers. It is a group of students (both female and male) with physical or developmental disabilities, and they get to learn dance! Her goal is to sponsor a year of classes, dance attire, and costumes for one of those students. Although she didn’t quite hit her goal, it was enough to provide dance attire and shoes for one student for a whole year, and she’s not stopping there.

Isabel LaPorte

In February 2017, Isabel’s grandfather passed away due to a brain tumor. One of her biggest regrets is not being able to say goodbye to him. Each summer since then, her family has taken part in the Brain Tumour Walk in their city to support the Canadian Brain Tumour Foundation. Isabel set up a Facebook group and invited everyone she knew, which led them to inviting their friends. She ended up having over 50 people in her party. She posted every day showcasing different pieces. She had fun and was able to donate to the organization that is near to her heart. Plus, she got two new Customers who will be shopping with her permanently.

 Brianna Standen

Brianna’s fundraiser total was $440 and 100 percent of the commission will be going to the Light House Rebuild Fund in Lions Head. This fundraiser is also going to help with the money fundraised by her father who has been making lighthouse birdhouses. This will be making a huge impact as this lighthouse is so very special to her family and the town of Lions Head.

Deja Sullivan

Deja chose Eden Animal Haven for her fundraiser. They help cats find forever homes, are fully vetted, and don’t stay in cages. They recently took in 15 kittens that have leukemia and were past their max. Deja feels so blessed to be able to help them and can’t wait until she can open her own sanctuary for kitties.

Edgar Zavala

Edgar does monthly fundraisers and selected The Emilio Nares Foundation in May. The organization provides rides to appointments for children who are cancer patients. They also provide Emilio’s Loving Tabs which are specially designed shirts to facilitate access to medical devices without requiring a scared child to remove their garment.

Congratulations, Young Entrepreneurs with Highest Justice League for Origami Owl Collection Sales

Congratulations to our incredible Young Entrepreneurs who put in a SUPER amount of effort in May to share the new Justice League for Origami Owl Collection!

Our special incentive from May 12 – 31 yielded some exciting results and we’re thrilled to share who sold the most Justice League items and will earn a special piece from the collection from Origami Owl Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha, and those who earned bonuses, too!

Top Sellers with a minimum of 250 PV:

Akemi Arriola

Erin Collins

Phoebe Davis

Jazlyn Dawson

William DeCoursey

Wellington Emanuel

Sophia Fang

Lily Gast

Jaymee Gomez

April Harlveson

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Kennedy Holtsnider

Jocelyn Irby

Selina Novello

Jade Rangel

Kami Scheele

Brianna Standen

Edgar Zavala

Bonus #1 Earners (top sales during launch week)

BRO, Wellington Emanual & Owlette, Kami Scheele

Bonus #2 (sponsored New Designers and got them to 100 PV or more)

Phoebe Davis

Jaymee Gomez

Kami Scheele

Edgar Zavala

Overall #1 in Sales & Sponsoring

 Kami Scheele

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