October Recognition LIVE @ The Nest with Shawn + Tyson

October Recognition LIVE @ The Nest with Shawn + Tyson

The dynamic duo is BACK and shared October’s recognition LIVE @ The Nest.

During this month’s LIVE office edition of Carpool Recognition, Origami Owl® Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha did their best to pronounce your names and recognize YOU for your exceptional achievements in October.

Watch them share it in the O2 Designer News from the Nest Facebook group here:

Whooo Promoted Up in October

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in October.

October Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Melissa, McKenzie & Madison Maher, Director
  2. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader
  3. Cailin Bundrick, Director
  4. Kasandra Tucci, Senior Team Leader
  5. Mandy & Ryli Kuhnhenn, Team Leader
  6. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director
  7. Erin Zapata, Senior Director
  8. Susan & Jocelyn Gordon, Director
  9. Shelley Licknack, Team Manager
  10. Claudia Chavez, Senior Team Manager

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Director
  2. Denise Curran, Director
  3. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager
  2. Mishell Amick, Director
  3. Nancy Pye, Executive Team Leader

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in September. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.

And the New O2 Coastal Vacay Earners Are….

And the New O2 Coastal Vacay Earners Are….

Incentive qualification period August 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021

Sandy beaches, sunny skies and a day trip to DISNEY await our newest O2 Coastal Vacay earners!

These Designers worked hard earning Personal Volume (PV) and helping their new, Personally-Sponsored Designer earn PV to earn Vacay Points toward this incentive.

Congratulations for those who have already earned the Trip for 1 or Trip for 2!

Coastal Vacay Trip Earners in October

Trip for 1 – No travel Voucher (needs 20,000 points)

Erin Zapata

Breanna Johnson

Peggy Mitrano

Eloise Layton

Nancy Pye

Arely Lugo & Maddalyn Pena

Shelley Licknack

Trip for 1 – with Travel Voucher (needs 23,000 points)

Cailin  Bundrick

Patti Creel

Melissa, Mackenzie & Madison Maher

Tami, Tatum & Brooks Butcher

Julissa Schuster & Jada Cantu

Sandi-Rose Smith

Rebecca Robinson Porter

Erin Keene

Sandy Daly

Trip for 2 – no travel voucher (needs 26,000 points)

Randy Mellon

Maria & Angelina Navarrette

Aimee Johnson

Courtney Butler

Hope  Erbert

Alba & Jose Saenz

Holly Corbett

Melissa Taylor

Karen Alaniz

Kasandra Tucci

Travel for 2 – With travel Voucher!! (needs 31,000 points)

Claudia Chavez


Be sure to join the O2 Coastal Vacay Facebook Group for special training from some of our earners, tips, accountability and more!


Here are all the details on the qualifications and more.

Whooo’s On Track For Level Up Leadership Challenge?

Whooo’s On Track For Level Up Leadership Challenge?

We’re so excited to congratulate the leaders who are already leveling up their leadership as part of our Level Up Leadership Challenge.

They’re focusing on personal and team growth, and are on their way to earning some exciting packages (including free event tickets and more) for 2021 events – L.E.A.D. O2 Empowerment Summit and the O2 Experience convention!

This limited-time leadership incentive is available September 1 through December 31, 2020 and fuels your team growth and creates a healthy foundation for your future. The Level Up Leadership Challenge is just getting started – so you still have plenty of time to earn it!

Congratulations to the following leaders who already qualified and earned the special LEAD 2021 VIP Ticket & LEAD 2021 Recognition:

Melissa Taylor

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Aimee Johnson

Karen Alaniz

Randy Mellon

Sandi-Rose Smith

Tami Butcher

Cailin Bundrick

Alba & Jose Saenz

Erin Keene

Here’s who else (in first name, ABC order) is on their way to earning some OWL-mazing event packages!

Amber Horton
Angie Durrant
Annette Johnson
Arely Lugo & Maddalyn Peña
Brea DeRespini
Breanna Johnson
Brooke Osborne
Carla & Jaiden New
Carolina McGrath
Chani Kaibetoney
Claudia Chavez
Courtney Butler
Dawn Firstenberg
Deborah Oakland
Erin Zapata
Fabiola Barada
Heidi Fleming
Holly Corbett
Jecenia Deluna
Jessica Lopez & Arturo Valenzuela Jr.
Julissa Schuster & Jada Cantu
Kasandra Tucci
Katherine & Lupe Butterbaugh
Keelan Predmore
Lisa & Isabella Weihbrecht
Maria & Angelina Navarrette
Martika  Prosa
Melissa Bryson
Melissa Ghane
Mirta Hernandez, Victoria & Vianey Garcia
Mishell Amick, Emily & Grace Brewer
Monique & Emily Gonzales
Nancy Pye
Patty Brandenburg
Peggy Mitrano
Rebecca Goble
Sandra De La Garza
Sandy & Lily Gast
Sarah Vasho-Krock
Sarah Maddox
Shawn Crouse
Tammy Story


Get all the details on our Level Up to Leadership Challenge here.

October New Designer Spotlight: These New Designers are OWL-mazing

October New Designer Spotlight: These New Designers are OWL-mazing

We love celebrating new family members – and our New Designers are crushing it in their first six months!

Meet one of our newest Designers who just started her business in October and is already off to a flying start.

Meet Brooke Smith

Brooke was drawn to Origami Owl jewelry because she just hadn’t seen anything quite like it.

“It’s something so different from what everyone else is selling,” the Ontario Designer shared.

She started her business on October 21, 2020, scheduled her Launch Jewelry Bar, and after simply sharing the meaningful jewelry with her closest friends and family, she hit $1,000 in sales!

“I really had no idea I would do so well with my first launch Jewelry Bar,” says Brooke. “I was shocked (by the response), but I also have a big family and they never heard of this jewelry until my party.”

She’s excited about her initial results for her business, and says her main goal is to help others fall in love with it, too.

“What’s not to like (about Origami Owl)?” Brooke jokes. “(The jewelry is) amazing; I’m not even a jewelry type of girl until now!”

New Designer Results in Their First Six Months with O2

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their O2 businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start!

*To be considered a New Designer, the Designer must be in their first six months.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. April & Ashtyn Wirfel, Executive Designer
  2. Ashley Caven, Team Leader
  3. Kelly Novia-Crowe, Senior Designer
  4. Jennifer Dooley, Designer
  5. Nicole Robinson, Executive Designer
  6. Ariana Montoya, Senior Designer
  7. Connie Felix, Executive Team Leader
  8. Rhonda Regan, Designer
  9. Erica To & Tiffany To Lee, Designer
  10. Michelle Senton, Executive Designer

Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring (in ABC order)

  1. Adianys Dennise, Senior Team Leader
  2. Amber Horton, Executive Team Leader
  3. Arely Lugo & Arely Lugo, Team Manager
  4. Fabiola Barada, Senior Team Leader
  5. Felicia Hernandez, Executive Team Leader
  6. Godi Carvajal & Génesis Ayala, Team Manager
  7. Inelis Marie Colon Cruz, Senior Designer
  8. Jennifer Sanchez & Sofiaxochilt, Senior Team Leader
  9. Krista Palacios, Executive Team Leader
  10. Sarai Zamorano, Senior Team Leader


Senior Designer

Adaire Reeves & Autum Eller

Ailed Castillo

Alejandra Gonzalez

Alexis Johnson

Alicia Moran

Alissa Gamache

Alma Merkt

Alnidia Rodriguez

Alyssa Rodriquez

Amanda Dannhardt

Amanda & Ava De La Cruz

Amanda Burget

Amber & Emilee Adams

Amber Cano Gonzales

Amy & Caitlin Stout

Amy & Brianna Gillespie

Andrea Da Prato

Andrea Ritchey

Andrea Noelani DeVincent

Angela Diaz

Angela Sandoval

Anita Danelian

Annie Lankford

Arelis & Marcos G. Rodriguez

Ariana Montoya

Ashley Winfrey

Ashley Beckman

Ashley Lopez

Ashley Hale

Aubrey Roeder

Audrey Denise Bauer

Barbara Tena

Barbara Vorel

Berlinda Luikens & Madison Colton

Bettyann Vaughan & Taylar Hollifield

Bianca & Adison Gonzalez

Blanca Castillo

Brenda Moberly

Brenda Garza

Brenda Coleman-Swank

Brianna Standen

Brittany Weaver

Brittany Buell

Brooke Smith

Candice Luis

Carmen Flores

Carolyn Shappley

Carrie Fleming

Cassandra Delgado

Cassandra & Meredith Creyer

Cassy Gallegos

Celene Luna

Chandra Cummings-Bishop

Chasity & Phoebe Brunet

Chere Urgo

Cherokee Sweet

Christianna Ross

Christina Johnson

Christine Larsen

Christine Schloesser

Claudia & Daniela Garcia

Claudia Martinez

Claudia Ruelas

Claudia Garcia & Gia Perez

Colleen Culleiton

Corina Frias

Cynthia & Daniela Marie Moreno

Cynthia Perez

Daisy Flores

Darlene Post

Dayna Marie Munoz

Dee George

Deira Valadez-Soon

Deniss Lopez

Diana & Laurie Nicole Sanchez

Diana Saunders

Diana Woodring

Donna Strickland

Dyanna Gibson

Edna Rodriguez

Eileen Purcell

Emily Jensen

Emily Strahan

Enrique Tello

Erica Hookf

Erika Gurk

Erin Haynes

Esther Galvez

Fanny Rosario

Felecia Love

Felicia Reyna

Gabrielle Hildreth

Gail ODonel

Gina Stoperski

Gloria Garcia

Gwen Rivet

Havanna Watlington

Heather Vlahovich

Heather Oakley

Heather Ivey

Hector Rodriguez & Migdalia Concepcion

Heidie lopez

Herlyn Ferrer

Hope Branson

Inelis Marie Colon Cruz

Isabel Ramirez-Shrout

Jaclyn Pizzarello-Lenahan

Jaime & Yyana Hannans

Jamie Aigler

Janelle Stratton

Jelithza Medrano

Jennifer Drennen

Jennifer & Jakob Glotfley

Jennifer Panko

Jennifer Jacoby

Jennifer Edwards

Jennifer Winters

Jenny Salinas

Jenybell Osorio

Jessica Mullins

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Vite

Jessica Infante Prim

Joann Pantoja Santiago

Jo-Ann Romero

Josephine Sena

Joyous Noel Soto

Juana Diaz

Julia Brooks

Karen & Bobbie Dobesh

Karen Ciccotelli

Karen Reilly

Katherine Garcia

Kathryn Fauss

Katie Bell

Kelley & Abbigal Sawyer, & Declan Woodfin

Kelly McIntosh

Kelly Novia-Crowe

Kelly Majewski

Kelly Borg

Kelsey Habhegger

Kerry Cowen

Kimberly Lyerly

Krista Handel

Kristi Carlson & Lexis Shepard

Kristin Prickett

Kristina Marquez

Kristy & Aala Brooks

Kristy Boyd

Krystal Johnson

Krysten Lukesh

LaKieta Moreau

Larcy Allen

Larissa Recendez

Laura Palmer & Reagan Searle

Laura Cantu

Laura Madrigal

Lauren Treat

Leah King

Leigh-Ann Worrall

Leticia Rivera

Lileana Mireles

Lily & Sierra Barkau

Lindsay Wilson

Lisa Burkey Roti

Lisa Snyder

Lisa Bond

Liza Rodriguez

Lizbeth Peña

Lorena Garza

Makeda Campbell

Malory Lozano

Mandie Nelson

Mandy & Addison Causey

Maria Capola

Maria Guerrero

Marian Campoy

Maribel Garces

Marie Morales

Marie Mitchell

Marisol Osuna

Marissa Martinez

Marsha Medrano Garza

MaryLou & Constance Grace Miller

Maureen Chuck Frear, Justin & Rebecca Frear

Mayra Ortiz

Mayte Lozano

Megan Loughner

Megan Bryce Owens

Melanie Alexander

Melinda Cartright

Mercedes Santillanes

Michele Reis

Michelle Pineda

Miriam Rodriguez

Moneca Moreno

Monica Martinez

Montana Peters

Morgan Richards

Morgan Creel

Nadia Krantz

Nancy Margolese-smith

Natalie Ayala

Natalie Emanuele

Nicole Bales

Noelia Rodriguez

Noemi Aguilar

Norma Perez

Norma Martinez

Norma Hovis

Olinda Luna

Paola Angelini

Patricia Puente

Patricia Mickel

Priscila Maturino

Queena Wilson

Rachel Morton

Rebecca & Kili Warnick

Rebekah Ratliff

Renee Razo

Renee Lundberg

Richelle Anderson

Rosanna Gonzalez

Rosemary Rodriguez

Rosemary Gomez

Ryan Schnider

Sabrina Stewart

Samantha Reed

Samantha Furiasse

Sandi Combs

Sara Brock

Sarah Sosebee

Sarah Virgen

Savannaha Waters

Selena & Mason McCroskey

Semonica Martinez Delgado

Shakira Torres

Sharon Walker

Shayla Clark

Silvia Gonzalez

Stacy & Brooke Hood

Stella Patrick

Stephanie Gonzalez & Briana Estrada

Stephanie Gilderman

Summer Kervin

Susan Wintringham & Ally Miller-Wintringham

Tabitha Shipley

Tamara Jones

Tammy Davis

Tara Madej

Tawnya Glenn

Teara Morrison

Teresa Wollam

Terry Miller

Tiffany Mercer & Hailey Hudgins

Tiffany Andrews

Tiffany Schaadt

Tiffany Baker

Tina Beardsley

Tonya Silbersack

Tori Cowden

Trinity Leslie

Valerie Garza

Vanessa Gonzalez

Vanessa I   Hernandez

Venessa Ventura

Veronica Anahi Arias

Victoria & Alyssa Rosas

Victoria & Reyna Ochoa, & Hailey Lopez

Victoria Ziegler

Wende Goode

Yessica  Prida

Executive Designer

Aime Ramos

Amanda & Trinity Heflin

Amber Munoz

Antonia & Nicimily Cader

April & Ashtyn Wirfel

Bonnie Morris & Jordan Stiz

Carolina Jardim

Charlotte VanSickle

Danielle Oakman

Debbie Holmes

Deserie & Caidense Bohl

Diana Arzola

Dyanira Saucedo

Elena Salinas-Salas & Yolette Aguilar

Elizabeth & McKenzie Moody

Emely Salas

Emily Tharp

Erika Peterman

Hollie & Olivia Sineath

Jessica Beseth

Jessica Marino

Joycedein Jones

Judy Bush

Julie Bond

Justine & Madelyn Maloney

Kaitlyn Lord

Kassandra Garza

Kerri Figueira

Lauren & Aydin Fitch

Maria Vickers

Marlene Arechiga

Mayra Robles

Meghan Bond

Melissa Garcia

Michelle Senton

Morganne Ferguson

Nicole Robinson

Reba Thomas

Rianna Boles

Rose Davis & Dominick Campbell

Sarah Roth

Stefanie Faria & Isabella Martinez

Stephanie Bernal

Stephanie Karr

Susan Jaworski

Tammy Higuera

Tammy Welscher

Teofila Cruz

Toni Daugherty & Alissa Buzzo

Tracy Pichelman

Victoria Christina Carrion

Viviana Rodriguez

Yvette Sepulveda


Team Leaders

Aleida Garces

Amanda Kuehn

Ana Arzola & Maria Roman

Angela Lecher, Hailey Jenniges & Joellene Goulet

Ashley Caven

Ashley Gonzales & Arianna Ochoa

Connie Chavez

Crystal Holthaus

Crystal Ochoa

Denise Anguiano

Doris Mofield

Elisha Brigham

Farrah Cuellar

Hannah Harber

Idalia Carvajal

Jacquelin Rivera

Jessica Flores

Jessica Scott Scott

Katie Tompkins

Ketsodalack Alyssa & Kara Joske

Kim Hollett & Kaylee Gray

Leona Coleman-Deon

Lorraine Winkler

Luisana Leos-Hernandez & Ana Isabella Leos

Maria Granados

Marla Smith

Mayra Valdez

Melissa Cardenas

Mindy Sargent

Perla Olivo

Rhonda Tuttle

Rita Rodriguez

Rosa Rodriguez

Sara Skorak

Stefanie Lebron

Stephany James

Susan Kirk

Taylor Hughes

Teresa Elizalde

Teresa Stevenson

Tiffany Hearn

Vanessa Velador


Senior Team Leaders

Adianys  Dennise

Amanda Levine

Anna Rossi

Consuelo Rodriguez

Dannielle Montez

Dchell Ferguson

Edith & Crystal Carreras

Erika Monique Guzman

Erikah  Bahret

Esmeralda Gracia

Everlin Gonzalez

Fabiola Barada

Imelda, Melody Isell & Miley Isabella Lozano & Estrella Ruby Torres

Janice Luper

Janie Gomez

Jean Underfer-Babalis

Jennifer Hlad

Jennifer & Sofia Xochitl Sanchez

Jessica Treto

Kayla Quintanilla

Keelan  Predmore

Lilly Casas

Lisa Costanzo

Liz Thayer

Melody & Fátima Zapata & Evan Castillo

Mia Appleyard

Nathalia Oliveira da Silva

Nicole Baker

Nyeka Moore

Refugio Irasema Valencia

Robin Stoy

Sarah Maddox

Sarai Zamorano

Selmari Carire

Shea McClure

Executive Team Leaders

Amber Horton

Angela & Christopher Minutillo

Connie Felix

Desiree Carmona

Kathern Hassoune, Lorelei & Gabriella Best

Krista Palacios

Kristasha Martinez

Nasha Pena

Selina Guel & Daria Diaz

Sor Perla Narvaez

Vanessa Gonzalez

Team Managers

Arely Lugo & Maddalyn Pena

Godi Carvajal & Génesis Ayala

***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.

Generated 250+ PV in October

These Designers, who joined in October, generated 250 PV or more last month and have earned an exclusive Inscriptions® Silver Horizontal Bar Necklace that says, “Believe. Dream. Achieve.” in a special font that ONLY appears on this special piece!

Aime Ramos

Amber Kerstetter

Amber Munoz

Brooke Wolff & Parker Crofford

Christine Kennedy

Danielle Oakman

Dawn Spradlin

Ellen Phillips

Erica & Erin Horton

Karrie Biggs

Katie Achiron

Kelly Carney

Kiana Slayton

Kimberly Morrison

Kristi Bergin

Lauren Steen

Leah King

Lindsay Pack

Lizette Acosta

Maribel Vargas & Sahvanna Godinez

Maritza Canales

Melissa Virtz

Melissa Villarreal

Sandra Herold

Shoshana Frederick

Summer Kervin

Teena Marie Braga

Toni DiCataldo

Tracey Hanna

Earned October Join Look (Rose Gold Vintage Living Locket Look) + Find the Silver Lining Wallet + Dream Believe Achieve Necklace


These Designers joined in October and generated 250 PV+ by October 31, 2020 to earn BOTH exciting incentives!

Abbigal Sawyer

Alejandra Velasquez

Alicia Andrus

Alma Lavender

Alonzo Lumbreras

Altovise Aranda

Alyssa Rodriguez

Amanda Bilicki

Amanda Alaniz

Amy McCormack

Angela Williams

Angelica Navarro

Anglea Huth

Annabel Alvarez

Ashley & Lia Boulware

Bailey Hovanec

Billi Cleeton

Breanna Rae Galindo

Brittany Chase

Brittany Threatt

Brooke Smith

Brooke Wilkinson

Caroline Holt

Carrie Britzman

Cassandra Cortina

Cathy Bowman

Celeste Katlic

Charlene Wise

Chelsey Olsen

Christine Vick

Christine Roche

Cindy Carver

Cinthia Geyer

Courtney Hatfield

Cynthia Trahan

Dani Bohm-Guldan

DaniJ Freesmeier

Deanna Konop

Debbie Bowman

Debi Oebker

Debra James

Donna Goguen

Dori Amador

Emily Edwards

Erin Arisman

Gabrielle Hamilton

Gina McIlvain

Gloria Villarreal

Grace Perez

Hannah Calixte

Heidi Sanchez

Janelle & Piper Spahn

Janet Cook

Jawaly Coriano

Jennifer Torre

Jennifer Frisoli

Jennifer Shears

Jesida Hernandez

Jessica Martinez

Jessica Butterworth

Jessica & Addison Wrate

Jolaine Starr

Juana Jazmin Rodarte Velo

Julie Ruiz

Karen McCravy

Karin Joiner

Karina Gomez

Kathryn Layton

Kathy Goodwin

Kathy Stiles

Kayla Phillips

Kelley & Abbigal Sawyer, & Declan Woofin

Kelly Jean Gettelfinger

Kim Cox

Kristen Holcomb

Kristina Alfrey

Krystal Ellison

Krystal Angin

Lieske Maier

Lindsay Biren

Lindsay Pilkington

Lisa Holmes

Lydia Mendoza

Lynn Caddell

Lynnette Hischer

Margaret Drengson

Maria Rivera

Maria E Lomeli

Marliz Ramos

Mary Beth Valente

Maugra Miramontes

Maureen Chuck Frear, Justin & Rebecca Frear

Megan Majors

Melanie Alexander

Melinda Garcia

Melissa Caven

Mike Fasarakis

Nadia Sciacca

Nancy Granado

Natasha Swinyer

Nichol & Ava Pivnichny

Nicole & Sarah Coe

Olinda Luna

Phyllis Fout

Pinar Ali

Priscilla Kendall

Queena Wilson

Rachel Ronnholm

Rachel Farley

Rachel Holub

Rebecca Martinez

Rhonda Hughes

Rhonda & Madelynn Russell

Rosio Anchondo

Sandra Alvarado

Sarah Daniels

Sarah Clawson

Shannon Dodge

Shannon Macdonald & Alyssa Tremblay

Shaunna & Callie Aker

Sherry Malcomson

Stacey Lee

Stacy Conley

Stephanie Brown-Gray

Stephanie Salvo

Steven Jones

Suzannah Gerlach

Tanya Macks

Terri Wyrick

Tonja Jessen

Trudy Maess

Veronica Valenzuela

Victoria Bush

Virginia Simonds

Yaritza Gomez

Yasmeen Joudeh

Yvette Cortes


Earned the October Join Look (Rose Gold Vintage Heart Living Locket Look)

These Designers generated at least 100 PV by October 31, 2020 to earn the Designers Exclusive look!

Abigail Perez

Adriana Silva

Adriana Isabel Gonzalez

Alannah Anderson

Alexuss Jauregui

Alicia Obregon

Alicia Parker

Allison Johnson

Amanda Eguia

Amanda Veale

Amy Hailey Poole

Amy Frye

Ana Lopez

Andrea Ocampo

Andrea Gonsalves

Angela Hopkins

Anna Cameron

Annamarie Alire

April Howard

Ashley Kalvels

Autumn Surla

Beky Jerig

Bonita Mace

Bonnie Skinner

Brandy Besedich

Brenna Hedstrom

Bridget Neff

Brittaney Hammerle

Brittany Price

Brittany Arnold

Cailin Grantham

Camille & Naomi Fletes

Candace Bustamante

Carmen De la Garza

Carol Fry

Cayla Campbell

Celene Luna

Chantell Grosjean

Cheryl Cardinal

Cheyenne Grinnell

Christopher Thrall

Claudia Millett

Crystal Ventura

Daisy Ceballos

Daniela Cazares

Danielle Both

Darilyn Lee

Darlen Toscano

Debby Edwards

Deborah Ronchi

Delma Lozano

Denise Block

Denise Campbell

Dennis Avondet

Destinee Sandri

Diane Ferrari

Diane Santa Ana

Drena Conn

Elise & Zoey Mazzara

Elisha Morrison

Eloisa De la Cruz

Emily Simpson

Emma Welborn

Emmalee Sheppard

Erika Camacho

Ethan Sorenson

Frances Jackson

Frank Wiethuechter

Genny Wilkerson

Gerardo Mendoza Jr

Guadalupe Medrano

Haley Ianniello

Heather Fuller-Shanklin

Henielys Ramos

Hollice Watt-Leroy

Iris Garcia

Isabel & Louisa Guevarra

Jaime & Iyana Hannans

Janelle Chow

Janice Knapp

Jenna Zank

Jennie Davidson

Jeri Burch

Jessica Boyd

Jessica Ashworth

Jessica Frey

Jo Ann Judd

Jocelyn Storseth

Jocelyn Acevedo Melendez

Jocelyn Mercado

Jodi Stockslager

Joyce Goodvin

Julie Thornhill

Julie Amitrano

Kaitlyn Cristiani

Karen Beaudry

Karen Montemayor

Karin Moon

Karrie Knight

Kellie & Ravyn Hilber

Kelly Short

Kenda Taylor & Afton Simpson

Kimberley Bond

Kimberly Hensley

Kimberly Umstead

Kristi Gallagher

Kristine Tanner

Laura Quio

Laura Hannah

Lauren Cramer

Laurie Piell

Leigh Fuller

Lesly Flynn

Lianna Rae Saenz

Lillie Umberger

Lizbeth Santos

Lori Paul

Lori Jones

Lynnette Thompson

Malisa Hoyme

Marcia Luckett

Margarita Rodriguez

Maria Lopez

Maria Aguirre

Maria Teresa Munoz

Marie Fry

Marissa Shoemaker

Mark Thrall

Martha Chavez-Steffani

Martina De Santiago

Mary Campana

Mary Ellen Johnson

Maxine Johnson

McKenzie Owenby

Meghannn Law

Melanie Macdonald

Melissa Berger

Melissa Williams, Emily & Charles Geb

Melissa Seiler

Michelle Hamm

Mona Rodriguez

Monica Gonzalez

Myra De La Garza

Nancy Linley-Harris & Mariah Harris

Natalie Miller & Nevaeh Allen

Nicol Ebach

Nicole Johnson

Nicole Bowman

Nicole Hagner

Nicole Farres

Nicole Sacchetti

Omayra & Dayana Reyes

Oneyda Guerra

Oscar Leal

Owenna Nagy

Paige Merrill

Palma Rossi

Pam Smith

Pamela Olson

Paula Duley

Paula West

Penny Fleischmann

Rachelle Llacar

Rebecca Bond

Renita Tharp

Rina Bertka

Robin Majewski

Robin Dircks

Rosalinda Gonzalez

Sabrina Cramer

Sally Coleman

Sam Martinez

Sandra Brandt

Sara & Tyler Flynn

Scott, Anna & Ilona Rees

Shalona Evaro & Hayley Chapman

Shara Osborne

Sharlene Hoffman

Sharon Fulone

Sharon Watson

Sharon Murphy

Shayne Bundy

Sheila Gonzales

Shelby Hinkle

Shelle Scheirer

Shelley  Manning

Sherry Dritlein

Silvia Gutierrez

Stella Martinez

Steph Maillet

Stephanie Waris

Stephanie DiMartine

Stephanie Reece

Stephanie Molineros

Susan Wegner

Tammee Felix

Tara Condon

Tara Kay

Taylor Hernandez

Tiara Pitt

Tiffany & Adelynn Zane

Tiffany Yarbrough

Tonya Kramer

Veronica Holloway

Virginia Marmolejo

Virginia Bacigalupi


Check Out Our October Young Entrepreneur Incentive Earners

Check Out Our October Young Entrepreneur Incentive Earners

We LOVE rewarding our Young Entrepreneurs for their achievements!

Our October Young Entrepreneur incentive focused on bringing new Young Entrepreneurs to Origami Owl® and we’re thrilled to recognize and reward the teams who were up for the challenge.They’ll be receiving a grey or aqua Young Entrepreneurs T-shirt of their choice!

Keep reading for tips from one of our October incentive achievers, and see what you could earn with our November incentive!

Congratulations to all of our Young Entrepreneur October Incentive earners below:

Angelina Navarrette

Lily Gast

Miley Isabella Lozano and Melody Isell Lozano

Young Entrepreneur Spotlight

Name: Addison Wrate
Age: 12
Lives In: Washington
Joined Origami Owl: October 2020

Addison Wrate and her mom were introduced to Origami Owl last month by a friend of their family. Her mom heard about the Young Entrepreneur Program and shared it with Addison. She thought it would be a great opportunity gain some business skills and also connect with others during these challenging times.

What she didn’t expect? How much she could use her Origami Owl business to help others.

Last month, Addison generated over 270 PV by sharing Origami Owl with her friends and family through handwritten letters and Face Time.What’s even more exceptional is she’s decided to donate her commissions to Canines for Disabled Kids, a charity dedicated to cover the cost of a service dog for children with disabilities who need support and assistance in their daily lives.

“I love gaining (business) experience as a young woman,” she adds.

Young Entrepreneurs November Incentive + Details for the Month

Get all the details on our Young Entrepreneurs November incentive and this month’s calls and Facebook Lives here.

Special LIVE Edition of September Carpool Recognition with Shawn + Tyson

Special LIVE Edition of September Carpool Recognition with Shawn + Tyson

They’re back at it again – at The Nest – butchering your names in the name of recognition!

During this month’s LIVE office edition of Carpool Recognition, Origami Owl® Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha are taking it OUT of the car again to recognize all our OWL-mazing Designers on their hard work and incredible achievements in September.

Whooo Promoted Up in September

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in September.

September Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Mandy & Ryli Kuhnhenn, Team Leader
  2. Melissa, Madison & Mackenzie Maher, Director
  3. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader
  4. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director
  5. Karla & Sara Hemingway, Senior Team Leader
  6. Cailin Bundrick, Director
  7. Paloma Mendoza, Designer
  8. Kasandra Tucci, Senior Team Leader
  9. Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager
  10. Cynthia Kruis, Executive Team Leader

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Keelan Predmore, Senior Team Leader
  2. Hoper Erbert, Executive Team Manager
  3. Jessica Lopez & Arturo Valenzuela, Executive Director

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Sandy & Liliana Gast, Executive Team Manager
  2. Jecenia de Luna, Team manager
  3. Amber Proffitt, Senior Team Leader

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in September. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.