Special LIVE Edition of August Carpool Recognition with Shawn + Tyson

Special LIVE Edition of August Carpool Recognition with Shawn + Tyson

August brought our Fall Exclusives Collection and the relaunch of our officially-licensed Friends for Origami Owl Collection!

And, during this month’s LIVE edition of Carpool Recognition, Origami Owl® Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha are taking it OUT of the car to recognize all our OWL-mazing Designers on their hard work and incredible achievements in August – while butchering your names – all in the name of recognition!

Whooo Promoted Up in August

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in August.

August Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Kasandra Tucci, Senior Team Leader
  2. Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager
  3. Kati Smith, Director
  4. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director
  5. Melissa, Mackenzie & Madison Maher, Director
  6. Sheri Queen, Executive Team Leader
  7. Rhonda Regan, Designer
  8. Erin Zapata, Senior Director
  9. Sharon Troster, Executive Designer
  10. Sandy Daly, Team Manager

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Aimee Johnson, Senior Director
  2. Tami Butcher, Executive Field Vice President
  3. Erin Fortney, Team Manager

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Jessica Lopez & Arturo Valenzuela Jr, Executive Director
  2. Orfa Rodriguez-Blanco & Keyla Blanco, Director
  3. Jecenia Deluna, Team Manager

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in August. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.

Congratulations to Our Dream Big Incentive Earners

Congratulations to Our Dream Big Incentive Earners

Thousands of New Designers joined our community in August and started their O2 businesses with our limited-time Dream Big Kit, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them!

August included so many incredible incentives – including a special, limited-time Dream Big Kit, the first-ever Disney look and a fun sweepstakes!

Here’s a by-the-numbers look at the exciting results:

  • Almost 70 percent of New Designers who started with the Dream Big Kit also generated 100 PV by August 31 and will receive a FREE upgrade to the O2 Product Sampling Kit – a $320 USD | $400 CAD value!
  • Almost 40 percent of these New Designers generated 250 PV by August 31 and earned the very first officially-licensed Disney and Origami Owl Collection pieces for FREE – One (1) Disney Silver “Dream” Mickey Mouse Coin Pendant AND One (1) Disney Mickey Mouse Sparkle Stud Earrings – a $56 USD | $73 CAD value!
  • Over 650 Mentors earned the very first officially-licensed Disney and Origami Owl Collection pieces for FREE for helping their New Designer, who joined in August, generate 250 PV or more by August 31.
  • Over 980 Mentors earned an entry (or entries!) into our special sweepstakes for generating 100 PV, and getting their New Designer to 100 PV, in August! Watch the reveal of that here and check out the earners and their prizes below.

$50 Hoot Loot         

Emily Frye Gibson

Erica Cottongim

Kristine Oatley

Julissa Schuster

Edith Carreras

Hector Cantu

Claudia Hernandez

Yuliana Canizalez

Amanda De la Cruz

Tina Archuleta

$100 Hoot Loot

Breanna Johnson

Angela Lamboo

Susan Philips

$250 Hoot Loot

Reva Ayala

Silver Watch + Swarovski Window Plate

Adamarisse Ojeda

Erin Fortney

Silver Empowerment Trio

Amy Marek

Lisa Bond

Abby Meador

Celia Gonzalez

Maria Navarrette

Gold Empowerment Trio

Jennifer Wilken

Tina Frey

Susan Yergo

Alba Saenz

Melissa Ghane

Black Swarovski Wrap and Gold Hoops

Amanda Johnson

Julissa Schuster

Emily Jensen

Black Swarovski Wrap and Silver Drop Earrings

Marie Lorence

Mary Beth Denney

Ann Bertelli

White Charm Case and White Tray

Brandee Bell

Erin Zapata

Tami Butcher

Maria Andrea Hernandez

Denise McGowan

Disney Headband Ears

Shauna Congelliere

Sharon Penner

Lisa Zygelman

Robyn Torres

Jennifer Sharon

Alicia Moran

Rosa Santillan

Mayra Perez

Gonzala Vargas

Maricela Perez

Mickey or Minnie Umbrella

Norma Martinez

Tami Butcher

Kristine Stevens

Melissa Estep

Minnie Socks and Claras

Arely Pena

Holly Corbett

Angela Minutillo

Carmen Vela

Imelda Lozano

Disney Gift Card

Maria Capola

Mary Beth Denney

Leigh-Ann Worrall

Theresa Woolworth

Kimberly Schreiner

Jennifer Cascella

Arturo Gonzalez

Sarah Schwarzer

Katie DeVito

Sandy Daly

Crystal Ochoa

Inocencia Guzman

Shari McKinney

Catherine Fakkema

Lauren Puckett

Rose Kepperling

Jill Bridgeman

Idalia Carvajal

Karen Alaniz

Shelley Standen

Amazon Gift Card

Ximena Walker

Adianys Dennis

Francine Cetta

Denise Curran

Breanna Johnson

Mirna Guerra

Alissa Oppenheimer

Carla New

Dana Richmond

Kathleen Castillo

August New Designer Spotlight: These New Designers are Unstoppable

August New Designer Spotlight: These New Designers are Unstoppable

We welcomed so many New Designers to the Origami Owl® family in August and they really went for it!

Many of our New Designers, who are within their first six months with Origami Owl, have achieved unbelievable growth – you could say they’re “unstoppable!”

Meet two of these New Designers, and find out how they’re kicking off their O2 businesses right from the start.

Kayla Quintanilla, Team Leader

Home: Newport News, VA – family from Guam and Hawaii

Team: Team BeYOUtiful

Started with O2: August 22, 2020

Kayla promoted up to Team Leader in August, generated 470 PV and sponsored three New Designers!

O2 Journey

“I had been a fan of Origami Owl for years. I bought my first Living Locket® about six or seven years ago. I booked a party with my sponsor, Senior Designer Brittany Weaver, because I wanted to get more jewelry, and I knew exactly what I wanted. A day before I joined, shortly before my party, my grandfather passed away. I decided my first pieces I would purchase as a Designer would be the Black Living Locket Wrap Bracelets for my mother and I to honor my grandparents. I also found the perfect Charms to honor them. My grandmother’s, who passed in 2017, favorite color was pink, and she loved roses and grew a bunch of them herself. I got a Blush Pink Rose Charm for her. My grandfather was obsessed with watching the hummingbirds every morning from the kitchen window, so I was so excited to find the Hummingbird Charm to honor him. The meaning behind our jewelry is what made me decide to join Origami Owl. Our Force For Good® mission and the fact that we’re able to do so much good and help young people start their journey as entrepreneurs.

Earning Team Leader

“Honestly, I wasn’t trying anything big or new to become Team Leader or to sponsor three New Designers. I really just wanted to share the opportunity that was given to me – to share my love for being unique and sharing stories. I love being able to share stories with jewelry and connect with others. I think my favorite is our new You are Loved Charm because I feel it will make a big impact and it means so much to so many people; myself included.”

Tips for Other Designers

“I would encourage other Designers to understand that it is okay to be nervous. It is okay to be a little overwhelmed; but know that there are so many of us who are willing and happy to help you. You aren’t alone in this; you joined a team and a family. We are here to support and encourage each other. I am rooting for YOU!”


Deserie Bohl, Executive Designer

Deserie promoted to Executive Designer in August, generated 1,045 PV and sponsored two New Designers.

Home: Yelm, WA

Team: TBD

Started with O2: August 7, 2020

O2 Journey

“I decided to become an Origami Owl Designer because I absolutely love the jewelry. The opportunity came up, and I felt that it was time for me to make the jump. It was perfect! It also helps that I have the best Mentor, Executive Team Leader Terri Vesey! She has been there to answer my questions and is along for the ride in my journey – wherever it takes us!”

Generating 1,045 PV and Sponsoring Two New Designers

“I watched a few of the trainings, held one kick-off party online, shared my passion for the jewelry with others and the rest is history!”

Tips for Other Designers

“First, I would tell them to stay positive, no matter what. I would also tell them to not be afraid to ask questions. Whether it’s something they don’t know about the product, a program, getting a new Designer on their team etc. Just ask. You won’t get a response if you don’t ask the question.”

New Designer Results in Their First Six Months with O2

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their O2 businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start!

*To be considered a New Designer, the Designer must be in their first six months.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. April & Ashtyn Wirfel, Executive Designer
  2. Amber & Nicholas Anderson, Senior Team Leader
  3. Nicole Robinson, Executive Designer
  4. Connie Felix, Executive Team Leader
  5. Ashley Caven, Senior Designer
  6. Ariana Montoya, Senior Designer
  7. Heather Ledezma, Executive Team Leader
  8. Rita Tyc, Designer
  9. Krista Palacios, Executive Team Leader
  10. Jessica Nevins, Team Leader

Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring (in ABC order)

  1. Adianys Dennise, Senior Team Leader
  2. Amber Horton, Senior Team Leader
  3. Arely & Maddalyn Pena, Team Manager
  4. Corrine Spronz & Haileigh Moore, Executive Team Leader
  5. Desiree Carmona & Daria Diaz, Senior Team Leader
  6. Fabiola Barada, Senior Team Leader
  7. Felicia Hernandez, Executive Team Leader
  8. Godi Carvajal & Genesis Ayala, Team Manager
  9. Nicole Dantzler, Senior Team Leader
  10. Sarai Zamorano, Senior Team Leader


Senior Designer

Adaire Reeves & Autum Eller

Ailed Castillo

Alejandra Gonzalez

Alexia Bellot

Alicia Fuller

Alicia Moran

Alissa Gamache

Alma Merkt

Alnidia Rodriguez

Alyssa Carr

Amanda & Ava De La Cruz

Amanda & Trinity Heflin

Amanda Dannhardt

Amanda Gavigan

Amber & Emilee Adams

Amber Cano Gonzales

Amber Nicholson & Deja Sullivan

America Fucci

Amy & Caitlin Stout

Andrea Da Prato

Andrea Ortega

Angela Diaz

Anita Danelian

Annie Lankford

Arelis & Marco G. Rodriguez

Ariana Montoya

Ashley Rogers

Ashley Caven

Ashley Lopez

Ashley Winfrey


Aubrey Roeder

Austin and Terry Megason

Barbara Martin

Barbara Tena

Barbara Vorel

Berlinda Luikens & Madison Colton

Bianca & Addison Gonzalez

Birgit  Newman

Bonnie Morris & Jordan Stitz

Brea Hoebee & Mackenzie Gomes

Brenda  Coleman-Swank

Brenda Garza

Brenda Moberly

Brianna Standen

Brittany Buell

Brittany Weaver

Candice Luis

Carmelita Perez

Carolyn Shappley

Cassandra Delgado

Chandra Cummings-Bishop

Chere Urgo

Cherokee Sweet

Chevelle Gust

Christianna Ross

Christina Johnson

Christina Sills & Candido Soto

Christine Schloesser

Christine Larsen

Claudia Garcia & Gia Perez

Claudia Ruelas

Colleen Culleiton

Corina Frias

Cynthia Perez

Cynthia & Daniella Marie Moreno

Daisy Flores

Danielle Boyer

Danielle Knight & Kali Achorn

Darlene Post

Dawn Wendel

Dee George

Deniss Lopez

Desirae Stanley

Diana Woodring

Donna Strickland

Dyanna Gibson

Edna Rodriguez

Elizabeth & McKenzie Moody

Emily Jensen

Enrique  Tello

Erica Hookf

Erin Haynes

Erin Welch

Esmeralda  Mercado

Esther Galvez

Fanny Rosario

Farrah Cuellar

Felecia Love

Felicia Reyna

Gail Metcalf

Gail ODonel

Gayle Robinson

Gina Stoperski

Gloria Garcia

Gloria King

Hannah Harber

Heather Oakley

Heather & Analicia Torres

Heather Vlahovich

Heidie lopez

Hilarie Hann & Kennedy Holtsnider

Hope Branson

Inelis Marie Colon Cruz

Jaclyn Pizzarello-Lenahan

Jacqueline Zslnka

Jamie Aigler

Jeanette Granger

Jelithza Medrano

Jennifer Toner

Jennifer & Jakob Glotfley

Jennifer Cottrill

Jennifer Edwards

Jennifer Jacoby

Jennifer Panko

Jennifer Phillips

Jenny Salinas

Jenybell  Osorio

Jessica  Infante Prim

Jessica  Vite

Jessica Rios & Giselle Gonzalez

Jessica Simpson

Jose & Natasha Negron

Joyous Noel Soto

Julia Timm

Julie Bond

Julie Carr

Justine & Madelyn Maloney

Karen Reilly

Karen & Bobbie Dobesh

Karen Ciccotelli

Katherine Garcia

Kathryn Fauss

Katie Bell

Katie Silliman

Kelly Croteau

Kelly McIntosh

Kelsey Habhegger

Ketsodalack Alyssa & Kara Joske

Krista Handel

Kristi Carlson & Lexis Shepard

Kristina Marquez

Kristy & Aala Brooks

Kristy Boyd

Krystal Johnson

Krysten Lukesh

LaKieta Moreau

Larcy Allen

Larissa Recendez

Laura Cantu

Laura Madrigal

Laura Palmer & Reagan Searle

Leah Riley

Leigh  Creech

Leigh-Ann Worrall

Leticia Rivera

Lily & Sierra Barkau

Linda Campbell

Lindsay Wilson

Lisa  Bond

Lisa Lavack

Liza Rodriguez

Lizbeth Pena

Lorena Garza

Madison Messier

Makeda Campbell

Malory  Lozano

Mandie Nelson

Mandy & Addison Causey


Maria Capola

Maribel GARCES

Marie Mitchell


Marissa Martinez

Marla Smith

MaryLou & Constance Grace Miller

Mayra Ortiz

Megan  Clark

Megan Bryce Owens

Megan Flynn

Melanie & Lilly Garland

Melissa Bartlett

Mercedes Santillanes

Michele  Reis

Michelle Pineda

Miriam  Rodriguez

Moneca Moreno

Monica  Martinez

Morgan Richards

Morganne Ferguson

Nadia Krantz

Nancy Margolese-smith

Natalie Ayala

Nicole Bales

Nicole Gadsby

Norma Hovis

Norma Martinez

Paola Angelini

Paola Barahona

Patricia Casaus

Patricia Mickel

Patricia Puente

Priscila Rivera

Priscila Maturino

Ray Williams

Rebecca & Kili Warnick

Rebecca Bainbridge

Rebekah Ratliff

Regine Comiso

Renee Lundberg

Renee Razo

Reyna Roemeling

Robin Stoy

Rosanna Gonzalez

Roxanne Pena

Samantha  Furiasse

Samantha Reed

Sandi Combs

Sara Brock

Sara DeWitt

Sarah Sosebee

Sarah Virgen

Savannaha Waters

Selena & Mason McCroskey

Semonica Martinez Delgado

Shakira Torres

Sharon Walker

Shayla Clark

Shenequa Rodriguez

Silvia  Gonzalez

Stacy & Brooke Hood

Stacy Davis

Stephanie Cancel

Stephanie Gilderman

Stephanie Gonzalez & Brianna Estrada

Susan Wintringham & Ally Miller-Wintringham

Tabitha  Shipley

Tammy & Raelynn, Raven & Emily Dillon

Tammy Davis

Tanya Stalnaker

Tara Madej

Tawnya Glenn

Taylor Hughes

Teara Morrison

Teresa Wollam

Terry Miller

Tiffany Baker

Tiffany Andrews

Tiffany Hearn

Tiffany Mercer & Hailey Hudgins

Tiffany Schaadt

Tina Beardsley

Tonya Silbersack

Tracy Hymes

Trinity Leslie

Valerie Garza

Vanessa I Hernandez

Veronica Anahi Arias

Victoria & Reyna Ochoa & Hailey Lopez

Victoria Christina Carrion

Victoria Curtis

Victoria Kellis

Victoria Ziegler

Wende Goode

Yessica Prida

Executive Designer

Alejandro Almeraz

Antonia & Nicimily Cader

April & Ashtyn Wirfel

Blanca Tello

Charlotte VanSickle

Cheyanne Perry

Christina Ojeda

Debbie Holmes

Deserie & Caidense Bohl

Diana Arzola

Dulce Josey

Dyanira Saucedo

Elena Salinas-Salas & Yolette Aguilar

Ellie Beutin

Emely Salas

Erika Peterman

Hollie & Olivia Sineath

Jessaleigh Appling

Joycedein Jones

Julie Garreau

Kaitlyn Lord

Kassandra Garza

Kerri Figueira

Lauren & Aydin Fitch

Laurie Craig

Letty  Teeler

Liana Hidrogo

Maria Granados

Marlene  Arechiga

Mayra Robles

Meghan Bond

Nicole Robinson

Reba Thomas

Renae Plude & Nicole & Joshua Hall

Rianna Boles

Robin Lane

Rose Davis & Dominick Campbell

Ryan Lesly

Stefanie Faria & Isabella Martinez

Stephanie Karr

Susan Jaworski

Tammy Higuera

Tammy Welscher

Teofila Cruz

Teresa Stevenson

Toni Daugherty & Alissa Buzzo

Tracy Pichelman

Viviana Rodriguez

Team Leader

Aleida Garces

Amanda Kuehn

Ana Arzola & Maria Roman

Angela Lecher & Hailey Jenniges & Joellene  Goulet

Ashley Gonzales & Kayden Carranza

Connie Chavez

Crystal & Arianna Ochoa

Crystal Holthaus

Denise Anguiano

Destini Martinez

Dixie Waite

Doris Mofield

Edna Alvarez

Elisha Brigham

Idalia Carvajal

Jacquelin Rivera

Jennifer Abrego

Jessica  Treto

Jessica Flores

Jessica Nevins

Jessica Scott Scott

Jill Brace

Kathern Hassoune & Lorelei & Gabriella Best

Katie Tompkins

Kayla Quintanilla

Kim Hollett Gray & Kaylee Gray

Leona Coleman-Deon

Lorraine Winkler

Magaly  Pena

Mayra Valdez

Melissa Cardenas

Mindy Sargent

Patrece Zarate

Perla Olivo

Rhonda Tuttle

Rita Rodriguez

Rosa Rodriguez

Sandra Rosales

Sara Skorak

Selina Guel

Shayla Romzek

Shila Love & Raegan Fitch

Stefanie  Lebron

Stephanie Pellecchia

Stephany  James

Susan Kirk

Teresa Elizalde

Vanessa Velador

Senior Team Leader

Adianys  Dennise

Amanda Levine

Amber & Nicholas Anderson

Amber Horton

Angela & Christopher Minutillo

Angeli-Ann Tenido

Anna Rossi

Christine Chinea

Consuelo Rodriguez

Dannielle Montez

Dchell Ferguson

Desiree Carmona & Daria Diaz

Edith & Crystal Carreras

Erika Monique Guzman

Erikah  Bahret

Esmeralda Gracia

Everlin Gonzalez

Fabiola Barada

Imelda Lozano & Estrella Ruby Torres

Janice Luper

Janie Gomez

Jazmin Judith Candanoza

Jean Underfer-Babalis

Jennifer & Sofiaxochilt Sanchez

Jennifer Hlad

Lilly Casas

Lisa Costanzo

Liz Thayer

Martika  Prosa

Melody & Fatima Zapata & Evan Castillo

Mia Appleyard

Nathalia Oliveira da Silva

Nicole  Baker

Nicole Dantzler

Nyeka Moore

Refugio Irasema Valencia

Sandi Evans

Sarah Lemon

Sarah Maddox

Sarai Zamorano

Selmari Carire

Shea McClure

Executive Team Leader

Connie Felix

Corrine Spronz & Haileigh Moore

Cristina & Amanda Benavides & Amada Ochoa

Emily Pedley Fecht & Jada Pedley

Felicia Hernandez

Heather Ledezma

Krista Palacios

Kristasha Martinez

Nasha Pena

Rosa Santillan

Sor Perla Narvaez

Vanessa Gonzalez

Team Manager

Godi Carvajal & Génesis Ayala

Arely & Maddalyn Pena


 ***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.

Check Out Our Young Entrepreneur August Incentive Earners

Check Out Our Young Entrepreneur August Incentive Earners

In August, we challenged our Young Entrepreneurs, youth ages 11-17, to sponsor one new Designer or Owlette/BRO team and help them get to 250 PV by the end of the month!

If they also generated 250 PV in August, they earned the very first officially-licensed Disney and Origami Owl Collection pieces for FREE (Disney Silver “Dream” Mickey Mouse Coin Pendant and Mickey Sparkle Stud Earrings), PLUS surprise Origami Owl® Swag!

The more Designers or Owlette/BRO teams they sponsored and helped get to 250 PV, the BIGGER the swag they earned.

Here are some of the OWL-mazing swag items our Young Entrepreneurs earned:

  • Origami Owl Swag
  • Young Entrepreneur T-Shirt
  • O2 Bomber Jacket
  • O2 Cup or Water Bottle
  • O2 Scarf
  • So much more!

Congratulations to all of our Young Entrepreneur August Incentive earners below:

Tiffany Canizalez

Angelina Chica

Lily Gast

Hadley Golden

Jaymee Gomez

Jocelyn Gordon

Cassidy Grover

April Halverson

Isabel LaPorte

Hailee Marino

Angelina Navarrette

Selina Novello

Alice Page

Maddalyn Pena

Kami Scheele

Brianna Standen

Kili Warnick

Iris Warren

Young Entrepreneur Spotlight

Maria and Angelina Navarrette – Owlette Team + Senior Team Leader

Home: Wilmington, CA

Team Name: Team Dream Sparkle Shine – “Dream Big…Sparkle More…Shine Bright”

Started with O2: Originally joined in 2013 – Rejoined in 2019

Maria and her daughter, Angelina, sponsored 11 New Designers in August and eight of the 11 New Designers generated at least 250 PV!

O2 Journey

“I originally became a Designer back in 2013, when there was a wait list for Designers. We were surprised when the wait list opened up to all who were ‘Designers in waiting’ at convention that year. During my first few years, my business was thriving! I first became a Senior Team Leader in 2014, the same year I attended my first convention. It was awesome; I met so many people and made so many friends. This business truly is unlike any other!

Then, in 2016/2017, due to personal reasons, I decided to take a break and focus on my family and full-time job.

In 2019, I met Senior Director Melissa Taylor at a cheer event with my daughter and decided to sign up again. There were so many new things I had missed out on, but I didn’t really make my business a priority until this year when I heard, ‘We got Disney!’ in August. I signed up my daughter as a Young Entrepreneur. We were excited she was finally old enough to work the business with me and what better time than with Disney coming soon! With the help of the Dream Big incentive, a lot of hard work and help from my amazing Mentor Melissa, we were able to get some of our old team back on board and a few New Designers, as well. This helped us regain Senior Team Leader in August and we’re more than half-way to earning our very first incentive trip with O2 and couldn’t be more excited!”

Sponsoring 11 New Designers

We’ve worked our business tirelessly in August to support our new team of Designers. We’ve been there every step of the way to ensure that there is no confusion. We’ve encouraged everyone to take advantages of all the incentives that are offered. We’ve shared the importance of being a Force For Good®, especially in these unprecedented times. We’ve taken steps to make ourselves available as much as possible until they are ready to fly on their own. Melissa has truly been a Godsend to us! She’s been there to guide us and help launch our team to the top! It goes to show you how true ‘working your business on your time’ is. You can achieve anything when you’re ready and put in the work!”

Young Entrepreneurs September Incentive

Get all the details on our Young Entrepreneurs September Incentive here.

Young Entrepreneur Details for This Month

Get details on upcoming calls here on the Young Entrepreneur page here.

Whooo Wants to Be Recognized at the 2021 O2 Experience?

Whooo Wants to Be Recognized at the 2021 O2 Experience?

It’s never too early to start planning for our BIGGEST event of the year – the 2021 O2 Experience Convention!

We know you are dying to know where and when it will be – stay tuned! We’ll share in the coming months.

In the meantime, it’s time to set your goals to earn recognition at next year’s annual convention!

Our annual convention has so much energy, excitement and our exclusive, “Everybody Gets One!” giveaways.

And, if that wasn’t OWL-mazing enough, the O2 Experience is one of our favorite times during the year to recognize you for all your hard work and celebrate your achievements!

Some of the categories of Designers who will be recognized in 2021 are:

  • Rank Advancements
  • Level Up Leadership Challenge Earners
  • Overall Top 10 in Personal Sales and Personal Sponsoring
  • Personal Volume Consistency Earners
  • $500k and $1 Million Milestone Achievements
  • 2021 Coastal Vacay Incentive Trip Earners
  • Culture Awards
  • Rising Stars

Here’s the How to Get Recognized at Convention flyer you can share with your teams.  (Note: We’ll update this flyer with the dates and location once those are announced.)

July Special Convention Carpool Recognition with Shawn + Tyson

July Special Convention Carpool Recognition with Shawn + Tyson

July was a very special month for Origami Owl® and our Designers – it was Convention month!

That means…this month’s edition of Carpool Recognition featuring Origami Owl Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha is very special, as well!

Watch the latest edition of Carpool Recognition where they recognize all our OWL-mazing Designers on their hard work and incredible achievements in July and over the past year – plus, Origami Owl Co-Founders Tyson Basha and Shawn Maxwell give you a peek at our Diamond Designer of the Year’s aqua Jeep. You may just feel a little nostalgic if you watched MTV back in the day!

Whooo Promoted Up in July

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in July. 

July Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Jamie Gegg
  2. Nova Goforth
  3. Sandi-Rose Smith
  4. Erin Zapata
  5. Angela Olberding
  6. Rebecca Robinson Porter
  7. Patti Creel
  8. Kathy Rhodes
  9. Ashley Myers
  10. Christina Walters

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Sor Perla Narvaez
  2. Adianys Dennise
  3. Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Areli Castro
  2. Karen Alaniz
  3. Godi Carvajal

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in July. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.