Check Out Our Young Entrepreneur August Incentive Earners

Check Out Our Young Entrepreneur August Incentive Earners

In August, we challenged our Young Entrepreneurs, youth ages 11-17, to sponsor one new Designer or Owlette/BRO team and help them get to 250 PV by the end of the month!

If they also generated 250 PV in August, they earned the very first officially-licensed Disney and Origami Owl Collection pieces for FREE (Disney Silver “Dream” Mickey Mouse Coin Pendant and Mickey Sparkle Stud Earrings), PLUS surprise Origami Owl® Swag!

The more Designers or Owlette/BRO teams they sponsored and helped get to 250 PV, the BIGGER the swag they earned.

Here are some of the OWL-mazing swag items our Young Entrepreneurs earned:

  • Origami Owl Swag
  • Young Entrepreneur T-Shirt
  • O2 Bomber Jacket
  • O2 Cup or Water Bottle
  • O2 Scarf
  • So much more!

Congratulations to all of our Young Entrepreneur August Incentive earners below:

Tiffany Canizalez

Angelina Chica

Lily Gast

Hadley Golden

Jaymee Gomez

Jocelyn Gordon

Cassidy Grover

April Halverson

Isabel LaPorte

Hailee Marino

Angelina Navarrette

Selina Novello

Alice Page

Maddalyn Pena

Kami Scheele

Brianna Standen

Kili Warnick

Iris Warren

Young Entrepreneur Spotlight

Maria and Angelina Navarrette – Owlette Team + Senior Team Leader

Home: Wilmington, CA

Team Name: Team Dream Sparkle Shine – “Dream Big…Sparkle More…Shine Bright”

Started with O2: Originally joined in 2013 – Rejoined in 2019

Maria and her daughter, Angelina, sponsored 11 New Designers in August and eight of the 11 New Designers generated at least 250 PV!

O2 Journey

“I originally became a Designer back in 2013, when there was a wait list for Designers. We were surprised when the wait list opened up to all who were ‘Designers in waiting’ at convention that year. During my first few years, my business was thriving! I first became a Senior Team Leader in 2014, the same year I attended my first convention. It was awesome; I met so many people and made so many friends. This business truly is unlike any other!

Then, in 2016/2017, due to personal reasons, I decided to take a break and focus on my family and full-time job.

In 2019, I met Senior Director Melissa Taylor at a cheer event with my daughter and decided to sign up again. There were so many new things I had missed out on, but I didn’t really make my business a priority until this year when I heard, ‘We got Disney!’ in August. I signed up my daughter as a Young Entrepreneur. We were excited she was finally old enough to work the business with me and what better time than with Disney coming soon! With the help of the Dream Big incentive, a lot of hard work and help from my amazing Mentor Melissa, we were able to get some of our old team back on board and a few New Designers, as well. This helped us regain Senior Team Leader in August and we’re more than half-way to earning our very first incentive trip with O2 and couldn’t be more excited!”

Sponsoring 11 New Designers

We’ve worked our business tirelessly in August to support our new team of Designers. We’ve been there every step of the way to ensure that there is no confusion. We’ve encouraged everyone to take advantages of all the incentives that are offered. We’ve shared the importance of being a Force For Good®, especially in these unprecedented times. We’ve taken steps to make ourselves available as much as possible until they are ready to fly on their own. Melissa has truly been a Godsend to us! She’s been there to guide us and help launch our team to the top! It goes to show you how true ‘working your business on your time’ is. You can achieve anything when you’re ready and put in the work!”

Young Entrepreneurs September Incentive

Get all the details on our Young Entrepreneurs September Incentive here.

Young Entrepreneur Details for This Month

Get details on upcoming calls here on the Young Entrepreneur page here.

Young Entrepreneurs Program News + Updates

Young Entrepreneurs Program News + Updates

About the Young Entrepreneurs Program

The Young Entrepreneurs Program, for youth 11-17, teaches young girls and boys entrepreneurial and life skills, and helps them spend quality time with their parent or other adult.

If you’re part of an Owlette/BRO team and haven’t yet joined our O2 Owlettes Facebook group, what are you waiting for! Our private Facebook group gives our Owlettes and BROs the chance to regularly interact with each other, receive personal messages from Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert, and get tips and training to grow their Origami Owl businesses! More details on this below!

You can also join our Instagram account O2_Owlettes!

The email address for all things Young Entrepreneurs Program is

Have an Owlette/BRO success spotlight story you’d like featured in an upcoming Hoot email? Email us at

Zoom Calls and Facebook Lives

Welcome New Owlette/BRO Teams Zoom Call

September 9, 7 p.m. CT — We’ll officially welcome you to the O2 family and answer any questions you have about the Young Entrepreneurs Program!

September 19, 12:30 CT – Young Entrepreneurs Connection with the Young Entrepreneurs Council

Owlette/BRO Recognition Facebook Live

September 24, 6:30 p.m. CT Yvette will recognize your success and achievements – big and small! You can submit your success and/or achievement by emailing us at

September 24, 7 p.m. CT “Getting Real with Bella” Zoom Call

**Dates and times may vary every month. We’ll keep you posted on the dates and times in the O2 Owlettes Facebook group and the O2 Designers News from the Nest Facebook group.**

Young Entrepreneur September Incentive

This month’s incentive is all about our Force For Good® Charm that was selected this year in our annual Young Entrepreneur Force For Good Charm design contest. This special Charm was designed by Owlette Eliana Perez-Flores.

This Charm supports suicide prevention and awareness. Our mission is to make sure that everyone knows they matter and their story matters. Together, we can definitely help bring light to this cause.

Our September Incentive for Young Entrepreneurs is to sell as many You are Loved Charms as possible!


  • You have to sell a minimum of 12 You are Loved Charms to qualify.
  • You will receive surprise mail if you sell at least 12 Charms.
  • The top 5 sellers will get an Origami Owl T-shirt and some other fun goodies!

How to submit for the September Incentive:

By, or on, October 1, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Subject line: September Incentive
  • Full Name (if you are sending an email for your Owlette/BRO, please include their name, as well)
  • Designer ID number (this is extremely important)
  • Your mailing address and phone number.
  • Total number of You are Loved Charms (CH2031) that you sold and the order numbers that show those sales. Please only send one email.

Social Media Images, Videos + Printable Resources

Young Entrepreneurs Program social media images can be found in the My O2 Connection app under Social Media Images > Owlette or O2 Business > Owlette. You can also find some great videos in the app, as well!

All printable materials and flyers can be found in your Back Office under Designer Resources > Designer Resources Library > Owlette.

Back Office Information

You can add your Owlette/BRO’s information in your Back Office under your Account Settings > Enroll an Owlette.

You can see your Owlette/BRO’s information in your Back Office under your Account Settings > MyO2 Owlettes.

Check Out Our Young Entrepreneur July Incentive Earners

Check Out Our Young Entrepreneur July Incentive Earners

In July, we challenged our Young Entrepreneurs, youth ages 11-17, to earn as many You Matter Rewards Points as they could, and once again – they didn’t disappoint!

Our You Matter Rewards Program is a special rewards program available to all Designers for selling, sponsoring, mentoring and more! More details on our You Matter Rewards Program here.

Keep reading to see how many Points our OWL-mazing Young Entrepreneurs earned!

Congratulations, July O2 Mystery Box Earners

The TOP You Matter Rewards Point earners will be receiving an O2 Mystery Box full of goodies hand-selected by Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert.

Congratulations to all of our Young Entrepreneur July Incentive earners below:

Ana Arzola

Katie Berg

Jaymee Gomez

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Ethan Pierce

Sean Pierce

Brianna Standen

Mattie Warren

Young Entrepreneurs August Incentive

Get all the details on our Young Entrepreneurs August incentive here.

Young Entrepreneur Details for This Month

Get details on upcoming calls here on the Young Entrepreneur page here.

Look Whooo We Recognized at The 2020 O2 Experience!

Look Whooo We Recognized at The 2020 O2 Experience!

One of our favorite parts about The O2 Experience is recognizing YOU! With recognition happening throughout the event, we wanted to give you a peek at just a few of the special awards we shared.

Congratulations to our Stronger Together Award recipients!

In honor of our first-ever virtual event, our Founders created our Stronger Together Awards. These awards were nominated by our Founders for the incredible things these Designers do in their communities and businesses while living out the O2 mission statement.

When we’re all back together, we look forward to bringing back our traditional Culture Awards, so we can honor those recipients in person and on stage.

Community Impact Force For Good® Award – Tami Butcher, Executive Field Vice President


“I was honored to receive the Force For Good® award! Origami Owl makes it so easy to share the gift of kindness because this is the foundation of our mission. I have also made it my personal mission to help those who need it. The world we live in is a little crazy at the moment; when we bless others, we bless ourselves. There is nothing better in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”



Inspiring Kindness & Hope Award – Sandy Daly, Team Manager

“I wanted to thank the Founders for the honor of receiving this award. I was surrounded by my O2 sisters and amazing team at my house watching the last session of our virtual convention. I couldn’t have asked for a better moment to be surrounded by so much love. The moment they called my name I cried; I couldn’t believe it; I was in shock. I felt so emotional, happy and sad all at the same time. I reflected on how blessed and grateful we all are to have survived this pandemic, especially living in New York. I have many friends who lost loved ones, and it is very difficult to see them in grief and they did not get to say good bye. I felt honored and humbled to receive such a beautiful and meaningful award.

Inspiring: What inspires me is to get involved and help organizations, schools, churches and temples raise funds for causes with the help of Origami Owl. Fundraising is a way to be a Force For Good and pay it forward. My Customers tell me our jewelry makes them happy, and that makes my heart full.
Kindness: Always remember to be kind to those you meet. This past year during the COVID virus, my community, my family and I donated 180 dinners to our local hospital to feed medical staff. I also got involved with Operation Prom, which is an organization that gives prom dresses and tuxes to youth in need. With the help of my friends, I was able to help a Customer collect 300 coats for the homeless. The night before Thanksgiving, we fed and gave coats out to the homeless at her church in Harlem. It was a beautiful and moving experience for me my family and friends and i can’t wait to do it again.
Hope: When I received this award, the first thing that came to mind was praying for the end of this virus and having peace all over the world. We had 32,000 deaths and 422,000 infected in New York State alone since March. While all this was going on, I stayed home for months, but found creative ways to connect with my Customers, family and friends. During the pandemic, we gave each other hope, stayed connected by sharing online performances, trivia and games to break the isolation, lift spirits, and reach out and connect with those who are isolated or live alone. During this difficult time, my son who is a high school senior was home and he and others missed so much. Also two weeks before my son graduated with a virtual graduation and car parade, my husband got diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer. I am hoping after his 28 rounds of radiation starting October 1, that he will fully recover and be cancer free. If it wasn’t for Origami Owl, and the help and hope of my amazing Customers and friends, I would not have gotten through this.

Spirit of Leadership Award – Eloise Layton, Director

“I am so incredibly proud and honoured to receive this award. I really have no words! I truly am so blessed to have the amazing team that I do. It’s hard to believe that we all started out as strangers. So many lifelong friendships have been formed and many more are in the making. I cannot imagine this journey without these amazing Teamsters. Find your tribe. Love them hard.”




Young Entrepreneur Rock Star Rookie –
Mattie Warren, Owlette + Senior Team Leader

“I can’t even start to put into words how much this company has impacted my life. When I first joined, I thought that I was going to earn a little bit of money and wear the jewelry. But, it did not go that way at all. It went WAY better than I could have ever imagined. This award means a lot to me. It shows how far I’ve come in my business and that what I’m doing is making an impact in my life and others. It shows my hard work and dedication for this company and my small business. I could not be more thankful and blessed to be awarded the Young Entrepreneur Rock Star Rookie award. I want to thank all of Origami Owl for the encouragement. Every week, people who I don’t even know encourage me and cheer me on. I want to especially thank my amazing parents, my wonderful mentor and the people who started Origami Owl, the Founders. Love you Bella, Chrissy, Shawn and Tyson!”

Young Entrepreneur Above & Beyond Award – Elizabeth Hendrickson, Owlette

“The feeling in this moment is almost indescribable. I felt honored, blessed, excited, surprised and just overwhelmed with gratitude. It was an amazing moment, and I’m grateful I was at home to be able to experience it with my whole family! I honestly cannot believe it – STILL. I try my hardest to always help and serve others, and this just confirmed that what I do makes a difference. I’m so grateful I’m part of this AMAZING company. I’m so grateful for the amazing people I’ve met through it, who have made an impact on my life and who I’ve had the opportunity of making an impact in their lives. I want to say thank you and I will NEVER forget this!”



Note: If you attended The O2 Experience and received recognition that includes an award or certificate, please keep in mind that we will be sending it to you in the next month.

Congratulations to Our Young Entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneurs Program is the foundation of Origami Owl®. Our Young Entrepreneurs Program teaches young girls and boys, youth ages 11-17, entrepreneurial and life skills. Being an Owlette or BRO (Boy Representing Origami Owl) builds confidence and gets them out of their comfort zone, while setting goals and getting recognized for their efforts. Our Owlettes and BROs are making a difference in the lives of others and their own.

Owlette/BRO Force For Good® Charm Winner

We received so many incredible submissions and ideas for potential Force For Good® Charms! We revealed the chosen, touching Charm during the virtual O2 Experience and recognized Eliana Perez-Flores for designing a “You are Loved” Charm. Read more here.

Two Young Entrepreneur Education Award Recipients

We want to support our Owlettes and BROs whose goals are to continue their education at a university or technical school once they graduate from high school. During the virtual 2020 O2 Experience, we announced the recipients of a $2,000 check to help cover their continuing education costs – Selina Novello and Taylor Hileman.

Congratulations, Selina and Taylor!

Here’s a little about why these Owlettes were chosen!

Taylor Hileman

Taylor joined Origami Owl a little over four years ago when she begged her mom to let her sign up and work the business all by herself. She never could have imagined the way Origami Owl would change her life forever. Through the Young Entrepreneurs Program, Taylor found strength, gained a love for giving back to others, learned that there is nothing like human connection, and ultimately, found herself and who she is meant to be. She has learned how to set goals, and reach them, such as promoting to Senior Team Leader, earning her way to attend four Conventions, and even earning an incentive trip (all on her own) to Punta Cana.

Taylor has worked hard to cover most of her own college tuition for her first year with scholarships. She will be attending Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida and majoring in Anthropology. Through Anthropology, Taylor will be able to help others realize the importance of animals and their habitats, as well as help protect animals who so desperately need our help. Her goal is to work in marine rescue, and she has already been working hard to build the relationships she needs to land her dream job when she graduates with her bachelor’s degree. She would like to earn her degree without the use of student loans and is short $5,000 for her first year of college.

Selina Novello

With Origami Owl, Selina, an Owlette from Canada, spreads light, love, and happiness everywhere she goes, and she is grateful for that. Our mission statement is incorporated into her life and heart forever. She believes it is the best thing that has happened to her! Selina confidently feels like she has become the best version of herself because of Origami Owl and the Young Entrepreneurs Program. She has struggled with learning disabilities of high anxiety, poor working memory and dyslexia. After finding a school with an amazing community and support system, she was able to overcome these obstacles and has achieved Top Academic Achievement Awards ever since.

Selina also believes that Origami Owl has given her a positive and creative outlet to explore and conquer her disabilities. Selina has learned from Origami Owl that: you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and going through what you are going through, because it takes every situation to help get you where you are; fear only exists in our minds, it does not actually exist; nothing can stop you but yourself, the only one that can change you is you; and be a light in this world and spread kindness.

Selina’s experience as a Young Entrepreneur has given her more than she could have ever imagined, both personally and professionally. With everything she has learned from being a Young Entrepreneur, and running her own business, Selina has realized that she is passionate about business and entrepreneurship. She plans to pursue this in college at Mount Royal University.

Congratulations to our 2020 Young Entrepreneurs Council Members

The Young Entrepreneurs Council gives Owlettes and BROs the opportunity to serve their peers in the Young Entrepreneurs Program and provide a youthful perspective, which is important in developing a strong program. Young Entrepreneurs Council members represent their fellow Owlettes and BROs while making a difference and gaining leadership skills.

Get more details on our 2020 Young Entrepreneurs Council here.

Young Entrepreneurs Graduate in Special Ceremony

We had 16 inspiring Owlettes and BROs graduate during this year’s virtual O2 Experience!

Here’s whooo we recognized at the virtual 2020 O2 Experience:

Class of 2020:

Tatum Butcher

Tatum Butcher

William DeCoursey

William DeCoursey

Selina Novello

Selina Novello

Dylan Daly

Dylan Daly

Annette Enciso

Annette Enciso

Bradley Waples

Bradley Waples

Sydney Stevens

Sydney Stevens

Evy Osorio

Evy Osorio

Erin Schott

Erin Schott

Mackenzie Fleming

Mackenzie Fleming

Christen Ziska

Christen Ziska

Antonio Baltazar

Antonio Baltazar

April Halverson

April Halverson

Marlowe Kemp

Marlowe Kemp

Reanna George

Reanna George

Holly Cavill

Holly Cavill

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

How To Register Young Entrepreneurs for The O2 Experience

How To Register Young Entrepreneurs for The O2 Experience

We are so excited for our first-ever virtual The O2 Experience convention July 24-25, 2020 and we want all of our Young Entrepreneurs to join us!

We’ve noticed some confusion about registration – how to do it and what’s included – for our Young Entrepreneurs, so we want to clarify.

Today, July 10 is the deadline to register and receive the gifts for Young Entrepreneurs at any ticket type, so it’s important to get your ticket or update your registration TODAY.

If You’ve Already Registered

If you have registered and need to correct or add to your registration, please see below for further instructions.

IMPORTANT: If a Young Entrepreneur is NOT registered for The O2 Experience, they will NOT receive their Swarovski DIY kit that is needed for the Young Entrepreneur workshop hosted by Swarovski, and the exclusive Young Entrepreneur gift that we give annually. Owlettes & BROs must be registered separately to receive all the convention goodies.

What You Get With Each Ticket Type

•    PREMIER REGISTRATION ($99 USD) – Young Entrepreneurs will get ALL the amazing goodies that are included with this package, PLUS, TWO Swarovski DIY kits (one for each workshop offered with Christina Lovejoy from Swarovski®), plus the annual convention gift we give to Owlettes & BROs. (This is the BEST deal because for $50 more, they get all the exclusives and product listed for this package, plus two additional Swarovski kits (the two kits are different so they can attend both Swarovski workshops, plus the Young Entrepreneur exclusive annual gift).

•    BASIC REGISTRATION ($49 USD) – Young Entrepreneurs will get ONE Swarovski DIY kit for their workshop with Christina Lovejoy from Swarovski. Plus, they will get their annual convention gift that is only for Owlettes & BROs. Please note that the annual convention gift will be shipped separately AFTER convention. If you register by July 10, you are guaranteed your DIY kit will arrive on time for the virtual workshop.

How to Register or Update Your Registration

To Designer/Main Account Holder:

•    If you are registered for Convention and did not add your Young Entrepreneur, please note that they will not be able to attend the special Young Entrepreneur workshops and are also missing out on some amazing perks!
•    To add your Young Entrepreneur to your registration please go to and click on the Already Registered link which is located at the bottom of the page. You will need your confirmation number and email address.

To Young Entrepreneurs:

•    If you have registered for convention, but your mentor is not attending, please email us at We would like to make sure we have you correctly identified as a Young Entrepreneur so that you receive the correct package with the special Swarovski perk. We ask that you contact us by close of business on Monday, July 20, 2020 to adjust it and ensure you get the package(s) in time.

We look forward to seeing you at our O2 Experience “Stronger Together” 2020 event in just a few weeks! For more details on The O2 Experience, visit

April Young Entrepreneurs Program Incentive + Spirit Week Schedule

April Young Entrepreneurs Program Incentive + Spirit Week Schedule

During Pay It Forward month, we want to continue Origami Owl’s kindness movement and we know our Young Entrepreneurs can make an extraordinary impact on the lives of others.

Our April Young Entrepreneurs Program incentive is all about helping others by having a fundraiser for someone who’s in need, or a business/organization in your community. Or, both!

Earners will get an O2 Mystery Box full of items hand-selected by Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert!

Here’s how you can earn this month’s incentive:

1. Identify a person, business, or organization you would like to help. Write down who/what business/organization you have chosen to help and brainstorm fundraising ideas.

2. Watch Senior Director of Field Operations & Training Dawn Campbell’s “Fundraising Basics” in the O2 Virtual Academy Facebook group. Get more tips here.

If you’re not part of the O2 Virtual Academy Facebook group, please join right away. There is so helpful information and learning in this group.

Scroll down to Dawn’s “Fundraising Basics” training and you’ll find all the shareable assets you’ll need to have a successful fundraiser.

3. After you’ve watched Dawn’s training, you can now start to create your plan of action, using the ideas you brainstormed. You can have one or two fundraisers – however you choose to do it!

4. Reach out to everyone you know and ask them to support your fundraiser! Don’t forget to share your goal with them. Also share, with great confidence, that you are a Young Entrepreneur. Tell them your “Why,” share our mission statement, tell them how you can make a difference together and ask them to help you reach your goal.

5. Shine bright and BELIEVE you can do it! You have a tremendous opportunity to make a big impact with your business – YOU are your most valuable asset!

Please send the following details to by May 1:

  • Tell us about your fundraiser(s) and who you helped. Please share the impact the fundraiser made on both you and the recipient(s). Don’t forget to include how much money you raised.
  • Include your Jewelry Bar® ID(s) for the fundraiser(s).
  • Include Order Numbers that are relevant to your fundraiser(s).

Virtual Spirit Week: Monday, March 30 – Friday, April 3

Since you’re not in school to participate in Spirit Week, we’re hosting a virtual one! Make sure you’re a part of the O2 Owlettes Facebook group to participate each day!

Here’s what each day’s theme will be:

MONDAY: Crazy Hair Day – Every day is probably Crazy Hair Day right now, and we want to see yours! Show us your crazy hair by posting a photo!

TUESDAY: Vacation Vibes Day – If you could go anywhere on vacation today, where would you go? Use your imagination to think about your dream vacation and pretend that you are all packed up and ready to arrive there today! Dress up like a tourist who represents your destination, or become your destination for a day! Please share in a post or video what destination you are representing and why it’s your dream vacation!

WEDNESDAY: Jammies & Jokes Day – Wear your favorite, most comfy, pajamas and share a joke to put smiles on faces today! You can post your joke or make a video of you telling it! Happy April Fools’ Day!

THURSDAY: Unsung Heroes Day – Dress like an Unsung Hero today. An Unsung Hero can be anyone you feel makes a difference in your life, the lives of your family, your community, etc. We have many Unsung Heroes working hard right now (doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, the list goes on and on). But, it could also be someone who has always been a hero in your life, like a parent, teacher, coach, friend, etc. Dress up like them, post or create a video sharing why they are an Unsung Hero in your eyes and thank them. Tagging them would be fantastic, too!

FRIDAY: Empowerment Day – Pick your favorite Origami Owl Empowerment Collection piece (Necklace, Bracelet, Ring) and share a post of you wearing it with your favorite empowering quote! Make sure to also share why you selected the beautiful piece(s) you did!

SATURDAY (Bonus Day!): Origami Owl Charm Day – Pick your all-time favorite Origami Owl Charm and dress up like it! Post or create a video sharing why it’s your favorite. Then, think about a few people who you would gift this Charm to in a Locket, and post YOURSELF on their pages telling them why you picked this Charm for them!