Fall 2021 Seasonal Exclusives Collection + Back to School Charms Now Available

Fall 2021 Seasonal Exclusives Collection + Back to School Charms Now Available

Fall Collection Available Tuesday, August 17 at 5 p.m. CT to November 30 at 11:59 p.m. CT, while supplies last

You really “autumn” know that our Fall Seasonal Exclusives Collection is officially here, and it’s FALL-mazing!

Get your Customers and VIPs ready – today is the day to help them start shopping for their fall gifting and memories with our Fall 2021 Seasonal Exclusives Collection AND exclusive, limited-time Back to School Charms!

Watch the Facebook Live reveal with Origami Owl® Co-Founder and CEO Chrissy Weems on the official Origami Owl Facebook page!

Fall Seasonal Exclusives Collection Notes

Where to Find Everything

You can find the Fall Seasonal Exclusives Collection in your online shop under > Shop > Collections > Fall.

Back to School Charms can be found under Shop > New + Now > New Arrivals > Back to School.

Items Shipping Separately

The following items are listed in your online shop as “Shipping Separately.” These items are expected to ship the week of August 23. Please reference the Product Availability List (PAL) in your Back Office for the latest updates.

  • BZ4077: Large Silver Twist Living Locket Face with Olive Delite Crystals
  • LK9157: Large Silver Twist Living Locket Base + Face with Olive Delite Crystals

Back to School Charms Details

While your Customers are shopping our fall collection and gift sets, encourage them to add on some of our adorable, exclusive Back to School Charms for those special teachers in their lives! These Charms have super limited quantities and are only available while supplies last!

Our Back to School Charms include:

Here are the FAQs.

Marketing Assets

  • 16 shareable images to “Fall Seasonal Exclusives Collection” in your My O2 Connection app
  • Four (4) Back to School shareable images to “Promotions” in your My O2 Connection app
  • Fall Seasonal Exclusives Collection Flyer in your app under “PDFs” and also in your Back Office Designer Resources Library under “Fall 2021 Seasonal Exclusives Collection”

Here are the Fall Collection FAQs.

Special Virtual Convention Recognition Edition

Special Virtual Convention Recognition Edition

July was a very special month for Origami Owl® and our Designers – we held our Origami Owl Virtual Convention Recognition Event where we celebrated what you achieved with your Origami Owl business between June 2020 to May 2021.

In addition to recognizing YOU for all your incredible achievements in July, this month’s edition of the Hoot also features our OWL-mazing Designers who were recognized during our convention recognition event.

Watch the latest edition of Live Recognition with Origami Owl Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha here:

Whooo Promoted Up in July

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in July.

July Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1.  Kasandra Tucci, Executive Team Leader
  2. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director
  3. Shelley Licknack, Team Manager
  4. Cailin Bundrick, Director
  5. Lynsey McCurdy, Executive Team Leader
  6. Nicole Ramos, Senior Team Leader
  7. Claudia Morales, Team Leader
  8. Claudia & Ingrid Chavez, Director
  9. Samantha Jardine, Senior Team Leader
  10. Aimee Johnson, Senior Director

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Susan Eves, Senior Team Leader
  2. Shelley Licknack, Team Manager
  3. Aimee Johnson, Senior Director

Top in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Director
  2. Vivien Ariola, Executive Designer

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in July. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.

July New Designer Spotlight: These Designers are Promoting Up + Achieving Milestones

July New Designer Spotlight: These Designers are Promoting Up + Achieving Milestones

Imagine generating over 900 PV and promoting up in your second month as an Origami Owl® Designer.

We love celebrating new O2 family members, and we have a New Designer who just achieved those OWL-mazing milestones!

Keep reading to celebrate the successes of all our New Designers who promoted to new recognition levels and achieved big things in their first six months with Origami Owl.

Meet Susan Eves, Senior Team Leader

Not only did Susan generate 945 PV in July, but she also sponsored five (5) New Designers and promoted to Senior Team Leader – all in her second month as a Designer!

From: West Palm Beach, Florida (rural area known as “The Acreage.”)

Team Name: No team name yet, but working on one for the Think Goodness launch!

Started O2 Journey: June 9, 2021

So, how did she generate over 900 PV, sponsor five New Designers and promote to Senior Team Leader in her second month as a Designer?

“I was able to earn over 900 PV by sharing my new-found love of Origami Owl, my online shop and my VIP Facebook group (Eves Owl VIPs) with family and friends,” shares Susan. “I met new people through others I know, and one of those people was interested in holding a fundraiser Jewelry Bar®. I’d never help a fundraiser before, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. I am pleased to say it went well and the Hostess was pleased with the donation to the recipient. I also made a few purchases for my inventory, and of course, for myself! I grew my team simply by being so excited about Origami Owl! It didn’t take long for my two daughters, a long-time friend, a friend of my daughter (the fundraiser Hostess), and a complete stranger, who found me via ‘Find a Designer’ on the Origami Owl website, to join!”

Tips for New Designers

  1. “ I continue to share my love for Origami Owl, the products and the opportunities offered on a regular and daily basis with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. I’m looking forward to sharing the upcoming launch of Think Goodness, the products, the benefits and the opportunities with others.”
  2. “ Believe in yourself and the company. Learn all you can. Use the tools provided. Read and watch videos. Communicate with your upline and those you sponsor.”
  3. “ Enjoy what you do! I proudly wear my Origami Owl Lockets and jewelry every day! I’m my own best advertisement! I always carry Take Out Menus with me, as you never know who you’re going to meet. Everyone is a potential Hostess, Designer, (Purpose Partner) and a friend. Yes, friend. The friends you make who share your same passion are incredible!”

More New Designer Results

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their Origami Owl businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start!

*To be considered a New Designer, it must be the first six months since the Designer started their Origami Owl business.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Erica, Timothy Jr, Hayle & Lydia-Kay Griffin, & Cherish, Trinity & Jade Collins
  2. Nicole Ramos, Senior Team Leader
  3. Elizabeth & Lily Montes, Senior Designer
  4. Michelle Glynn, Designer
  5. Alexis Danley, Designer
  6. Sherrie Doss, Designer
  7. Monica Mendoza, Senior Designer
  8. Nichole Kraskowsky, Senior Team Leader
  9. Abbra Bouknight, Designer
  10. Karen Johnson, Senior Designer

Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring (in ABC order)

  1. Gabriela Camarotti, Team Leader
  2. Susan Eves, Senior Team Leader
  3. Nichole Kraskowsky, Senior Team Leader
  4. Tanya Macchi, Team Leader
  5. Teresa Markray, Senior Team Leader
  6. Michelle Nguyen, Senior Team Leader
  7. Devina Ortega, Executive Team Leader
  8. Rebecca Ortega, Senior Team Leader
  9. Nicole Ramos, Senior Team Leader
  10. Angie White, Team Leader


Senior Designers

Tanya Alves 

Andrea Anderson 

Mary Baut 

Misty Bottaro 

Melissa, Ava & Claire Britt 

Amanda Burt 

Christina Bzoski & Sheila Spurlock 

Edica Casanova 

Kaitlin Cohen 

Blanca Corrales 

Linda Cota 

Lauren Creech 

Sara Deines 

Becky Demmel  

Erica, Timothy Jr, Hayle & Lydia-Kay Griffin, & Cherish, Trinity & Jade Collins 

Tessa Hartert 

Tammy Haugabrook  

Alana Hellyer 

Tanya Hopkins 

Chairdie Lawyer & Julieanne Kubala 

Mollie Makay 

Agustina Molina 

Elizabeth & Lily Montes 

Gabriela Mora 

Jessica Morales 

Johana Munoz 

Michelle Nguyen 

MaryAnn Niemi 

Deb ODonoghue 

Della Valerie Toral 

Kayla Younger 

Executive Designers

Keana Burciaga 

Javier Rios 

Team Leaders

Gabriela Camarotti 

Susan Eves 

Madeleine Johnston  

Tanya Macchi 

Anna Treuting & Victoria Smith 

Judy Westen 

Angie White 

Senior Team Leaders

Nichole Kraskowsky 

Teresa Markray 

Rebecca Ortega 

Nicole Ramos 

Executive Team Leaders

Devina Ortega 

***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.


Congratulations to Our Final Level Up Leadership Challenge II Earners

Congratulations to Our Final Level Up Leadership Challenge II Earners

That’s a wrap on our limited-time Level Up Leadership Challenge II! SO many of you earned some OWL-some cash worth up to $1,500 USD | $1,950 CAD by leveling up your leadership!

We’re thrilled to announce our final Level Up Leadership Challenge II earners!

Watch the Facebook Live with the Origami Owl® Co-Founders here: https://www.facebook.com/100009444092125/videos/4271952972923670/

A BIG congratulations to the Top 3 in Personal Sales (during the program period based on cumulative Team Volume, which is generated by New Designers in your Levels 1 and 2)

They’ve earned a luxury gift basket valued at $500 USD | $650 CAD with a look curated by Origami Owl Co-Founder and CEO Chrissy Weems.

  1. Claudia + Ingrid Chavez, Director
    69,487 Team Volume

“Honestly, I was surprised to hear I was No. 1,” shares Claudia. “I never expect things like that because I always ‘work’ my business from the heart. I sometimes forget that I get be recognized for just doing something I absolutely LOVE to do!”



  1. Aimee Johnson, Senior Director
    41,066 Team Volume

“The Level Up Leadership Challenge was a great opportunity to rally our teams and leaders,” shares Aimee. “And, our new girls (team members) really got right to work! Achieving No. 2 in the challenge makes me SO PROUD of my incredible, hard-working team. I would not want to be on this adventure with ANYONE else! We are SO READY to take on Think Goodness!”


  1. Tami Butcher, Senior Field Vice President
    40,982 Team Volume

“I was SO excited to learn I was No. 3 for the Level Up Leadership Challenge,” shares Tami. “You work hard all year with your team, do the things you ‘think’ you should be doing, but never know if it’s enough! When you are recognized for your hard work, it’s something special! After 10 years with Origami Owl, I have a motto that I like to share with my team, ‘outlast them all.’ If you can outlast that person who decided to give up, you will reap the rewards. Be consistent, be positive, be open-minded, and remember to have balance in your life. Laugh a lot, love a lot, and most of all, give yourself grace. Become a better version of yourself each day and watch your business grow; you’ve got this! BOOM!”

Congratulations to the following leaders!

Qualifying Tier:

Katie Allen

Melissa Estep

LeahRose Gibson

Angelica + Jaymee Gomez

Susan + Jocelyn Gordon

Kirsten Hanes

Shannyn Hertel

Chani Kaibetoney

Michele Kehnert

Shelley Licknack

Mamie Miller

Kayla Neely + Ami Figueroa

Heidi Riffell Scribner, Camille + Simone Scribner

Christina Scott

Connie Villalobos

Lisa Young

Tier I:

Paulina + Alexa Alcaraz

Mishell Amick, Emily + Grace Brewer

Cailin Bundrick

Courtney Butler

Anna Cameron

Amanda Clavin

Sandy + David Daly

Melissa + Phoebe Davis

Brea DeRespini

Katie DeVito

Shannon Dodge

Erin Fortney

Sandy + Liliana Gast

Mirta Hernandez, Victoria + Vianey Garcia

Annette Johnson

Eloise Layton

Carolina McGrath

Joan Milligan

Deborah Oakland

Nancy Pye

Rebecca Robinson Porter

Alba + JD Saenz

Marci Saxon + Rose Saxon-Housum

Laura + Kamryn Scheele

Julissa Schuster + Jada Cantu

Maggie Stephens

Tammy Story

Carrie Titus

Robyn Torres

Tier II:

Karen Alaniz

Tami Butcher

Claudia + Ingrid Chavez

Holly Corbett

Hope Erbert

Aimee Johnson

Breanna + Bella Johnson

Erin Keene

Randy Mellon

Maria + Angelina Navarrette

Tatiana Quattrone

Lora & Erin Schott

Sandi-Rose Smith

Melissa Taylor

Erin Zapata


Congratulations, again, to all our earners!

Congratulations, 2020-2021 Top Achievers, Rank Advancements + Consistency Earners!

Congratulations, 2020-2021 Top Achievers, Rank Advancements + Consistency Earners!

WOW! What an incredible time we had celebrating your OWL-mazing achievements during our Origami Owl Virtual Recognition Event on July 23!

This was all about what you achieved with your Origami Owl businesses between June 2020 and May 2021, and we’re thrilled to share the recap with you!

As a reminder, if you were recognized in ANY way during this recognition event, you’re invited to an exclusive reception in-person at our Think Goodness Launch Event, September 10-11, 2021. More details and invitations to come via email soon!

Miss the Origami Owl Virtual Recognition Event or want to relive it? You can watch a replay here: https://youtu.be/6vnAL-Yr5wE

In addition to O2 Culture Award and Young Entrepreneur Education Award recipients, we recognized many Designers for advancing in rank, achieving consistent Personal Volume (PV) for 12 consecutive months and being one of the top 10 in personal sales and personal sponsoring.

Congratulations to all the Designers below for their incredible achievements!

Top 10 Overall in Personal Sales

  1. Melissa Flax Maher, Mackenzie + Madison Maher, Director
    62,814 PV

“I feel extremely humbled, most appreciative of my Customers and Hostesses who supported me as I learned to pivot through the growing changes with the pandemic,” shares Melissa. “I learned that the best way to do anything these days is to ‘do it scared!’” Everything these days is about relationships and showing gratitude. I strive daily to show my VIPs how much I appreciate their support and trust in me. I am confident that is the reason for this tremendous honor!”


2. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director                         48,423 PV
3. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader        48,336 PV
4. Cailin Bundrick, Director                              44,055 PV
5. Sandy + David Daly, Team Manager            40,414 PV
6. Kasandra Tucci, Executive Team Leader     40,226 PV
7. Erin Zapata, Senior Director                         35,587 PV
8. Aimee Johnson, Senior Director                   31,561 PV
9. Claudia + Ingrid Chavez, Director                 30,484 PV
10. Cynthia Kruis, Executive Team Leader        30,336 PV

Top 10 Overall in Personal Sponsoring

  1. Aimee Johnson, Senior Director
    46 Qualified New Designers

“I was SO surprised to earn the No. 1 spot for sponsoring this year,” shares Aimee. “I’ve been a top sponsor for the last five years, but so many incredible leaders really stepped up their sponsoring game this year. I was NOT expecting this! But, when you love what you do, you share with EVERYONE, and I’m so honored to have earned the top spot!”

  1. Hope Erbert, Executive Team Manager               39 Qualified New Designers
  2. Erin Fortney, Team Manager                                39 Qualified New Designers
  3. Randy Mellon, Director                                         32 Qualified New Designers
  4. Melissa Taylor, Senior Director                             32 Qualified New Designers
  5. Erin Keene, Director                                              31 Qualified New Designers
  6. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director                                   29 Qualified New Designers
  7. Karen Alaniz, Executive Director                           28 Qualified New Designers
  8. Courtney Butler, Senior Director                            27 Qualified New Designers
  9. Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Director                          27 Qualified New Designers

These Designers had consistent PV over the last 12 months!

100 PV: 678 Designers
250 PV:
429 Designers
500 PV:
117 Designers
750 PV: 16 Designers (below)

Katherine + Lupe Butterbaugh

Rae Clemmer

Patti Creel

Erin Fortney

Mary Grant

Karla + Sara Hemingway

Victoria Matzen

Allison Millard

Fara Mills

Peggy Mitrano

Sharon E Penner

Linda Peterson

Christa Richards

Melissa Taylor

Sharon Troster

Zoe Vincent

1,000 PV: 15 Designers (below)

Renae Cruz

Jacqueline Hedges

Breanna + Isabella Johnson

Erin Keene

Eloise Layton

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Lynsey McCurdy

Carolina McGrath

Randy Mellon

Joan Milligan

Janet Olivieri

Sheri Queen

Rebecca Robinson Porter

Lori + Madison Sargent

Carrie Titus

1,500 PV: 11 Designers (below)

Karen Alaniz

Cailin Bundrick

Courtney Butler

Claudia + Ingrid Chavez

Sandy + David Daly

Nova Goforth

Aimee Johnson

Cynthia Kruis

Melissa Flax Maher, Mackenzie + Madison Maher

Laura + Kamryn Scheele

Kasandra Tucci

2,500 PV: Two (2) Designers (below)

Sandi-Rose Smith

“I have not missed 2,500 PV ever since the Owlchiever Program started and the 2,500 PV level was added in July 2015,” shares Sandi-Rose. “I am one of two who has consistently generated 2,500 PV or more in 12 months. It’s an accomplishment in itself! My tips for others wanting to grow their sales is to be consistent and stay focused. Set your goal and break it down by week, then day. Take it one step and one order at a time. No matter how big or small your steps are – it all adds up!”


Erin Zapata

“Consistently generating 2,500 PV each month has been a goal of mine for the past three or so years,” shares Erin. “I am excited and honored to be recognized for this achievement, as it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve. I am very proud that I was able to set this goal years ago, make a plan on how to accomplish it, and then achieve it for 40+ months in a row!”

Rank Advancements (July 2020 – May 2021):

Team Leader: 150 Designers advanced to Team Leader
Senior Team Leader: 133 Designers advanced to Senior Team Leader
Executive Team Leader: 92 Designers advanced to Executive Team Leader
Team Manager:

Pamela Collins

Jecenia Deluna

Brea DeRespini

Chrysty + Kianna Lemasters

Arely Lugo + Maddalyn Pena

Jose Rios + Yuvisela Salinas

Crystal Salinas

Tania Scifo

Daisy Scism + Coberly Smiley

Tammy Story

Corina Vela

Senior Team Manager:

Katie Allen

Chani Keibetoney

Carolina McGrath

Maria + Angelina Navarrette

Irma Prado-Gutierrez

Jennifer Robins

Ashley Robinson

Michele Saldivar

Executive Team Manager:

Elizabeth Barrera

Kathy Cornell


Claudia + Ingrid Chavez

Sandra De La Garza

Rebecca Robinson Porter


Congratulations to all these Designers on your OWL-some achievements!

Congratulations to Our 2021 O2 Culture Award Recipients!

Congratulations to Our 2021 O2 Culture Award Recipients!

One of our favorite parts about convention is recognizing YOU!

We especially love when we’re able to surprise you – our OWL-mazing Designers – with special awards like our O2 Culture Awards!

We’re thrilled to share the incredible Designers who were recognized during our Origami Owl Virtual Convention Recognition Event.

Congratulations to our O2 Culture Award recipients!

Heart of O2 Award

The Heart of O2 Award is the highest level of Designer recognition and is given by the Founders. The recipient of this award embodies everything O2, from our mission to our core values. This Designer is committed to mentoring all Designers (even those who are not part of their team) and makes it a priority to help them achieve success both in their jewelry business, and in their personal lives. This Designer is a role model for all, contributes to causes they are passionate about, and is genuinely selfless.


This year’s Heart of O2 Award recipient is a true “light shiner.” She amplifies the goodness around her and inspires others to do the same. She knows how to love people and has a way of turning strangers into family. Her team, The Cute Hoots, is full of individuals from every background, but they are united in a sisterhood based on honesty, acceptance and love. Her leadership and friendship have impacted so many lives. She is a cheerleader, an advocate and a helping hand. Watching her bloom through chaos this past year, and truly show up with enthusiasm no matter what, are just some of the many reasons she was selected as the Heart of O2 Award recipient. She was an anchor for so many, while still being a ripple of kindness in her community. When we think of the heart of our mission statement, and those who truly live it every single day, this soul shines so brightly.

Congratulations, Melissa Taylor, Senior Director!

“I watched the recognition event from my phone while I was visiting my family in Canada,” shares Melissa. “I was in complete shock and so pleasantly surprised when they announced my name! To be surrounded by my entire family made it even more special. Thank you to our amazing Founders, my team and those who nominated me. You’ve made my heart so full!”


Force For Good® Award

The Force For Good Award is awarded to a Designer who represents the O2 mission in every aspect of his or her life. They use O2 jewelry as an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others and leads and serves their team in every way. Not only have they made significant efforts to be a Force For Good in their community, they also make extraordinary sacrifices for others, and contribute to charitable organizations by volunteering their time, or donating to a cause they are passionate about.


Our first Force For Good Award recipient is said to be “the epitome of Force For Good” by some of her teammates and friends. The reason she started her O2 business was to give back to others and make a difference for future generations of children and families who suffer with Autism. She was inspired by her three-year-old granddaughter who was diagnosed with Autism. This Designer turned her heartache around in a positive direction by committing to helping others. She has done amazing work using her business to bring awareness to Autism. In addition to raising funds for autism, she’s also provided gifts and acts of kindness to organizations such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Ventura County. She also started the Semicolon Empowerment Necklace Project to give necklaces to people affected by suicide and the Sew Powerful Purse Project. As a former foster teen, she had direct experience of what it feels like to live without hope. But, as a young adult, she turned that around and emigrated to the United States from Australia to make a better life for herself. She came to this country with a little bit of money and a whole lot of hope for a better life. Today, it is her life’s work to give back and make a difference – and she’s doing JUST THAT with her Origami Owl business.

Congratulations, Kathleen Leonard, Executive Team Leader!

After hearing my name announced, I immediately thought of how we made an impact in hundreds of children’s lives with these fundraisers,” shares Kathleen. “I cried tears of happiness for my team and every person who worked together on various projects to make the world a better place for children.”


Force For Good Award


Our second Force For Good Award recipient suffers from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, a life-altering neuroinflammatory disease. It’s known to be the most painful chronic aliment, and most people with this disease live in excruciating pain. Despite her pain, she does not let it stop her from helping others, especially those who are in the same situation as her. She runs a CPRS warrior group and donates what she can each month. She also created a “Happy Mail” program where these warriors send out packages every month to people who ask for help. All that matters to her is putting a smile on the face of any of these sufferers. When she hears someone has been put into hospice or is bedridden due to this debilitating disease, she sends them a gift from Origami Owl and a note to lift their spirits. She believes that O2’s idea of giving back really works and saves real lives every single day.  She has intentionally decided to live out the mission of being a Force For Good, spreading it to the warriors around her, and now they are ALL living it day-in and day-out. She never complains, takes everything this disease throws at her in stride, and will not stop helping others who are also suffering despite her own pain. She has turned small, meaningful pieces from Origami Owl into live-saving devices.

Congratulations, Christina Whearley, Senior Team Leader

As my husband and I watched Tyson announce the second Force For Good recipient, we began to cry,” shares Christina. “Not because we realized I had been chosen, but because we knew so many would learn about the disease that countless silently suffer from.”


Love, Inspire, Motivate Award

The Love, Inspire, Motivate Award is awarded to a Designer who genuinely loves and inspires all. This Designer positively affects any situation, helps others to realize every situation and is a Force For Good. This Designer is both a committed professional Mentor, and a compassionate personal coach, who has a personal story that inspires others.


The recipient of the Love, Inspire, Motivate Award has continued to be an inspiration not only to her team, but to so many across the field, including us. Her growth this year has been ASTOUNDING, with 95 New Designers added to her team just this past year alone. A huge amount of this growth is attributed to her leadership, passion and love for Origami Owl. She is deeply loved by her team. She leads them with heart, guides and trains them, and she is there for them every step of the way.  This recipient is a testament to hard work, NO EXCUSES and true consistency.

Having four little ones at home (one is two years old), plus working full-time as a teacher through the pandemic, she has still managed to work and grow her business and lead her team. She reached a tremendous goal and promoted to Director this year, despite the challenges of the pandemic, and both herself and her team losing loved ones. She has done it ALL with a smile on her face and being a light of positivity to everyone she encounters. If you follow her on Facebook, you can see how she radiates joy, fun and consistently delivers the message of both the love of family and O2.

Lastly, she has also had a huge impact on the Spanish-speaking community by helping with Spanish meetings and hosting trainings in her community. Spanish-speaking Designers who are not on her team frequently say how much they learn from her. She is always one of the first to volunteer for trainings at her local team meetings, one of the first to help lead Customer appreciation events, and always participates in Force For Good team projects with donations going to orphanages in Mexico.

Her team calls her a real-life Wonder Woman! They do not know how she does it all, but what they do know is she ALWAYS, always does it with authentic joy. She models the right behavior, is a true example of love, and has inspired and motivated so many on her team and beyond!

Congratulations, Claudia Chavez, Director!

“I felt so incredibly blessed, grateful and overwhelmed with joy,” shares Claudia. “I realized after a couple of statements from Shawn that he was talking about me. I didn’t know who had nominated me, but I felt so humbled that they would even think of me for such a special award!”


Making a Difference in the Lives of Others Award

The Making a Difference in the Lives of Others Award is awarded to a Designer who exudes love and kindness to anyone who crosses their path. They are always shining the light on others, even those not on their team. This Designer is constantly cheering on others who are striving for a goal. Making a difference in the lives of others comes natural to them, as they’re always looking to help others and uplift anyone who needs it.


The Making a Difference in the Lives of Others Award is going to a dynamic trio in Canada, whose positive attitudes and ginormous hearts never waiver despite the challenges or adversity that comes their way. From the moment they became Designers, they have exuded nothing but love, inspiration and kindness to everyone they meet. Their lights are always shining as they consistently make a difference in the lives of others throughout Canada, the U.S. and the Young Entrepreneur community.

You can always count on them for a word of encouragement on the team page, or a “Motivational Monday” quote for the week. When fellow Designers (and Young Entrepreneurs) are feeling blue or under the weather, they always post a message of encouragement to make they feel better. They welcome New Designers (and Young Entrepreneurs) with open arms, beautiful notes or a funny GIF. They cheer on those who are striving for a goal, or those who simply are trying to achieve their PV to stay active. They are the first to arrive on team Zooms, and the last to leave a question-and-answer session at the end.

During the pandemic, this trio worked other full-time jobs and still generated 500 to 1,000 PV each month consistently. They continued to lead their teams to excellence – all while Canada was completely shut down – and they NEVER complained. These ladies are the epitome of kindness and thoughtfulness. Each one of them shines so bright individually, but together, they shine even brighter and make a big difference in this world.

Congratulations, Wanda Carriere, Executive Team Leader!

“The feeling I felt when Tyson said my name for the Making a Difference in the Lives of Others Award really came as a surprise to me,” shares Wanda. “I was shocked. I felt like my soul left my body and tears were running down my face. I feel so blessed to have been chosen alongside my sister and niece. I guess mom did it right! I am so thankful for all of you. When life throws you unexpected surprises, hold them tight and never let go.”

Congratulations, Tina and Cassidy Grover, Young Entrepreneur Team + Team Manager!

“We felt honoured, overwhelmed, surprised and ever so grateful when we received this award,” shares Tina. “Small acts of kindness each day go a long way. Our goal is to live life with a purpose and to make the world a brighter place; one smile at a time.”


Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur Award

The Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur Award is awarded to an Owlette or BRO (youth ages 11-17) who has embraced their role and demonstrated their commitment to learning about O2’s jewelry opportunity. They not only embody the O2 mission and core values in every aspect of their life, but they also inspire and motivate their peers through positive action.


This Young Entrepreneur was nominated by several of her peers. She has faced tremendous adversity this past year, mainly with her father’s health issues, which have affected her family significantly. This Young Entrepreneur and her sister have stepped up, taken over the family business by themselves to provide for their family, all while working her Origami Owl business on her own. Despite all the challenges and heartache she currently faces, she always shows up for her Young Entrepreneur community and peers.

Here is what a few of her peers wrote about her:

“She always shows up no matter what. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be dealing with her father‘s health issues and running two businesses. Even though she always puts family first, if I message her saying I need help with something, she is right on it. She has so much knowledge of Origami Owl and a passion that shines through everything she does. I am always so excited to see her smiling face and can’t wait to hear what she has to say. The fact that she gets up and shows up every single day is inspiring to me. She works so hard and continuously loves and cares for others’ feelings, which inspires me. I can’t wait to see what she does in this world, as I know whatever she chooses, she is going to make such a big impact.”

“I can’t think of a girl who is more deserving. What she has had to endure with her dad, while still being there for everyone else doing Force For Good initiatives and being so supportive of all Young Entrepreneurs, is just so inspiring to me.”

“Even though she has more than enough on her plate, she’s never been one to complain about any task she’s given and is always willing to help others out. She trains her team consistently, regardless of everything she has going on, and does anything she can to help make sure they succeed. She helps at monthly team meetings and always has a Force For Good give back that she facilitates. She is a true definition of inspiration and spreads light and joy into the lives of everyone she meets.”

Congratulations, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Executive Designer!

“Honored, humbled, surprised, grateful and blessed are some of the emotions I felt when it was announced that I was awarded the Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur Award,” shares Elizabeth. “When I started at 8 years old helping my mom and sister, I never thought eight years later I’d be here. I’m so blessed to be a part of this community and company. God has blessed me with so much. I’ll never forget this moment and how I felt. Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to become the person I am today.”

Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur Team Award

The Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur Team Award is awarded to a Young Entrepreneur team who embodies the O2 mission and core values and has overcome adversity or challenging circumstances. Not only have their achieved success in their O2 jewelry business, but they also serve as a role model for other Young Entrepreneur teams.


This Young Entrepreneur Team live out our mission statement daily. They go above and beyond helping and training other Young Entrepreneurs and Designers to become successful and reach their dreams. They lead monthly meetings specifically for Young Entrepreneurs, either at their home or on Zoom. They also host meetings and holiday parties for any local Designers, not just those on their downline. The Young Entrepreneur on this team can explain everything about our jewelry and how to set up and run events. She’s a wonderful role model for so many, consistently sponsoring and earning the monthly Young Entrepreneur incentives. She has worked alongside her mom since she was 8 years old and was so excited to become an official Young Entrepreneur when she turned 11. She now serves on the Young Entrepreneur Council – a position her team is proud of.

They persevered through tough family circumstances this year and were still successful with their business, (earning the trip for two on the O2 Coastal Vacay incentive trip and the Level Up Leadership Challenge Tier II. They spent weeks away from home, traveling long hours to care for a sick family member. Many times, with only a moment’s notice to jump into the car, knowing they’d be gone for a week or more. They would always grab their inventory so they could continue to work their business while away. Once, they were in the middle of a fundraiser they were working hard on for teachers, and they had to pack up everything they needed to continue the fundraising event.  They did it, they were successful, and they never complained.  They just got done what needed to get done. They are both so compassionate and loving. They do many fundraisers together for teachers, dog rescues and other organizations. When they find something they love, they go full-force and make sure it is a success! The bond between this mother-daughter team is amazing. They are determined, always try to see the bright side of things and spread the O2 love wherever they go!

Congratulations, Sandy & Lily Gast, Executive Team Manager!

“Lily and I are both shocked and honored to have been selected for this award,” shares Sandy. “To be nominated by our peers and selected by the (Origami Owl Co-)Founders is the highlight of our career to date. We love our Origami Owl family and hope to continue to inspire others as we journey on to Think Goodness!”