Co-Founder Shawn Maxwell Goes Cruisin’ with Our Diamond Designer of the Year

Co-Founder Shawn Maxwell Goes Cruisin’ with Our Diamond Designer of the Year

Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers on their incredible achievements in August! From rank advancements, top achievers, myO2 rewards earners and more, we’re thrilled to recognize you for all your hard work!

Watch as Origami Owl Co-Founder Shawn Maxwell takes a joyride with our 2019 Diamond Designer of the Year Karen Alaniz and another special guest.

August Designer Spotlight: Chelsea Louvier


  • Started O2 Journey: July 2019
  • Home State: Texas
  • O2 Business: Works her O2 business full time and is a stay-at-home mom for her 3-year-old son
  • August Achievements: Promoted to Team Leader; sponsored 10 Designers and has already earned 3,000 Adventure Points toward Costa Rica!
  • Tips for Success:
    • Always ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are a family and we are always willing to help each other through our amazing support system.
    • Set up a launch Jewelry Bar® right away. Show pictures of your favorite jewelry and share it with your friends, family, co-workers and anyone you meet. I started my launch Jewelry Bar within 24 hours of joining.
    • Wear your jewelry every day. I created my first Locket that I wear every day to represent and support my nephew with Down Syndrome and Autism.

“My upline, Executive Team Leader Dawn Firstenberg, gives me amazing support. She has inspired me to support and encourage others to join this amazing company and share their stories. I’m grateful and proud of the hard work and effort my team puts into reaching outside their comfort zone and sharing all that Origami Owl has to offer!”

Whooo Promoted Up in August

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in August.

Senior Designer: 166

Executive Designer: 49

Team Leader: 57

Senior Team Leader: 37

Executive Team Leader: 20

Team Manager: 2

Senior Team Manager: 4

Director: 2

August Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 3 in Personal Sales

  1. Karla + Sara Hemingway, Senior Team Leader – 8,753 PV
  2. Patty Raley + Bridget Cory, Senior Team Leader – 8,718 PV
  3. Linda Peterson, Senior Team Leader – 7,345 PV

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Alba Saenz, Director –  13 Personally Sponsored Designers – 2,582 PV
  2. Breanna Johnson, Senior Director – 11 Personally Sponsored Designers – 3,442 PV
  3. Frances Brunner, Senior Team Leader – 9 Personally Sponsored Designers – 3,013 PV

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Mamie Miller, Director – 3 Team Leaders – 1,511 PV
  2. Robyn Lozier, Senior Team Manager – 2 Team Leaders  – 1,381 PV
  3. Julissa Schuster + Jada Cantu, Director – 2 Team Leaders – 762 PV

See everyone who soared to the top in personal sales, personal sponsoring and developing team leaders in August.

August MyO2 Reward Earners**

  • Ready, Set, SOAR! — 579
  • Charm of the Month Club — 6,922
  • Storybuilders — 3,162
  • Dreambuilders — 1,197
  • Businessbuilders — 165
  • Successbuilders — 55

Get all the details on our MyO2 Rewards Program here.

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in August. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.

**These numbers are cumulative and include all the levels each Designer earned. 

You can also find the Hoot recognition rank advancements, top achievers and Ready, Set, SOAR! earners in your Back Office O2 Training Academy under Incentives + Recognition > Hoot Recognition.

Moving on Up: Meet Our Two, New Directors!

Moving on Up: Meet Our Two, New Directors!

With more than 330 Designers promoting up in August, you proved you were truly “limitless” last month!

And, two of these Designers – Alba Saenz and Julissa Schuster – promoted to Director!

Congratulations to Alba and Julissa who earned the incredible perks listed below! (Keep reading for more details.)

Alba Saenz – Started O2 Journey October 2017

“I started my O2 journey in April 2014, but after a bad Customer experience, I gave up. My Mentor saw my potential and never gave up on me, so I had a change of heart and re-enrolled in October 2017.”

Earning Director

“I honestly never imagined I would be able to reach Director. It’s been an amazing and humbling achievement. Earning Director means that through my own journey, I have been able to help my team reach their own accomplishments and goals.”

Tips for Success

  • Never give up. We all experience rough times and moments when we feel we can’t keep moving forward, but if I’ve learned something this past year, it is that nothing is impossible and our rough times help us appreciate the good moments and achievements even more.
  • Work alongside your team; never above them. This business is really about team work. Having a good relationship with your team is key.
  • Set your goals, your team’s goals and then work together to reach them.”

Future Goals

“My goals change monthly and evolve as my team does. Currently, my goal is to help as many of my team members as possible reach Senior Team Leader, so they can earn the Holiday Collection and a spot on the Costa Rica incentive trip. For myself, my goal is to continue to help my team and start working on more Force For Good® projects within my community.”


Julissa Schuster + Jada Cantu – Started O2 Journey June 2018

Earning Director

“Earning Director means that my team and I accomplished something amazing together in such a short period of time. We’re ready for more; together, we can do anything we pour our hearts into!”

Tips for Success

“The best tip I can give other Designers is to get to know your team. Know who they are and what they want out of this amazing company.

  • Do they have kids? If yes, then send their kids a birthday card.
  • Do they have pets? If yes, then comment on their fur baby’s photos and let them know you’re watching.
  • Are they expecting a baby? If yes, then get together with your team and send them a gift card!

I also send gifts to all of our Owlettes and BROs on their birthdays because they are important and part of our team!

When you’re scrolling through Facebook, don’t just scroll. Take the time to stop and read and see what your Designers are going through. People love to know they are not alone. My team and I have created a special bond with one another. That helps us all love what we do even more with Origami Owl.”

Future Goals

“Senior Director, of course! No, in reality, I really want to enjoy being a Director. My next goal is to have at least two more Directors on our team by the end of the year. The sky is the limit for us!”

5 Perks of Being a Director

  1. Advancement Bonus + Director Generation Bonus

Not only do new Directors get a $500 cash Advancement Bonus after they earn Director for the first time, but they also have the opportunity to earn a Director Generation Bonus. The Director Generation Bonus is a bonus paid to Directors and above on volume produced by Directors on their Team (even those below Levels 1-4). For details regarding Director Generation Bonus amounts and qualifications, please refer to the Career Plan located in your Back Office “Designer Resources” section.

  1. Invitation to Attend the New Director Academy

The New Director Academy is an exclusive event full of inspiration, motivation and education for new Directors in their first year of achieving the title. Our next New Director Academy is on January 23, 2020 at The Scott Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona for those who promote to Director between September 2018 and December 2019. After a full day of leadership training, the event concludes with our iconic New Director Heart/Lock ceremony. Origami Owl covers the airfare for one, hotel accommodations, which the New Director shares with another inductee, and some meals. The New Director Academy is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other leaders and share the O2 love!

  1. Exclusive Convention Hoot Loot Hour, Training + Luncheon

During The O2 Experience – our annual convention – Directors and above, as well as Parliament members, are invited to attend an exclusive leadership training and luncheon. They also get their very own Hoot Loot Hour! That means you get to shop in the O2 Store before everyone else!

  1. A Special Surprise in the Mail from The Nest

The month after you earn Director for the first time, you’ll receive a special gift in the mail from the Founders and your family at The Nest! This is our “thank you” for working so hard at building your team!

  1. Elite O2 Directors and Above Facebook Group

Once you’re a Director, you’ll have the opportunity to join our O2 Directors, VPs and Parliament Facebook group where you can connect with other top leaders and ask any questions you may have about your business.

2019 Parliament Wellness Retreat: Sunshine + Scenic Views in Arizona!

2019 Parliament Wellness Retreat: Sunshine + Scenic Views in Arizona!

Our 2019 Parliament members enjoyed a well-deserved wellness retreat at the CIVANA Resort, Spa & Sanctuary, nestled in the Sonoran Desert just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona.*

From dining at top restaurants, to spa day pampering and a scenic Jeep ride seeing the iconic Sedona Red Rocks, our 2019 Parliaments members were treated to an unforgettable trip of a lifetime to reward them for all of their hard work.

“I just spent the last four-and-a-half days with some of my best people, creating new relationships, opening my heart and unplugging. From the second we arrived, completely spoiled. But, more importantly, the laughs, love, tears, hugs, new experiences, conversation, food and friends…the pockets of time that I will tuck away forever in my heart and soul. This is Parliament.” – Melissa Davis, Senior Director

“These past few days were just what I needed. Time with old friends and time making new ones. Time to push my limits (I’m so freaking scared of heights) and time to meditate and reflect (something I never take the time to do). Time to laugh (like nearly the whole time) and time to shed a few tears (and y’all know I’m not a crier). This weekend was a great reminder to me to take care of myself in order to serve others better. We all need that reminder from time to time.” – Maggie Stephens, Executive Director

“Our Parliament Trip turned into a wellness retreat that was everything I didn’t know I needed. Sure, it was beautiful. And, we were spoiled with A LOT of jewelry and swag (so incredibly generous). I was also surrounded by a group of incredible leaders who I connected with in a BIG way. But, this trip was about way more than being spoiled by The Nest and our Founders for our hard work. Immense amounts of heart healing happened for me. Friendships and bonds were formed that will last forever. I came home feeling renewed, knowing I will not only be a better leader and Designer, but also a better wife and friend. We are all capable of far more than we think we are. BELIEVE you are capable; put in the work to make it happen and YOU will reap the rewards of the seeds you have planted.” – Courtney Butler, Senior Director

“When a hurricane comes in and ruins all the plans you don’t worry about it. The Nest and our AAAAAHHHHH-mazing Founders got us. And what a PERFECT Parliament Trip we had. From being picked up at the airport by one of them, lunch, dinners, Pink Jeep tours, Sedona, Spa and Sound healing yoga (amazing) to just being present with everyone. That’s what a Parliament retreat is really all about. Disconnecting and having time for our own selfcare (that all of us do NOT do enough of) so we can keep the spark that is our teams fanned and burning into the roaring fire they need.” – Sandi-Rose Smith, Director

Here are some photos from the trip:

Congratulations, again, to our 2019 Parliament Members!

Lizbeth Berlanga-Molina – Team iBelieve

Beth Blemaster – The Best Nest Team

Courtney Butler – Team Diamond

Amber Butts – Team Hootie Whoos

Denise Curran – Team Owlstar Cast

Melissa + Phoebe Davis – Team Goal Rushers

Katie DeVito – Team Owl-ology

LeahRose Gibson – Team Choose Joy

Melissa Ghane – Team Steamrollers

Michelle + Eric Levitt + Jaxon Danner – Team Hedwig

Jessica Lopez + Arturo Valenzuela Jr. – Team Owl-Rageous

Vicki Matzen – The Dream Team

Randy Mellon – The Believers &  Achievers Team

Mamie Miller – Team Owl-Rageous

Carla + Jaiden New – Team Lucky Charms

Julissa Schuster – Team Fancy Whooters

Kati Smith – Team Inspire

Sandi-Rose Smith – The Blessed OwlChicks Team

Maggie Stephens – The Home Team

Kristine, Sydney + Tanner Stevens – Team Shining Jewels

Rochelle Young – Team Whootie Ninjas

*Note: Due to Hurricane Dorian, and for everyone’s safety, the Parliament Trip was moved to Carefree and Sedona, Arizona.

Parliament Tip of the Month

LeahRose Gibson, Senior Team Manager

“Consistency. You MUST be confident in the process. Make a plan. Trust the plan. Adjust the plan. But, keep pressing forward. Surround yourself with those who support your plan. And do NOT quit!”

Get all the details on the 2019-2020 Parliament Program here.

Get all the details on the trip locations here.

Whooo Earned an Ion Bluetooth Speaker in August?

Whooo Earned an Ion Bluetooth Speaker in August?

Congratulations to Jada Cantu on earning the Ion Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker for sponsoring 24 New Designers in August! Way to go, Jada!

We had 14* Owlettes and BROs sponsor at least one New Designer in August. That’s OWL-mazing!

Jaymee Gomez – sponsored 12 New Designers

Gabby Thibeault – sponsored 10 New Designers

Ava Lucas – sponsored 8 New Designers

Phoebe Davis – sponsored 6 New Designers

Lily Gast – sponsored 6 New Designers

Jonathon Peters – sponsored 5 New Designers

Sofia Jo Contreras – sponsored 4 New Designers

Grace Taylor – sponsored 4 New Designers

Jade Rangel – sponsored 3 New Designers

Cassidy Grover – sponsored 3 New Designers

Aaron Bertin – sponsored 3 New Designers

Amira Smith – sponsored 2 New Designers

Eden Gonsor – sponsored 1 New Designer

*Annies, roll-ups or reassigned Designers are not included in these numbers.

Way to spread the O2 love and our mission statement with others!

Welcome NEW! Owlette Teams

From our limited-time “Your Day, Your Way!” Join for $19 USD | $25 CAD promotion to the launch of our Fall/Winter 2019 and Bridal Collections, August was full of exciting opportunities!

A BIG O2 welcome to over 400 new Owlette teams who joined in August! We’re so happy you joined our community and O2 family, and we can’t wait to watch you grow your O2 business!

So, what’s next for you?

Get Connected to the Owlette Program

If haven’t yet joined our O2 Owlettes Facebook group, now’s the time! Our Owlette Facebook group gives our Owlettes and BROs the chance to regularly interact with each other, receive personal messages from Origami Owl Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert, and get tips and training to grow their Origami Owl businesses!

You’ll also want to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on everything Owlette Program.

Have an Owlette or BRO success spotlight story you’d like featured in an upcoming Hoot email? Email us at

O2 Fashion Guy: How-To Tips + Techniques for Your O2 Business

O2 Fashion Guy: How-To Tips + Techniques for Your O2 Business

En Español

Did you know our O2 Fashion Guy Robert McCannel has been in the jewelry business for 40 years?

He’s personally worked over 600 {yes, 600!} in-home Jewelry Bars® and events!

During Fashion Guy Live, Robert will share styling tips and techniques, product features and benefits, words to say with your Customers and Hostesses, how to engage with your Customers and trend alerts!

Watch today’s O2 Fashion Guy here:

  1. The NEW Harvest Collection is NOW AVAILABLE!
  2. Get to know “CAMEL” – the biggest color of the season!

On September 5, O2 Fashion Guy Robert shared:

Hi-Ho SILVER! Favorites from the NEW! Fall/Winter 2019 Collection!

  1. The season of selling is HERE!
  2. Stock up on these exciting, NEW silver layering pieces and accessories.


You can now also watch these videos from your My O2 Connection app while you’re on-the-go! Find them under Product Training Videos!

You can find all of the past Fashion Guy Live videos in the O2 Training Academy in your Back Office under Designer Resources > O2 Training Academy > Fashion Guy Live.

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New Limited Edition Harvest Collection is Here

New Limited Edition Harvest Collection is Here

En Español

The Limited Edition Harvest Collection is HERE and it’s going to make you feel all kinds of warm and cozy when you get a peek at it!

Watch as Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert and a very special guest reveal this limited edition collection.

Reminders + Additional Details

Don’t forget – when you see “limited edition,” that means there are limited quantities that will only be available until October 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. CT or while supplies last. Encourage your Customers to order what they love right away so they don’t miss out.

PLUS, we have a special Gift With Purchase While Supplies Last. That’s right! We’re bringing back a special Gift With Purchase offer, and just gave Designers a first look in the O2 Designer News from the Nest Facebook Group! An image has also been added to the My O2 Connection app under “Promotions.” Starting Thursday, September 12 at 5 p.m. CT and only while supplies last, you’ll get ONE (1) Crystal Leaf Swarovski® Locket Figurine Charm in your order! This exclusive Charm will not be available for purchase and has a retail value of $16 USD | $21 CAD. You’ll see a note on your packing slip indicating this special gift once your order arrives. Here are FAQs.

Need all of the Harvest Collection items? Use the 1-click Harvest Collection bundle option in your Back Office! Simply log in, go to Shop > Jewelry > New Arrivals and you’ll see an option for the one-click bundle, which will add each item from the collection to your cart. Available for Designers only until September 23 or while supplies last. Here are FAQs on the 1-click bundle.

How to Share the Harvest Collection

New Marketing Assets Available

  • New Harvest Collection PDF – My O2 Connection App’s “PDFs” section and the Back Office under “Designer Resource Library.”
  • Over 15 new Harvest Collection images are in the My O2 Connection app under “Harvest/Halloween Collection” or click on the Harvest Collection banner at the top of the mobile app. We will also release additional images later next week.
  • 3 new Facebook Group Cover Photos added to the Back Office under “Designer Resource Library.”

Training to Check Out

  • Watch Director of Leadership Training Renee Rose’s Facebook Live about how to create a Harvest Collection Facebook Jewelry Bar® Flow here.
  • Watch for O2 Fashion Guy Robert McCannel’s Facebook Live tomorrow, Friday, September 13 at Noon CT for tips on how to wear and share this new collection with your Customers.

Quick Note About the Harvest Collection

One quick note about this limited edition collection. You may know this already but just in case you weren’t aware, we pride ourselves in creating the most incredible and unique Charms in the world. They are hand-sketched by our Nest Product Development Team and each one is hand-painted. Many of our Charms also feature hand-applied decals. At a maximum height of 11 mm, you can imagine how challenging it is to achieve that level of detail. In the last 2 years, you may have noticed the evolution and upgrades of our Charms and the 3D effects as well as other design details we have incorporated. As we have innovated our Charms, the cost of creating them has also increased. We have absorbed most of the cost of these enhancements, however, due to the current international trade climate, we have to move forward with adjustments at this time. For this limited edition collection, the retail values on these Charms are going to be $7 US / $8 CAD.

Remember, all it takes is ONE new Customer to give your business a boost! Be sure to invite someone new to take a look at Origami Owl® – this new Harvest Collection is the perfect introduction!

Here are FAQs on the Harvest Collection.