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Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers on their incredible achievements in January! From rank advancements, top achievers, myO2 rewards earners and more, we’re thrilled to recognize you for all your hard work!

Watch as Origami Owl Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha recognize YOU for your OWL-mazing achievements in January and share their favorite recipes for an impromptu Valentine’s Day dinner at home.


Designer Spotlight: Kara Gonder, Senior Team Leader

  • Started O2 Journey: January 5, 2020 (brand new Designer!) – quadruple promoted from Designer to Senior Team Leader during enrollment month and generated 508 PV!
  • Home State: Tennessee
  • O2 Business: Works her business part time. Is a full-time nurse, wife and mama to two kids, 11-year-old daughter Edyn (who is an Owlette and had a $75 order on her first day!) and 6-year-old son Avery

“I originally planned to just sign up to get the free jewelry in January! My goals were mainly around sponsoring, since that was such an awesome offer (January Offer for Sponsors)! After I had signed up about four ladies, my Mentor, Julissa Schuster, let me know what level my promotion would be if those ladies became Active Designers. After that, I was laser-focused on encouraging them. I created a Facebook page and group chat for us. I stayed in contact with them at least every other day, mainly letting them know how close they were to becoming Active and what amazing free jewelry or Bella Bucks they could earn for our Spring collection!”

Tips for Success

“Build a relationship with your team and don’t be afraid to be real. Let them know you struggle, too, and not to give up if you’re rejected. Post photos of our gorgeous jewelry on social media and wear it often, so that people ask about it! I am excited about what this month holds for me and my team!”

Whooo Promoted Up in January

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in January.

Senior Designer: 60

Executive Designer: 11

Team Leader: 9

Senior Team Leader: 4

Executive Team Leader: 2

January Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 3 in Personal Sales

  1. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader – 4,246 PV
  2. Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager – 2,915 PV
  3. Sharon Troster, Senior Designer – 2,764 PV

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Vivian Hernandez, Senior Team Leader – 12 Personally Sponsored Designers – 528 PV
  2. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director – 6 Personally Sponsored Designers – 2,537 PV
  3. Breanna Johnson, Senior Director – 6 Personally Sponsored Designers – 2,117 PV

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Karen K. Hohman, Director – 2 Team Leaders –  254 PV
  2. Mishell Amick + Grace and Emily Brewer, Director  –  1 Team Leader – 1,603 PV
  3. Hope Erbert, Executive Team Leader –  1 Team Leader – 801 PV

See everyone who soared to the top in personal sales, personal sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in January.

January MyO2 Reward Earners**

  • Ready, Set, SOAR! – 187
  • Charm of the Month Club – 5,015
  • Storybuilders – 1,357
  • Dreambuilders – 652
  • Businessbuilders – 37
  • Successbuilders – 10

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in January. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.
**These numbers are cumulative and include all the levels each Designer earned.