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Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers on their incredible achievements in October! From rank advancements, top achievers, myO2 rewards earners and more, we’re thrilled to recognize you for all your hard work!

Watch as Origami Owl Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha recognize YOU for your OWL-mazing achievements in October and interview a few very special guests at The Nest!

Designer Spotlight: Beverly Marshall, Senior Team Manager

  • Started O2 Journey: October 2016
  • Home State: Kentucky
  • O2 Business: “I am a speech language pathologist by trade, but began staying home when we had our first miracle baby in 2013. We now have four children, and I continue to stay home with them while working my Origami Owl business. Although I planned for it to initially be more part-time, I think it’s fair to say it’s evolving into a full-time venture.”
  • Plans for Promotion:
    “This month, I am working like any other month, but with a more intentional focus and availability for my leaders, especially those working to develop leaders under them. Mentorship is one of my favorite aspects of leadership, and as one works toward a promotion, I know a key component is team members feeling supported at all levels. It’s also important to lead by example, so I’m focusing on some Jewelry Bars® I planned ahead, as well as potential Force For Good® opportunities within my community. I’m taking time to lean into the guidance of my incredible Mentor, Senior Director Kate McKenzie, as I know she has a ‘big picture’ perspective from personal experience. She truly has my best interest at heart and understands how to tap into my biggest motivators, in conjunction with areas I need to grow. My personal goal is to ‘dream big,’ while bringing my team alongside me throughout the process as I work to present the vision of a promotion and the benefits it would provide because I know I can’t do this on my own. Finally, I’m doing some incentives incorporating all levels of Designers including options for those who are working (become ‘active,’ sponsor, promote), those engaging in conversations/training (behaviors), and a few special items for my Team Leaders.”

Tips for Success

Leaders with a Team:

  1. “Be available. It’s important to set reasonable boundaries, but it’s equally as important your team members and leaders know WHEN they can approach you for assistance and guidance along the way.”
  2. “Decide how you want to approach your team. I personally chose to share this journey with them – no matter the outcome. I know some people vary regarding feelings surrounding this aspect, but to me, it’s absolutely empowering. I know when my Mentor worked toward her promotion(s) and shared it, we had the best time and were able to be part of the opportunity to help provide more access, resources and credibility for our team. Most of all, it was an amazing experience to be part of her dreams becoming a reality. I feel the same can be true for our team.”
  3. “Stay focused on your team and examine your culture. This may be an individual business, but it takes a TEAM for promotions to happen. I’m learning more about my team every day. The Beehive is a team of heart. They are real, genuine and share with conviction in order to reach others thus impacting the world. They are innovative, creative and have sincere work ethic. Passionate and driven are two characteristics I would use to describe our culture. Knowing this, I’m learning ways to approach them which will work for us collectively.”

All Designers:

  1. “Allow yourself to be coachable. Find someone (for me, it’s my Mentor) to guide you, bounce ideas around and be your biggest cheerleader. As you listen, take the advice and wisdom as a way to make you better. There are always areas to grow.”
  2. “Make a plan and put it into action. Know yourself – what type of learner are you? Do you like step-by-step trackers or a big picture on the drawing board? As you begin making your plan, do what works for YOU and your personality, as well as taking into consideration those you are bringing along with you.”
  3. “Stay flexible with the ability to ‘reset’ and maintain perspective. Things are going to happen – there will be changes within your team, life circumstances and often situations you don’t plan. If you keep a realistic mindset with the ability to stay open, you will feel less stressed and more empowered.”

“No matter what, HAVE FUN and celebrate milestones. Do your best and find peace in knowing when it’s your time, it will come. At the end of the day, it’s how you handle each step that reflects who you are as a leader, Mentor and person.”

Whooo Promoted Up in October

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in October.

Senior Designer: 85

Executive Designer: 26

Team Leader: 22

Senior Team Leader: 5

Executive Team Leader: 4

Team Manager: 1

Senior Team Manager: 1

October Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 3 in Personal Sales

  1. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader – 10,492 PV
  2. Karla + Sara Hemingway, Senior Team Leader – 6,268 PV
  3. Cynthia Kruis, Executive Team Leader – 5,537 PV

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Aimee Johnson, Senior Director – 4 Personally Sponsored Designers – 4,314 PV
  2. Anna Davalos, Team Leader – 3 Personally Sponsored Designers – 1,757 PV
  3. Amanda Doak, Team Leader – 3 Personally Sponsored Designers – 1,128 PV

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Tami, Tatum + Brooks Butcher, Executive Field Vice President – 2 Team Leaders –  1,375 PV
  2. Melissa Taylor, Senior Director –  1 Team Leader – 2,387 PV
  3. Beverly Marshall, Senior Team Manager –  1 Team Leader – 1,957 PV

See everyone who soared to the top in personal sales, personal sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in October.

October MyO2 Reward Earners**

  • Ready, Set, SOAR! – 678
  • Charm of the Month Club – 3,224
  • Storybuilders – 2,009
  • Dreambuilders – 1,245
  • Businessbuilders – 133
  • Successbuilders – 46

Get all the details on our MyO2 Rewards Program here.

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in October. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.

**These numbers are cumulative and include all the levels each Designer earned. 

You can also find the Hoot recognition rank advancements, top achievers and Ready, Set, SOAR! earners in your Back Office O2 Training Academy under Incentives + Recognition > Hoot Recognition.