A new and improved Back Office is on the way!

That’s right, our Designer Back Office is undergoing a complete makeover that will absolutely change the Designer experience—for the better! Our newly-designed Back Office is intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to use. Check out what we’ll be unveiling on Thursday, February 4.

Introducing the New and Improved Back Office Dashboard

Beginning February 4, any Designer who logs in to their Back Office will be brought to the newly designed Dashboard—your “home base” that will help give you a glimpse of so many important tools and resources for your business. The best part? It only takes a few visits to your Back Office before you’ll be able to navigate effortlessly!

•    Ease of Access—From the Dashboard, you’ll be able to easily open a Jewelry Bar, shop for product and business tools, read the daily News from the Nest, be informed about important calendar dates and even see articles publishing regularly with the latest news. Everything you could ask for will be on one simple page!

•    MyO2 Business Dashboard—Get all the details on your month-to-date PV, O2 Team Reports, Order History, Commission Summary, and so much more in this section. You’ll have access to Standard and Advanced Reporting that will help keep you up-to-date on your business and your team.

•    Jumpstart to Owlchiever—New Designers will have the opportunity to keep track of their progress as they fly their way to Owlchiever. You can even view your $50 ($70 CAD), $100 ($140 CAD) and $150 ($210 CAD) Jumpstart Credit rewards as you earn them!


All the Resources You Need in One Place


In addition to the new Dashboard, we’ve created a “Designer Resources” landing page in the Back Office that will house all of the resources and assets to run your O2 business. From the Designer Resources page, you will find quick links to the Marketing Asset Library, Origami Owl Tools Store, O2 Academy, myO2 Rewards, Events, and Career Plan + Business Resources.

So, forget about searching around for that document you downloaded a while back; you can simply go into your Back Office, find the “Designer Resources” section, click on the “Marketing Asset Library” and choose any document or asset you need for your Jewelry Bars and team meetings. We’ve even simplified the search process by creating several sections within the “Marketing Asset Library” to help you find what you’re looking for.

Categories include:

•    Capture Every Moment—Here you will find all marketing materials for the newest, seasonal jewelry launch. This is your place for all things jewelry and collection information.
•    Career Plan + Business Resources—Need a Career Plan document? Looking for that Designer Status Change Form? O2 Bundle Flyer? Look no further! We have a special place for all those forms and documents you need when you need to look up information regarding shipping, PayQuicker accounts, Returns Policy and the fine print for most business resources. It’s your must-visit section!
•    Business—Sharing the O2 story will be a cinch with all the tools you’ll need to spread the {O2 love}. You’ll have plenty of flyers, rack cards, and even access to the Hostess Exclusive flyers so you can share with your Hostesses and customers.
•    Collections—Images and documents related to CORE™, In{script}ions™, Crystals by Swarovski®, MLB, Collegiate
•    O2 Branded—Here you will find company branded logos and letterheads to help you when reaching out to your customer base.
•    Seasonal—Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday resources


New FAQs Website Coming Soon


Have a question about your Origami Owl jewelry, a promotion or an incentive? Look no further than our new FAQs website! Starting February 4, you’ll find the new FAQs website linked in your Back Office on the top bar of the navigation. This searchable website is your go-to when you need an answer in a jiff.

So, if you want to skip the phone and try to find a quick answer, take some time to peruse the FAQs website starting February 4.

Introducing New O2 Swag + Online Origami Owl Tools Store


We are proud to announce our partnership with BC Graphics and introduce to you our brand new Origami Owl Tools Store! BC Graphics is a full service printing and promotional product agency based in Tempe, Arizona – right down the street from The Nest!

So what does this partnership mean? It means you’ll have more resources and more opportunity to purchase supplies for your O2 business. It’s the perfect way to stock up on all things O2! Much like our previous Back Office, we have constructed three places where you can order jewelry, business materials and even more awesome O2 swag.

Here’s the rundown of where you go to shop in your Back Office:

Ships from Origami Owl:

•    Product Orders—Under our Shop tab, you will find a “Product” section where you’ll be able to order your O2 jewelry only. Much like our previous Back Office, not much has changed in this section! (Ships from Origami Owl—contact Designer Care with any questions.)
•    Jewelry Bar Business Essentials—This is another section found under our Shop tab where you’ll be able to purchase Take Out Menus + Envelopes, Supplements, Take Out Boxes, Order Forms, and many more. It’s certainly the place to start if you want to have all the essentials when working your O2 business. (Ships from Origami Owl—contact Designer Care with any questions.)

Ships From Our New Partner:

table-cloth-300x300•    Origami Owl Tools Store—Because we want what’s best for our Designers, we have created the Origami Owl Tools Store where you’ll be able to purchase fresh, new business supplies and swag items (including awesome O2-branded clothing!) through our partner, BC Graphics. You’ll have endless options with our print on-demand items that will help you personalize signs and banners. It’ll be your one-stop shop for all your O2 needs. (Ships from BC Graphics—contact them with any questions by selecting the “Help” button in the top right corner of OrigamiOwlTools.com.) business-cards-2-150x150
•    Purchase Business Cards—Looking to purchase new O2 business cards? Now you can! BC Graphics has a wide variety of basic, mini or premium business cards available for just our Designers! (Ships from BC Graphics—contact them with any questions by selecting the “Help” button in the top right corner of OrigamiOwlTools.com.)


And, more good news—Our new partner also ships internationally at rates in line with ours AND you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!

During the month of February, simply use the code “OWLSHIP” on OrigamiOwlTools.com to enjoy free ground shipping only. Here’s a quick flyer with the details.

Now, we know you’re going to want to get your hands on the beautiful, new business cards for your 2016 business, so here are the shipping time frames to keep in mind:

  • Premium Business cards: 8-11 day production, 5-7 day shipping: 13-18 days
  • Standard Business cards: 4-7 day production, 5-7 day shipping: 9-14 days
  • Banners: 6-10 day production, 5-7 day shipping. 11-17 days
  • Jewelry Bar Fixtures and Apparel: 1-2 days

*International shipping times may vary significantly. When your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number for your reference.

*Shipping Times are quoted using business days- Monday – Friday

Get all the details and more about our newly revised and revamped Shop section that launches February 4 with our FAQs.

It’s a thrilling time for Origami Owl and we hope you’re excited about these upcoming enhancements.