Give Back to Your Community with a Special Sip ‘N Sparkle

Give Back to Your Community with a Special Sip ‘N Sparkle

During these times of uncertainty, now more than ever, we continue to live our mission of being a Force For Good® and creating a ripple effect of love, light and kindness in the world.

Our jewelry does something that nothing else out there does – it tells stories, it says “thank you,” it puts a smile on someone’s face {even in times of darkness}, it’s unique, customizable and personal. When you host a virtual Sip, Sparkle, Share Stories and Spread Kindness Give Back Jewelry Bar, you can give back to someone or something in your community that needs a blessing during this time.

Origami Owl® Senior Director of Field Training and Operations Dawn Campbell shared lots of helpful tips and ideas in the O2 Virtual Academy Facebook Group on Wednesday about how to make an impact and give back to your local community with a Sip ‘N Sparkle Give Back.

Today, Dawn shared more about how to have a Sip ‘N Sparkle Give Back. Watch it now and take a look at the tips and resources below.

How to Have a Sip. Sparkle. Share Stories and Spread Kindness Give Back!

Think of someone you want to support: a friend or family member who recently lost their job and is having trouble paying their bills, nurses and doctors; your child’s teacher, local first responders, restaurant or small business owners in your community – anyone who needs a simple “thank you” or a blessing in their lives right now.

Here are the tips for your virtual Sip, Sparkle, Share Stories and Spread Kindness Give Back:

  1. Find a VIP to host your virtual Sip, Sparkle, Share Stories and Spread Kindness Give Back. OR be your own VIP (Hostess)!
  2. Set a give back goal.
  3. Create a Jewelry Bar® link.
  4. Share the link with your VIP and invite others to join in.
  5. Sip, Sparkle, Share Stories and Spread Kindness during your virtual Jewelry Bar. Share stories of how each purchase can make an impact for the chosen person or organization to bless. Use the Sip, Sparkle, Share Stories and Spread Kindness Jewelry Bar outline for more ideas!
  6. At the close of the Jewelry Bar, make donation.
  7. Thank each participant for helping you to give back and joining you in being a Force For Good.

You can find all the resources you need to help you with your Sip, Sparkle, Share Stories and Spread Kindness Give Back in the O2 Virtual Academy Facebook Page in the Unit titled Fundraising and Give Back.

Here are Facebook Cover Photos:

Sip N Sparkle Facebook Cover Photo for COVID-19 fundraising

Sip N Sparkle Facebook Cover Photo for all fundraisers

Sip N Sparkle Facebook Group Photo for COVID-19 fundraising

Sip N Sparkle Facebook Group Photo for all fundraisers

Share Gifts of Kindness With Limited-Time Looks + FREE Standard Shipping

Another way to spread hope, kindness, love and inspiration is with our limited-time “Gifts of Kindness,” now available while supplies last! Featuring nine special looks curated by Origami Owl Co-Founder and CEO Chrissy Weems, you’ll find uplifting gifts that fit any gifting price point with Living Locket® sets starting at just $19 USD | $25 CAD, to exclusive Inscriptions® Bar Necklaces and Plates. This special shop is truly for you and your Customers to choose special Lockets to gift at happy price point give back to those in your community who need encouragement and kindness.

Plus, don’t forget! You and your Customer can enjoy FREE Standard Shipping on all orders over $50 USD | $65 CAD until March 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT!

Get all of the details on these “Gifts of Kindness” here.

Thank you for helping us bring hope, joy and peace to those who need it most during this difficult time. This is a way you can really make a difference in the lives of so many who need encouragement and support right now!

You’re Invited to the BIGGEST Girls’ Night In PJ Party Ever!

You’re Invited to the BIGGEST Girls’ Night In PJ Party Ever!

Are you ready for a Girls’ Night In filled with fun, inspiration, stories, giveaways and So. Much. More!?

I’m talking…the BIGGEST Virtual, Girls’ Night In, PJ Party Mankind Has Ever Seen!

Seriously, let’s break a Guinness World Record!

Put on your favorite pair of pajamas (we may have a contest, hint hint!), grab some snacks and drinks, and join Origami Owl Co-Founders and party hosts Bella Weems-Lambert and Chrissy Weems {along with a few very special guests!} this Friday, March 20 at 8 p.m. CT on the official Origami Owl Facebook page.

Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation! We can have FUN wherever we are and heck, everyone is home right now anyway, right?? A quick IMPORTANT note: This is not a sales-y event! We are going to be focused solely on kindness, love, togetherness and FUN! Be sure to invite your Customers and VIPs and let them know that, too.

Here’s the event link:

Share the above link with your team members, Customers, friends, family – anyone who needs some human connection and a night of light-heartedness.

We’ve added a social media image to your My O2 Connection app to start sharing with everyone you know. You can also download the image here.

This party truly is for EVERYONE – and it’s going to be AMAZING!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Coming April 2020: NEW! Petite Gold Black Enamel Heart Living Locket Set

Coming April 2020: NEW! Petite Gold Black Enamel Heart Living Locket Set

Available for VIPs starting April 1, 2020

Meet the new VIP Exclusive look arriving April 2020!

This look features adorable, black enamel hearts and is so delicate and detailed. Plus, its matching Stud Earrings and Bangle are perfect to complement any ensemble. This exclusive look also looks beautiful layered with Empowerment Collection pieces!

Watch as Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert reveals the NEW! VIP Exclusive look coming to the VIP Exclusive Shop this April through June!

Watch the reveal here:

And, if you generated 100 PV in February, you’ll be receiving an email shortly with instructions on how you can purchase this look in your Back Office for only $35 USD | $45 CAD, plus tax with FREE standard shipping, starting today, Wednesday, March 18 at 5 p.m. CT through March 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. CT. It’s a great way to be able to wear the VIP Exclusive and encourage others to Host a Jewelry Bar with you so they can earn it for free or at a discount. It’s the only way they can get it!

If you believe you should have received the email and didn’t, please email

VIP Exclusive Details:

The VIP Exclusive look features a Petite Gold Twist Living Locket with a Sparkle Face, Mini Black Color-Plated Heart Charm, 16-19″ Gold and Black Enamel Heart Station Chain, Gold + Black Enamel Hearts Bangle and Gold + Black Enamel Hearts Stud Earrings.

Retail Value: $102 USD | $131 CAD

Read the FAQs for more details.

Marketing Materials

  • One social image to your My O2 Connection app and the desktop version of the app under “Monthly Exclusives.”
  • Updated VIP Exclusive Shop flyer to your My O2 Connection app and Designer Resource Library in your Back Office.

This exclusive look will be available in the VIP Exclusive Shop for Jewelry Bar VIPs* starting April 1, 2020, while supplies last.

*Earn for free, or a discount, with a qualifying Jewelry Bar. Available while supplies last. Substitutions may apply.

Carpool Recognition: St. Patrick’s Day Trivia with Shawn + Tyson

Carpool Recognition: St. Patrick’s Day Trivia with Shawn + Tyson

En Español

Congratulations to our OWL-mazing Designers on their incredible achievements in February! From rank advancements, top achievers, myO2 rewards earners and more, we’re thrilled to recognize you for all your hard work!

Watch as Origami Owl Co-Founders Shawn Maxwell and Tyson Basha recognize YOU for your OWL-mazing achievements in February and play St. Patrick’s Day trivia with Nest team members!

Designer Spotlight: Aida Schwartz, Senior Team Leader

  • Started O2 Journey: December 2019 – In February, Aida quadruple promoted from Designer to Senior Team Leader, generated 697 PV and sponsored two New Designers who both generated 100 PV!
  • Home State: Florida
  • O2 Business: Works her business part time. By day is an RN. By night is a Designer. “Origami Owl is always with me on my cell phone, lanyard and the Necklace or Locket I’m wearing for the day.”

“My goals change from week to week,” shares Aida. “My first month, I concentrated on getting one new VIP member a day. Month two, I decided to do at least one party and one event, and both went well! This month, I am focusing on trying to find a new way to find new Customers and decided to try a bridal avenue. I am reaching out to wedding planners, photographers and florists to see if they could mention my flyers to their brides. I also decided to do two parties this month and continue to get more VIPs. I also have the best Mentor, Senior Team Manager Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, who is constantly teaching and helping me.”

Tips for Success

“Get out there and talk to the person next to you at your local grocery store, pharmacy, hair salon, etc.,” says Aida. “Carry pictures in your purse, and Take Out Menus and Lookbooks in your car, because you never know when that conversation will yield a sale. Find humor and make someone laugh. The minute someone laughs with you is the minute you made a new friend. I always say I have never met a stranger I didn’t like and I don’t believe in strangers – just friends I haven’t me yet! Just love what you do; never force a sale. I tell my friends I only want you to buy if you really love it. I will love you either way. Lastly, never be scared of failure; failure teaches you what doesn’t work, so that one day it will.”

Whooo Promoted Up in February

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in February.

Senior Designer: 46

Executive Designer: 12

Team Leader: 3

Senior Team Leader: 2

February Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 3 in Personal Sales

  1. Colleen Evans, Senior Team Leader – 4,402 PV
  2. Karla + Sara Hemingway, Senior Team Leader – 3,813 PV
  3. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader – 3,117 PV

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Courtney Butler, Senior Director – 3 Personally Sponsored Designers – 1,519 PV
  2. Mamie Miller, Director – 3 Personally Sponsored Designers – 1,020 PV
  3. Denise + Katelynn Caldera, Executive Team Leader – 3 Personally Sponsored Designers – 257 PV

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Breanna Johnson, Senior Director – 1 Team Leader –  2,516 PV
  2. Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Senior Team Manager  –  1 Team Leader – 1,171 PV
  3. Christina Reyes, Executive Team Leader –  1 Team Leader – 501 PV

See everyone who soared to the top in personal sales, personal sponsoring and developing Team Leaders in February.

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in February. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.

Ready, Set, SOAR!

Congratulations to these 196 OWL-mazing New Designers who generated 250 PV or more, personally sponsored a new team member or promoted up to Team Leader during their Ready, Set, SOAR! qualification period!

You Matter Rewards Program

  • 100 PV = 500 pts = 3,077 Designers
  • 250 PV = 1,000 pts = 1,333 Designers
  • 500 PV = 1,500 pts = 419 Designers
  • 750 PV = 2,000 pts = 109 Designers
  • 1,000 PV = 2,500 pts = 87 Designers
  • 1,500 PV = 3,000 pts = 30 Designers
  • 2,500 PV+ = 3,500 pts = 16 Designers

Note: The above numbers for You Matter Rewards are correct for each level. The numbers read in the video for 1,000 PV and 1,500 PV were incorrect.

New Designer Spotlight: Look Whooo’s Thriving in Their First 6 Months!

New Designer Spotlight: Look Whooo’s Thriving in Their First 6 Months!

En Español

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their O2 businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start! Plus, congratulations to the New Designers who joined in February and earned an exclusive Necklace!

*To be considered a New Designer, the Designer must be in their first six months.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top in Personal Sales*

Terrica Johnson Executive Designer 8106
Jonathan Sepeda Designer 8077
Nathalie Buchanan Designer 7447
Brenda Glenn Team Leader 7440
Audra Plummer Designer 7346
Connie Marstiller Designer 6136
Stacey Dorner Designer 5836
Chelsea Somero Senior Designer 5667
Hadassah Lafferty Senior Designer 5569
Anna Davalos Executive Team Leader 5357

*Cumulative PV in their first six months as a Designer.

Top in Personal Sponsoring**

# Sponsored Designers
Aida Schwartz Senior Team Leader 5
Tami Nickerson Team Leader 5
Anna Davalos Executive Team Leader 4
Kara Gonder Senior Team Leader 4
Jessica Wisbey Team Leader 4
Cynthia Muniz Senior Team Leader 4
Brenda Glenn Team Leader 3
Angie Davis Team Leader 3
Jill Penney Executive Designer 3

 **Cumulative # of qualified sponsored Designers in their first six months.


Double Promoted to Senior Designer
Melanie Buchanan
Sandra Garza
Terrica Johnson
Kristen Jones & Mackenzye Bailey
Richelle Magtanong
Jill & Madison Penney
Traci & Mattie Warren
Triple Promoted to Team Leader
Crystal Arroues
Shawn Crouse
Angie Davis
Robyn Garris
Brenda Glenn
Christina Ihrig
Kelli & Brynn Kienker
Tami & Perry Bell Nickerson
Jessica Wisbey
Quadruple Promoted to Senior Team Leader
Kara & Edyn Gonder
Cynthia Muniz
Aida Schwartz
Quintuple Promoted to Executive Team Leader
Anna Davalos

 ***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.

Generated 250+ PV in February

These Designers, who joined in February, generated 250 PV or more last month and have earned an exclusive Inscriptions® Silver Horizontal Bar Necklace that says, “The Best is Yet to Come” in a special font that will ONLY appears on this special piece!

250-499 PV
Amy Gee –  Mentor Hope Erbert
Ana Pena –  Mentor Sara Silva
Angie Vazquez –  Mentor Kristine Stevens
Ann-Marie, Holly & Lorelai Hum –  Mentor Angela Lamboo
Ashton Claywell –  Mentor Annette Johnson
Brooke Dalton –  Mentor Carla New
Carol Hall –  Mentor Joan Milligan
Deborah Ronchi –  Mentor Denise Curran
Holly Cooper –  Mentor Dora Mendez
Janie Garcia –  Mentor Mamie Miller
Jean Koller –  Mentor Jessica Loish
Jennifer Childers –  Mentor Courtney Butler
JoAnna Kizer –  Mentor Lora & Erin Schott
Kira Rice –  Mentor Sharon Troster
Kristin Crump – Mentor Maggie Stephens
Laura Megahan –  Mentor Sydney Collier Jones
Maricely Torres –  Mentor Keyla Torres Mateo
Marryha Foster & Julian Ragsdale –  Mentor Angelia Weinzirl
Martha & Lilah Vitton –  Mentor Tami Butcher
Mary Davidson –  Mentor Donna Gosnell
Nydia Grimaldo –  Mentor Jessica Lopez
Shalena Meade –  Mentor Michael  Archuleta
Shelley Sluder –  Mentor Carol Onkst
Tihesha & Jada Quainoo –  Mentor Kayriann S Molloy
500-749 PV
Cyomara Castilleja – Mentor Mirta Hernandez
Jenny Gibbs –  Mentor Valerie San Nicolas
LaKosha Evans –  Mentor Jamie Hardy
Michael Bastys – Mentor Katie Allen
1,000-1,499 PV
Alexis Ibarra – Mentor Connie Villalobos