December LIVE @ The Nest with Co-Founder Tyson Basha (And Shawn…Kinda)

December LIVE @ The Nest with Co-Founder Tyson Basha (And Shawn…Kinda)

Origami Owl Co-Founder Tyson Basha hosted the latest LIVE @ The Nest recognition…and Co-Founder Shawn Maxwell *kinda* joined him!

Technology wasn’t our friend, but Shawn joined in to recognize you from the comments of our December recognition. Tyson did his best to pronounce your names and recognize YOU for your exceptional achievements in December.

Watch Tyson share it in the O2 Designer News from the Nest Facebook group here:

Whooo Promoted Up in December

Check out the Designers who promoted up to a new, {sparkly} title in December.

December Top Achievers + Rank Advancers

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Sandy Daly, Team Manager
  2. Kandice Astamendi, Senior Team Manager
  3. Melissa Flax Maher, Director
  4. Sandi-Rose Smith, Director
  5. Rhonda Regan, Designer
  6. Jessica Steiner, Senior Team Manager
  7. Robyn Torres, Field Vice President
  8. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader
  9. Erica To, Designer
  10. Kasandra Tucci, Executive Team Leader

Top 3 in Personal Sponsoring*

  1. Robyn Torres, Field Vice President
  2. Lora & Erin Schott, Senior Director
  3. Erin Zapata, Senior Director

Top 3 in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Randy Mellon, Director
  2. Zoe Vincent, Executive Team Leader
  3. Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Director

*Please note, these Personally Sponsored Designers were Active and earned at least 75 PV or more in December. Annies are not counted toward this number. An Annie is an Independent Designer who enrolls without a Sponsor or Mentor.

December New Designer Spotlight

December New Designer Spotlight

We love celebrating new family members – and our New Designers are crushing it in their first six months! Keep reading to celebrate the successes of our New Designers who are promoting to new recognition levels and achieving big milestones, like 250 PV in their first two months.

We’re proud to recognize one of our newest Designers, Anna Cameron, who’s quickly risen to the recognition rank of Senior Team Leader. She says her Origami Owl business has been “a light” she desperately needed.

Meet Anna Cameron

Anna Cameron wasn’t looking for a business when she decided to host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar in October of 2020. She quickly fell in love with the Living Lockets, and when she heard there was a business opportunity, “I took a leap of faith!”

The stay-at-home-mom of two young girls admits she was stressed about her family’s finances. Her youngest daughter “is medically complex and requires a lot of care…my family has been under immense pressure trying to figure out how to pay for the therapies and services our youngest daughter needs.”

In just two months with her Origami Owl business, Anna says she’s been able to cover two months of those therapy services!

“I love being able to provide for my kids while (being) at home,” Anna of California shares.

“This business has given me a glimmer of hope.”

Anna quickly advanced to Team Leader in November and then Senior Team Leader in December. She credits her Mentors for their guidance and encouragement.

“I think just sharing my excitement and being genuine sparked interest in others,” says Anna. “Being consistent and committing to making a few posts a day seems to be the best way to reach people in today’s times.”

Anna emphasizes, “I know everyone has financial burdens and personal struggles in life, but I truly cannot explain what jumping into this journey has done for me. I spent the first two years of my youngest daughters life fighting to keep her alive. I was told multiple times that she would not make it and I was dragging out the inevitable. I slept in a chair next to her ICU bed. I lost my job. I lost friends because my life was a lot. I lost myself. Today, my daughter is thriving and finding her way… and I am, too. Origami Owl gave me friends, a community, accomplishments, self worth, and so much more. To some it might be just a business, but to me, it’s a light I desperately needed.

New Designer Results in Their First Six Months with O2

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their O2 businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start!

*To be considered a New Designer, the Designer must be in their first six months.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Erica To & Tiffany To Lee, Designer
  2. Rhonda Regan, Designer
  3. Michelle Senton, Team Leader
  4. Kelly Novia-Crowe, Senior Designer
  5. Deserie & Caidense Bohl, Executive Designer
  6. Noelia Rodriguez, Executive Designer
  7. Christina & Grace Davidson, Executive Designer
  8. Stephanie Gilderman, Executive Designer
  9. Betty Perry, Team Leader
  10. Liz Thayer, Senior Team Leader

Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring (in ABC order)

  1. Angela & Christopher Minutillo, Executive Team Leader
  2. Arely Lugo & Maddalyn Peña, Team Manager
  3. Carolina Jardim, Senior Team Leader
  4. Fabiola Barada, Senior Team Leader
  5. Imelda & Melody Isell Lozano, Estrella Ruby Torres & Miley Isabella, Senior Team Leader
  6. Keelan Predmore, Executive Team Leader
  7. Liz Thayer, Senior Team Leader
  8. Nathalia Oliveira da Silva, Executive Team Leader
  9. Robin Stoy, Senior Team Leader
  10. Vanessa Gonzalez, Executive Team Leader


Senior Designers

Alejandra Gonzalez

Alexis Johnson

Alicia Moran

Alicia Harper

Alyssa Rodriquez

Amanda Dannhardt

Amanda & Ava De La Cruz

Amanda Brilinski

Amber Cano Gonzales

Amy & Caitlin Stout

Amy & Brianna Gillespie

Andrea Da Prato

Andrea Ritchey

Andrea Noelani DeVincent

Angela Sandoval

Anita Danelian

Annie Lankford

Arelis Rodriguez & Marcos G. Rodriguez

Ashleigh Patterson

Ashley Mercer

Ashley Hale

Aubrey Roeder

Audrey Denise Bauer

Barbara Vorel

Bettyann Vaughan & Taylar Hollifield

Bianca & Addison Gonzalez

Brooke Smith

Candice Luis

Carmen Flores

Caroline Powell

Carrie Fleming

Cassandra Delgado

Cassandra & Meredith Creyer

Cassy Gallegos

Cathy Gonzalez

Celene Luna

Chasity & Phoebe Brunet

Cherokee Sweet

Christina Johnson

Christine Schloesser

Claudia Martinez

Colleen Culleiton

Corina Frias

Cynthia Schultz

Danielle Soine

Dayna Marie Munoz

Debbie Bowman

Deborah Lafayette

Deira Valadez-Soon

Diana & Laurie Nicole Sanchez

Diana Saunders

Dyanna Gibson

Edith Estrada

Eileen Purcell

Emily Strahan

Erika Gurk

Erin Hedenland

Erin Haynes

Esther Galvez

Fanny Rosario

Felecia Love

Gina Stoperski

Gloria Garcia

Gwen Rivet

Havanna Oakes Watlington

Heather Ivey

Hector Rodriguez & Migdalia Concepcion

Herlyn Ferrer

Isabel Ramirez-Shrout

Jaime Hannans & Iyana Hannans

Jamie Miller & Indica Gomes

Jamie Aigler

Janelle Stratton

Jennifer Drennen

Jennifer Jacoby

Jennifer Winters

Joann Pantoja Santiago

Joelle Bell

Josephine Sena

Joyous Noel Soto

Juana Diaz

Karen & Bobbie Dobesh

Karen Ciccotelli

Karen Reilly

Kasie LaBine

Katherine Garcia

Katie Bell

Kelley & Abbigail Sawyer & Declan Woodfin

Kelly McIntosh

Kelly Novia-Crowe

Kelly Majewski

Kelly Borg

Kelly Drouillard

Kerry Cowen

Kimberly Lyerly

Kristi Carlson & Lexis Shepard

Kristin Prickett

Kristina Marquez

Kristy Boyd

LaKieta & Isabelle Moreau

Lara Truskowski

Larissa Recendez

Laura Madrigal

Lauren Treat

Leah King

Leigh-Ann Worrall

Leticia Rivera

Lileana Mireles Rodriguez

Lindsay & Tristan Pack

Lindsey Casper

Lisa & Quinlyn Hoover

Lisa Burkey Roti

Lisa Snyder

Liz Vandenheuvel

Loretta Riddle

Maria Capola

Maria Guerrero

Marian Campoy

Marie Morales

Marisol Osuna

Mayte Lozano

Megan Loughner

Melanie Alexander

Melinda Cartright

Michelle Pineda

Michelle Jarrell

Montana Peters

Morgan Creel

Nadia Krantz

Nancy Margolese-smith

Natalie Emanuele

Nicole Morro

Nicole Uhrinyak

Noemi Aguilar

Norma Perez

Olinda Luna

Rachel Morton

Renee Lundberg

Richelle Anderson

Rina Bertka

Rosanna Gonzalez

Rosemary Rodriguez

Rosemary Gomez

Ryan Schnider

Sabrina Stewart

Samantha Reed

Sarah Virgen

Shayla Clark

Stacy & Brooke Hood

Stella Patrick

Stephanie Green

Steven Jones

Summer Kervin

Susan Wintringham & Ally Miller-Wintringham

Tamara Jones

Tawnya Glenn

Teresa Wollam

Terri Lynn Chin

Terry Miller

Tiffany Mercer & Hailey Hudgins

Tiffany Schaadt

Tiffany Wilson

Tina Cozzini

Toni DiCataldo

Tori Cowden

Trinity Leslie

Trisha Boyington

Valerie Garza

Vanessa Gonzalez

Venessa Ventura

Veronica Anahi Arias

Victoria & Alyssa Rosas

Victoria & Reyna Ochoa & Hailey Lopez

Victoria Villa

Wende Goode

Wendy Jodice

Yazmin Ijeoma

Yessica Prida

Executive Designers

Aime Ramos

Amanda & Trinity Heflin

Amanda Burget

Antonia & Nicimily Cader

Brianna Standen

Christina & Gracie Davidson

Deserie & Caidense Bohl

Emily Tharp

Jessica Beseth

Joycedein Jones

Judy Bush

Julie Bond

Justine & Madelyn Maloney

Lauren & Aydin Fitch

Maria Vickers

Marlene Aréchiga

Mayra Robles

Monica Ruiz

Natalie Ayala

Noelia Rodriguez

Queena Wilson

Rose Davis & Dominick Campbell

Sarah Roth

Stephanie Bernal

Stephanie Gilderman

Susan Jaworski

Tammy Higuera

Yvette Sepulveda

Team Leaders

Ashley Gonzales & Kayden Carranza

Betty Perry

Blanca Castillo

Cindy Carver

Darlene Post

Farrah Cuellar

Jessica Marino

Ketsodalack Alyssa & Kara Joske

Luisana Leos-Hernandez & Ana Isabella Leos

Marla Smith

Marsha Medrano Garza

Maureen Chuck Frear, Justin & Rebecca Frear

Mayra Valdez

Megan Majors

Michelle Senton

Sarah Daniels

Stefanie Lebron

Taylor Hughes

Tiffany Hearn

Vanessa Velador

Senior Team Leaders

Anna Cameron

Carolina Jardim

Consuelo Rodriguez

Danielle Oakman

Debra Wilhelm Riedel

Edith & Crystal Carreras

Erikah Bahret

Fabiola Barada

Imelda, Miley Isabella & Melody Isell Lozano & Estrella Ruby Torres

Janice Luper

Jessica Treto

Kayla Quintanilla

Liz Thayer

Melody & Fatima Zapata & Evan Castillo

Robin Stoy

Shea McClure

Executive Team Leader

Angela & Christopher Minutillo

Keelan Predmore

Nathalia Oliveira da Silva

Vanessa Gonzalez

Team Managers

Arely Lugo & Maddalyn Peña


***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.

Generated 250+ PV in December

Amanda Hykin

Amanda Judge

Amie Sue Medrano

Andrea Gomez

Angela McMillan

Anna Hays

Brenda Bauer

Brenda Hendrickson

Celeste Voss

Christina Rodriguez

christine rhodes

Colleen Wurster

Collene Nelsen

Cynthia Hiatt

dana weiss

Darla Buechner

Elane Rocha Nogueira

Emily Hood

Fernanda Rosa

Ghia Santaliz

Jamie Miller

Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Pille

Joann Stempke

Judy Huynh

Karen Poole

Karen Harris

Kathie Churchill

Laura Ruelas

Linda Gomez

Lindsey Tillett

Lisa Lorenzen

Lisseth Dominguez

Lizette Chavira

Maribel Ramos

Maricela Mendoza

Melanie Fisher

Nicole Flores

Regina Robbs

Sabrina King

Sarah Kidd

Susan Toy

Suzanne Straub

Tamara Johnson

Tammy Burris

Tanya Jewett

Thalita Mullins

Tracy Hartlage

FREE My O2 Connection App Training: January 20 @ 6 p.m. CT

FREE My O2 Connection App Training: January 20 @ 6 p.m. CT

Reserve your spot + Save the Date

It’s a NEW YEAR and we know we’ve welcomed so many New Designers to the Origami Owl® family. So what does that mean?

My O2 Connection App 101 training time!

Join Director of Field Marketing and Communications and special guest JJ Oswald, Sr. VP of Sales at Verb Technologies on Wednesday, January 20 at 6 p.m. CT to learn more about the DAILY ACTIVITIES you should be doing inside of the MyO2Connection App to reach your Customers and share Origami Owl’s meaningful jewelry and business.

Join us LIVE to learn more about:

  • 1 to 1 Sharing
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • How to Use the Feed to Follow Up
  • More!

Reserve your spot and join the FREE Zoom that will be about an hour long. We’ll also have a Q&A time, so if you have a question, feel free to bring it!

My O2 Connection App 101 Training

WHEN: Wednesday, January 20 @ 6 p.m. CT

WHERE: Zoom – RSVP here:

Here’s an image you can share with your team.

Congratulations, New O2 Coastal Vacay Earners!

Congratulations, New O2 Coastal Vacay Earners!

Incentive qualification period August 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021

We’re now over halfway through our O2 Coastal Vacay qualification period – are you joining us in pristine Clearwater, Florida this summer for a free beach vacay?

Designers who help New Designers start their Origami Owl businesses while also generating Personal Volume during the O2 Coastal Vacay qualification period are racking up Points to earn a trip for 1 or even a trip for 2 for a sandy beach-filled vacation in sunny Florida June 24-28, 2021!

Congratulations for those who have already earned the Trip for 1 or Trip for 2, and those on track to earning it!

Plus, keep reading for stories and tips from two Designers who’ve earned a Trip for 2 in our O2 Coastal Vacay incentive.

Coastal Vacay Trip Earners in December

Trip for One – Needs 20,000 points

Krista Palacios

Victoria Christina Gaffud Carrion

Laura  Scheele

Janie Gomez

Melissa Davis

Michele Kehnert

Linda  Peterson

Mirta  Hernandez

Denise Curran

Mamie Miller

Sandy Gast

Lisa Weihbrecht

Jessica Steiner

Connie Villalobos

Sandra Dreier

Dawn Firstenberg

Lulu Neimeyer

Kathy Cornell

Angela Minutillo

Amanda Johnson

Trip for one with travel voucher – Needs 23,000 points

Nathalia Oliveira da Silva

Mandy Kuhnhenn

Nova Goforth

Brea DeRespini

Sharon E Penner

Carrie Titus

Tina Frey

Deserie Bohl

Rosa Santillan

Deborah Oakland

Carolina McGrath

Joan Milligan

Trip for 2 – Needs 26,000 points

Rebecca Robinson Porter

Julissa Schuster

Eloise Layton

Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Shelley Licknack

Peggy Mitrano

Amanda Bidgood

Annette Johnson

Paulina Alcaraz

Julia Lawson

Mishell Amick

Lacey Ulmer

Arely Lugo

Kandice Astamendi

Kara Gonder

Ann Barnes

Erin Fortney

Victoria Matzen

Katherine & Lupe Butterbaugh

Trip for 2 with travel voucher – Needs 31,000 points

Randy Mellon

Claudia Chavez

Courtney Butler

Hope Erbert

Patti Creel

Aimee Johnson

Karen Alaniz

Holly Corbett

Maria Navarrette

Melissa Taylor

Sandi-Rose Smith

Sandy Daly

Alba Saenz

Melissa Flax Maher

Breanna Johnson

Cailin  Bundrick

Kasandra Tucci

Tami Butcher

Erin Keene

Erin Zapata

Nancy Pye

Jessica Lopez

Renae Cruz


Abigail Covington

Adriana Newton

Alexandria Arellano

Amber Horton

Angelica Gomez

Angie Durrant

Ariana Montoya

Ashley Caven

Ashley O’Neal

Bonita Triola

Brandee Bell

Brenda Wesselink

Bridget Gray

Carole LaPorte

Carolina Aguirre

Carolina Jardim

Catherine Fakkema

Christie Nunemaker

Christina Davidson

Christina Scott

Christina Walters

Connie Felix

Cynthia Kruis

Desiree Durning

Donelle Haase

Elise Peters

Emily  Barklage

Erica To

Erika Monique Guzman

Evelyn Andrade

Fabiola Barada

Heidi Riffell Scribner

Irma Prado-Gutierrez

Jacqueline Hedges

Janet Olivieri

Jean Underfer-Babalis

Jennifer Hlad

Jennifer Jacoby

Jennifer Pavlisin Storm

Jennifer Robins

Jonathan Cornell

Jose Rios

Julie Carr

Karla Hemingway

Kate McKenzie

Kathleen Castillo

Kathy Rhodes

Kati Smith

Katie Allen

Katie DeVito

Kayla Quintanilla

Kelly Novia-Crowe

Kelsey Wilkerson

Kimberly Schreiner

Kirsten Hanes

Kristine & Sydney   Stevens

Laura  Rizo

Laura  Tena

Lauren Puckett

LeahRose Gibson

Leigh Rider

Lisa Costanzo

Lisa Young

Lissette Smith

Liz Thayer

Lori Sargent

Lorri Nevil

Lynsey McCurdy

Marci Saxon

Marla Smith

Martika Prosa

Mary Beth & Gabriella Denney

Mary Grant

Mayra Robles

Melissa Brown

Melissa Castillo

Melissa Prochnow

Mia Appleyard

Michelle Senton

Mindy Cozart

Mitzel Aveytia

Monique & Emily Gonzales

Noelia Rodriguez

Penny Dietz

Rebecca Goble

Rebecca Johnson

Rhonda Regan

Robin Stoy

Robyn Torres & Angie Casarez

Sarah Maddox

Sarah Pace

Sharon Cunningham

Sharon Troster

Shea McClure

Shelley Hornak

Shelley Standen

Sheri Queen

Sonia Briseno

Stefanie Lebron

Stephanie Gilderman

Susan Watson

Tami Lakatos

Tammy Robertson

Tammy Story

Tania Scifo

Terri Vesey

Theresa Theisen

Tiffany & Jonathan Gin

Tiffany Hearn

Tina Grover

Tracy Mize

Vanessa Gonzalez

Verina Rotellini

Vicky  Rowe

They Earned a Trip for 2: Tips and Stories from Two Designers

Meet Mishell Amick + Grace Brewe

Mishell became a Designer in May of 2014 and quickly fell in love with hosting in-person Jewelry Bars to help her Customers capture their stories in meaningful Living Lockets.

Since then, she’s made it to Director and earned a spot on seven Origami Owl incentive trips, loving each one. She even had a belated honeymoon of sorts with her husband, Brian, on one of the trips to Cancún.

“He saw how genuine the founders, the management and Designers were,” Mishell recalls. “Seeing it through his eyes made me want to earn every single trip from then on. It makes me want every one of my team members to earn trips. There’s something so special, like magic in the air, when it comes to Origami Owl incentive trips.”

Then 2020 and the pandemic came around and Mishell says the shift to online-only instead of her usual, in-person events was “difficult.”

“It took me quite a while to feel comfortable with running my business solely on social media platforms,” Mishell admits. “I went into this trip with an ‘if I make it, I make it’ mentality. But then, I got ramped up again.”

So what changed the trajectory of Mishell’s business?

“Sponsoring in August,” she shares. “I love sponsoring so that other people receive the blessing of Origami Owl as I did. I got back to my roots of helping and teaching others. Earning this trip is always the icing on the cake.”

Mishell knows what it feels like to be close to earning a trip – she was only one new team member away from earning a trip to Hawaii with Origami Owl her first year.

“I was too scared to (add another team member). It hurt to see it slip away,” Mishell says. “That lit a fire in me to never miss another trip. You can do this! Even if you earn for one, you earned something amazing! Don’t give up on yourself.”

Now, Mishell is looking forward to taking her husband, Brian, to the Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Park to “experience Disney as adults and not parents!”

Meet Tina Carrion

Just seven months ago, Tina Carrion decided to give the Origami Owl business a try.

She created a Living Locket at her niece Alyssa’s Jewelry Bar just a month after her beloved father passed away. She was just seeking a little bit of sunshine. She loved her Locket, but it wasn’t until she received her kit after she joined and began looking through Charms and remembering her father that it all clicked.

As I built my Living Locket and Storyteller Living Locket Watch, “I felt he was there with me.”

The meaning she found quickly translated into love for the Origami Owl jewelry and something deeper, and she began attracting more friends and connections. Now an Executive Team Leader, Tina has earned enough Points for a Trip for 2 in the O2 Coastal Vacay incentive trip!

Here’s are the tips she shared and her excitement for this incentive trip:

O2: How do you feel about earning the trip?

TC: “I have NEVER in my dreams imagined I’d be one to earn a trip, and I’ve shared the love and interest my little 8-year-old sidekick Ka’iulani. It will be her VERY first time at Disney World…and she has ALWAYS wanted to ride in an airplane.”

O2: Have you been working towards this and if so, what did you focus on and do to achieve it:

TC: “Not at first, but…I just got lucky to have someone by my side (sponsor Christina Davidson) who just made learning easy and natural. At the end of the month, I gained more confidence and knew the incentive trip WAS after all possible. From then and leading up to this month, I just kept having fun each day with it and was excited to learn and GIVE BACK. I focused on how to be a Force For Good…then, before I knew it…we earned our trip for 1.”

O2: For those who are counting themselves out of this and feel they don’t have enough time left to achieve it, what would you say to them?

TC: “That was me just a few months ago. Don’t ever give up before you even try…you can if you want; all you gotta do is start.”



Be sure to join the O2 Coastal Vacay Facebook Group for special training from some of our earners, tips, accountability and more!

Here are all the details on the qualifications and more.

You Matter Rewards: Check Out What YOU’VE Earned

You Matter Rewards: Check Out What YOU’VE Earned

You Matter Rewards Program extended through July 31, 2021

The You Matter Rewards Program is all about giving YOU the ultimate choice on how you want to reward yourself.

Help other Designers start an Origami Owl® business on your team, generate PV each month and watch your You Matter Rewards rack up at or in the mobile app (be sure to register!).

The redemption website includes so many items to choose from.

  • Maybe you want to stockpile your Points to save up for a pricey vacuum, Apple® iPad or laptop computer.
  • Maybe you want to redeem your Points for some toys for your kids or grand-kids.
  • Maybe you’re saving up to purchase a wish list item for your significant other.

Whatever you decide, you have through June 30, 2021 to earn Points and then redeem them by July 31, 2021 – so get your plan set!

Here’s what some of you have purchased with your You Matter Rewards Points so far…

“I have to say, I’m beyond thankful for the O2 You Matter Rewards Program. With the uncertainty of 2020, it was a life saver! My husband’s been furloughed twice now, and we didn’t know how we were going to pull off our son’s birthday today and Christmas, especially after buying a house in April. But, because of the rewards, one worry was not even a worry! He wanted tools for his birthday and O2 You Matter Rewards, I swear, has everything!”

-Rebecca Johnson

“Because of Origami Owl, I was able to “purchase” this Apple Watch for FREE! Origami Owl has what they call the O2 You Matter Rewards Program. For your personal volume (percentage of sales), you get points towards the program that you can use on literally anything.I am so thankful for this company and it continues to amaze me with their love for their designers and Owlettes.”
-Mattie Warren
-Mattie Warren

“When the You Matter Rewards Program started, I had my sights set on earning a trip. COVID changed that, and I realized I really needed was a new laptop. So, after working my booty and saving my Points for the past nine months, YAY! I have enough Points and today, I will be ordering this beauty! It’s all so possible with You Matter Rewards Points; study the reward level criteria and make sure you’re maximizing (the criteria) as the Points can add up quickly!”

-Randy Silver Melon

“I am so freaking excited… I got my first of three gifts today from my You Matter Rewards Points! I can take care of my iron deficiency now! I got pellet ice! Whoop whoop!”

-Trisha Overman

“I am sooooo excited! I saved up over 65,000 You Matter Rewards Points and just purchased this awesome electric bike! I honestly can’t believe how amazing this company is that not only do we receive commission, but we also earn Points to purchase amazing products like this as well as Points towards an amazing trip! Pinch me! I can’t wait to receive it and ride it down to the beach! Thanks so much to our awesome Founders for all these incredible incentives!

-Tammy Story

“Today’s You Matter Rewards delivery! It’s like Christmas every day up in here. Now I just need Santa to send me an elf to operate it, so I don’t have to.”

-Cailin Bundrick

“I only got a small TV for me, and the rest went to my kids.”

-Lily Munoz

“Ok! I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t too sure about these YOU MATTER REWARDS, BUUUUUUUT … I must say (it’s) coming in handy for Christmas! This is only HALF OF MY ORDER! I’m still waiting on more! I was able to check off all my nieces and nephew, my brother, myself (cough cough) and my 3 kiddos all with Points!”

-Julie Schuster, Diamond Designer of the Year

“Thanks, O2, for the You Matter Rewards Program. I have wanted one of these for so long. I was going to put it on my Christmas list, but the better ones were too pricey. When scrolling through the rewards, I found this. So excited. Since COVID is so bad in my county and I am high risk, I can’t wait to use this. Not going to apologize that most of the pictures will be my grandson.”

-Amy Billings Frederich

“This Disney fan right here is SO excited about her new Minnie Mouse luggage that just arrived! I have wanted to buy it for a very long time and had no idea it was in our You Matter Rewards! Woohoo!! Thank you Origami Owl for this program!”

-Kathy Cornell

“I am loving the You Matter Rewards! My two amazing purchases for myself! These are two items on my wish list and when I saw them in the catalog, I jumped on them! Thank you (Origami Owl) for the opportunity to earn these wonderful items.”

-Kimberly Riha-Plesic

More Details on the You Matter Rewards Program

Get more details on how to earn Points and redeem your Points in this article here.