Imagine generating over 1,000 PV in your first month as an Origami Owl® Designer.

We love celebrating new O2 family members, and we have two New Designers who just achieved that OWL-mazing milestone!

Keep reading to celebrate the successes of all our New Designers who promoted to new recognition levels and achieved big things in their first six months with Origami Owl.

Meet Melissa Emschweiler, Designer

Melissa achieved 1,386 PV in her first month as a Designer!

From: York, Pennsylvania

Team Name: “I do not have a team name, but I like to call myself ladyandthefrenchie for my social media handles. It stems from my love for ©Disney and French Bulldogs. It’s a combination of (Disney’s) Lady and the Tramp and a nickname for French Bulldogs.”

Started O2 Journey: August 4, 2021

So, how did she generate over 1,000 PV in her first month as a Designer?

“I got started right away,” shares Melissa. “I made the decision instantly to become a Designer when I saw that there was a Disney Princess Collection being released. I LOVE Disney and everything that it stands for. I started sharing the products with my friends and family online right away. I have already developed a social media presence around Disney and have many friends across the country who I meet up with in the parks a couple of times a year. Sometimes, it’s just for a fun girls’ getaway, but mostly it’s for runDisney weekends. This gave me a good Customer base to begin with.”

Tips for New Designers

  1. Go Live. “I go live every morning in my VIP Facebook group before I leave for work to showcase the products I am wearing that day. I am a teacher and that is something easy for me to do even when I’m busy. I’m actually more productive when I’m on a busy, structured schedule.”
  2. Use Facebook Stories. “I started posting a Facebook story every day since I became a Designer. I never was one to use stories on a regular basis before, but I loved watching other people do it. I noticed when I started posting only about the jewelry that I didn’t get a lot of views on my stories. I could see that people would look at the first thing I posted, but then skip the rest of my story. Now, I post about my life more in my stories and every now and then post the jewelry in it. I want people to know that I’m not a pushy salesperson, but instead someone fun.”
  3. Don’t be Fearful. “You don’t have to be the sales type to do this. Smile and have fun. Talk to people about the product when they compliment your jewelry, but don’t talk too much. Listen to others and make them feel important. People will love to be around you when you’re caring and compassionate. I hope that when my Customers wear the jewelry they got from me that it will remind them of how I made them feel in the moment when they purchased it from me. Just like the Disney Princess Bangles say, ‘Dare to Dream and Have Kindness, Courage and Strength.’”


Meet Arleth Loya, Designer

Arleth achieved 1,025 PV in her first month as a Designer!

From: Sunland Park, New Mexico

Team Name: Dream Team

Started O2 Journey: August 6, 2021

So, how did she generate over 1,000 PV in her first month as a Designer?

“I thought of friends and family who would wear jewelry, and I reached out to them individually,” shares Arleth. “I didn’t add them all to a group because I feel like people in groups often feel embarrassed to engage with you. When you reach out privately to them, they are more comfortable to ask questions.”

Tips for New Designers

  1. “Wear the jewelry! This jewelry is very beautiful; it sells itself and more because it’s so customizable and can have a really special meaning for everyone.”
  2. “Set your sales goal and have a positive attitude.”
  3. “Reach out to EVERYONE on your contact list.”

More New Designer Results

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on New Designers who have kick-started their Origami Owl businesses immediately in their first six months*!

From top in personal sales, top in personal sponsoring and climbing up the Career Plan, these New Designers are working hard and thriving right from the start!

*To be considered a New Designer, it must be the first six months since the Designer started their Origami Owl business.

So, here whooo’s at the top:

Top 10 in Personal Sales

  1. Nicole Ramos, Executive Team Leader
  2. Elizabeth & Lily Montes, Senior Designer
  3. Michelle Glynn, Designer
  4. Alexis Danley, Designer
  5. Monica Mendoza, Senior Designer
  6. Abbra Bouknight, Designer
  7. Noemi Kleine, Team Leader
  8. Karen Johnson, Senior Designer
  9. Alicia Baca, Designer
  10. Lisa Lambert, Designer

Top 10 in Personal Sponsoring (in ABC order)

  1. Jessica Lynn Bradley, Senior Team Manager
  2. Wendy K Emerson, Designer
  3. Susan Eves, Senior Team Leader
  4. Melissa Fargnoli, Executive Team Leader
  5. Ashley Key, Senior Team Leader
  6. Ada Kinslow, Senior Team Leader
  7. Tanya Macchi, Team Leader
  8. Teresa Markray, Senior Team Leader
  9. Devina Ortega, Executive Team Leader
  10. Kimberly Valentin, Senior Designer


Senior Designers

Alma Aguero

Mary Baut

Melissa, Claire & Ava Britt

Amanda Burt

Christina Bzoski & Shiela Spurlock

Linda Jean Carroll

Edica Casanova

kaitlin Cohen

Blanca Corrales

Linda Cota

Sara Deines

Becky Demmel

Avonlea DeVincentis

Regina Duran & Luna Isabella Perea

Christina Fischer

Claudia & Carla Masiela Gomez

Barbara Gordon

Dawn M Gudat

Tessa Hartert

Tammy Haugabrook

Alana Hellyer

Tanya Hopkins

Susan Jarrett

Karen Johnson

Chairdie Lawyer Julieanne Kubala

Jen Lepard

Helen Loven Swenor

Mollie Makay

Monica Mendoza

Agustina Molina

Elizabeth & Lily Montes

Emerald Moore

Gabriela Mora

Jessica Morales

Johana Munoz

MaryAnn Niemi

Deb ODonoghue

Tara Parr

Elizabeth Shelton

Laurel Sterling

Della Valerie Toral

Kimberly Valentin

Kayla Younger

Executive Designers

Anneke Lee Beaulieu

Keana Burciaga

Kandle Davies

Daniel & Naomi Kruse

Javier Rios

Team Leaders

Maria & Matilda Gonzalez

Madeleine Johnston

Noemi Kleine

Tanya Macchi

Jamie Thomas

Anna Treuting & Victoria Smith

Judy Westen

Angie White

Crystal White

Senior Team Leaders

Susan Eves

Stephanie Gibbs & Haylee Doyle

Ashley Key

Ada Kinslow

Teresa Markray

Michelle Nguyen

Rebecca Ortega

Executive Team Leaders

Melissa & Gabriel Fargnoli

Devina Ortega

Nicole Ramos

Senior Team Managers

Jessica Lynn Bradley & Eliza-Jean Alice Wells

***Promotions in their first six months as a Designer.