During Pay It Forward month, we want to continue Origami Owl’s kindness movement and we know our Young Entrepreneurs can make an extraordinary impact on the lives of others.

Our April Young Entrepreneurs Program incentive is all about helping others by having a fundraiser for someone who’s in need, or a business/organization in your community. Or, both!

Earners will get an O2 Mystery Box full of items hand-selected by Origami Owl® Co-Founder Bella Weems-Lambert!

Here’s how you can earn this month’s incentive:

1. Identify a person, business, or organization you would like to help. Write down who/what business/organization you have chosen to help and brainstorm fundraising ideas.

2. Watch Senior Director of Field Operations & Training Dawn Campbell’s “Fundraising Basics” in the O2 Virtual Academy Facebook group. Get more tips here.

If you’re not part of the O2 Virtual Academy Facebook group, please join right away. There is so helpful information and learning in this group.

Scroll down to Dawn’s “Fundraising Basics” training and you’ll find all the shareable assets you’ll need to have a successful fundraiser.

3. After you’ve watched Dawn’s training, you can now start to create your plan of action, using the ideas you brainstormed. You can have one or two fundraisers – however you choose to do it!

4. Reach out to everyone you know and ask them to support your fundraiser! Don’t forget to share your goal with them. Also share, with great confidence, that you are a Young Entrepreneur. Tell them your “Why,” share our mission statement, tell them how you can make a difference together and ask them to help you reach your goal.

5. Shine bright and BELIEVE you can do it! You have a tremendous opportunity to make a big impact with your business – YOU are your most valuable asset!

Please send the following details to Owlettes@origamiowl.com by May 1:

  • Tell us about your fundraiser(s) and who you helped. Please share the impact the fundraiser made on both you and the recipient(s). Don’t forget to include how much money you raised.
  • Include your Jewelry Bar® ID(s) for the fundraiser(s).
  • Include Order Numbers that are relevant to your fundraiser(s).

Virtual Spirit Week: Monday, March 30 – Friday, April 3

Since you’re not in school to participate in Spirit Week, we’re hosting a virtual one! Make sure you’re a part of the O2 Owlettes Facebook group to participate each day!

Here’s what each day’s theme will be:

MONDAY: Crazy Hair Day – Every day is probably Crazy Hair Day right now, and we want to see yours! Show us your crazy hair by posting a photo!

TUESDAY: Vacation Vibes Day – If you could go anywhere on vacation today, where would you go? Use your imagination to think about your dream vacation and pretend that you are all packed up and ready to arrive there today! Dress up like a tourist who represents your destination, or become your destination for a day! Please share in a post or video what destination you are representing and why it’s your dream vacation!

WEDNESDAY: Jammies & Jokes Day – Wear your favorite, most comfy, pajamas and share a joke to put smiles on faces today! You can post your joke or make a video of you telling it! Happy April Fools’ Day!

THURSDAY: Unsung Heroes Day – Dress like an Unsung Hero today. An Unsung Hero can be anyone you feel makes a difference in your life, the lives of your family, your community, etc. We have many Unsung Heroes working hard right now (doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, the list goes on and on). But, it could also be someone who has always been a hero in your life, like a parent, teacher, coach, friend, etc. Dress up like them, post or create a video sharing why they are an Unsung Hero in your eyes and thank them. Tagging them would be fantastic, too!

FRIDAY: Empowerment Day – Pick your favorite Origami Owl Empowerment Collection piece (Necklace, Bracelet, Ring) and share a post of you wearing it with your favorite empowering quote! Make sure to also share why you selected the beautiful piece(s) you did!

SATURDAY (Bonus Day!): Origami Owl Charm Day – Pick your all-time favorite Origami Owl Charm and dress up like it! Post or create a video sharing why it’s your favorite. Then, think about a few people who you would gift this Charm to in a Locket, and post YOURSELF on their pages telling them why you picked this Charm for them!