The votes poured in for the six deserving nominees in our annual Live Sparkly “Share the Sparkle” campaign and we are honored to share the two recipients you and your Customers chose.

Introducing our 2020 Live Sparkly campaign recipients! Watch the surprise reveal of their gifts here:

Thank you to every Designer who nominated and voted for these deserving individuals and families in our 5th annual Live Sparkly® “Share the Sparkle” campaign.

This annual campaign is one of the most important things we do to fulfill our mission to be a Force For Good® in the community, and we are grateful you’ve been with us every step of the way!

To contribute to our give back campaign, simply purchase items from the Force For Good Shop or help your Customers from that shop on your website, and when an item indicates it gives back to Live Sparkly, you’ll be supporting the campaign and our ongoing efforts to bless other people’s lives when they need it most.

This year, we expanded our annual campaign to include nominations from our Willing Beauty Advocates. Willing Beauty is part of the Origami Owl Family of Brands and is committed to also being a Force For Good through its giveback program, the Willing Hearts Project.

Here are the two stories of this year’s recipients:

New, Wheelchair-Accessible Van Will Help Single Mother Support Twins’ Special Needs

Meet Sarah, Isaac and Isabella Serna

Sarah Serna is a licensed vocational nurse with more than 20 years of experience. Just 17 years ago, she gave birth to miracle twins, weighing under two pounds each. The twins, Isaac and Isabella, were born 27 weeks premature and stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for the first three months of their lives, and have since encountered significant diagnoses: cerebral palsy, scoliosis, partial seizures, developmental delays, and blindness. Sarah, a single mother, has given up everything, including her career, to care for her teenaged twins. Until now, she was unable to take them to their appointments together because her vehicle wasn’t able to accommodate both children’s special needs. Origami Owl Designer Christina Reyes wanted to fulfill Sarah’s wish for a wheelchair accessible van so they could go to appointments and outings together as a family.

Congratulations, Serna Family!

Willing Beauty Advocate-Nominated Recipient

$6,000 Financial Gift & $6,000 Donation Will Help Ryan Fulfill Bucket List and Boost Research on His Incurable Disease

Meet Ryan Alam

Ryan is a 16-year-old who always has a smile on his face, an upbeat attitude and loves to crack jokes. Like most teenaged boys, he loves school, watching football, fishing, and cars. But Ryan is battling a rare, incurable disease called mitochondrial membrane protein-associated neurodegeneration (MPAN), which is associated with neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA). This degenerative disease is fatal, and will slowly hinder Ryan’s ability to walk, talk, and swallow. He can develop dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and a host of other issues.  Though in a wheelchair and often in therapy to combat the progression, including pain and the inability to control his muscle movements, Ryan and his family relentlessly raise awareness and money to help fund essential research at Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C. With the time Ryan has left, Willing Beauty Advocate Viki Mutarelli wanted to help him fulfill his bucket list and bless his family with many memories before he is unable to achieve his wishes. And Ryan’s wishes are BIG – like, swim with Great White Sharks, and skydive BIG!

Viki also hoped to help further support the family by providing a generous donation to an organization dedicated to the ongoing research of MPAN so other families will not have to endure this incurable disease, and we were happy to do that.

Originally slated to receive $3,000 for Ryan’s bucket list and $3,000 for a donation, the Origami Owl Co-Founders decided to DOUBLE both! We can’t wait to see Ryan’s adventures as he fulfills his bucket list with that big smile still on his face.

Congratulations, Alam Family!

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