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This is one of the BIGGEST selling seasons of the year for Origami Owl—Mother’s Day!

Our new, Limited Edition Mother’s Day Collection is now available and it’s time to spring into action and start sharing. {Here’s the big reveal if you missed it.}

Reminder: You can now purchase Mother’s Day Gift Guides for $8 USD | $10 CAD for each pack of 25 guides. You have the option to purchase a pack of 25 gift guides with your Mother’s Day Collection jewelry for a combined shipping order. If you wish to order more than one (1) pack of gift guides, we recommend ordering them through your Back Office Business Supplies section instead (add them via Quick Pad!).

Here are two Facebook cover photos you can download and use:

Also, here are FAQs you can reference for the Mother’s Day Collection.

4 Things to Do Next:

1. Don’t Settle for the Sale! Yes, you could share the Mother’s Day Collection by simply copying and pasting a link into your Facebook page, but DON’T DO IT. Take the extra step and reach out to your Customers offering them the BEST deal—an in-home or Facebook Jewelry Bar® for the best experience to create meaningful jewelry and get their gifts for FREE.

2. Check Your My O2 Connection App! If you’ve purchased your subscription in your Back Office, you have access to more than a dozen social media images, videos AND our beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Guide available right now to share! We’ve also added an easy, 1-Click email to your desktop version of your My O2 Connection app so you can send the digital version of the Mother’s Day Gift Guide directly to your Customers and Hostesses! If you don’t yet have the app, learn how you can subscribe here.

3. Listen to the April Designer Training Call. Director of Leadership Development Renee Rose and Field Trainer Abby Teet covered soooo many tips for you to help you Book, Share, Sell and Expand in April so you can truly grow your Origami Owl business using this pivotal season. My O2 Connection app subscribers can listen to it via their mobile or desktop in the Podcast section, or you can listen to the free replay by logging in to your Back Office and going to News from the Nest.

4. Encourage Shopping EARLY and Often. Our limited-edition collections have been VERY popular and while we’ve purchased to have enough jewelry to last until Mother’s Day, you never know how fast they could go. We’ve lowered initial purchase limits to keep this in check, but encourage you to tell your Customers to purchase items they really want as early as possible. Our limited edition collection is available until May 13 at 11:59 p.m. CT, but limited edition items are only while supplies last and when they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

It’s time to spring into action and make April count! If you promoted up last month, focus on your game plan and maintain your Paid As level this month so you can strengthen your team and boost your business.