Origami Owl®’s biggest event of the year – The O2 Experience – is just a few months away and there are a few things you need to remember this month if you’re planning to attend!

Traveling to Savannah, Georgia, July 25-27, this event will be PACKED with new jewelry reveals (and giveaways valued at over $250!), plus our keynote speaker, New York Times’ Bestselling Author and Speaker Rachel Hollis! The O2 Experience is the most inspiring, FUN, business conference you’ve ever attended, and you do not want to miss out! Registration and more details are always available at OrigamiOwlEvents.com.

Here are four things to remember in March:

  1. Ticket Prices Go Up After This Month. That’s right! This is the final month for regular-priced tickets. So, until March 31, you can register for just $250 USD | $325 CAD (here’s the U.S. registration chart and the CA registration chart). Payment plans will also be unavailable after March 31.
  2. You Can Join the New O2 Experience Facebook Group. Going to the event? Then join the exclusive Facebook Group so you can connect with other Designers who are attending, get the latest news and get the inside scoop on what we’re preparing for the event. Join the group here.
  3. Get On-Stage Recognition in Front of Thousands. Get your moment in the spotlight by achieving your best recognition level or one of the many other recognition categories available! Get the recognition guidelines here or on OrigamiOwlEvents.com.
  4. Events Grow Your Business. It’s true! So if you have big dreams for your business, you must attend The O2 Experience! This is the place to dig in and get tips from people who have achieved what you want to and plug into the latest training so you can grow your team and grow yourself! Here’s a peek at what it’s like to attend The O2 Experience.

How many team members can YOU encourage to join you for this incredible event? Now is the time to make the decision, commit to your O2 business and set yourself up for success for the second half of the year – also our BUSIEST time of the year (can you say, “holiday shopping”?).

Visit OrigamiOwlEvents.com to register and learn more. We can’t wait to see you!