Now, more than ever, people are looking for entertainment and FUN from home!

And, while you may not be able to go to someone’s home or an event space to share Origami Owl® in person, that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce someone to Origami Owl in a fun and personal way!

In fact, we’re hearing from MANY Designers who say more people are open and wanting to have virtual Origami Owl events with their friends and shop for gifts!

We spoke with four leaders who are sharing Origami Owl’s jewelry virtually via four key platforms.

Here are 4 Fun Ways You Can Host Virtual Events From Home:

1. Facebook Event Senior Director Melissa Davis has shifted her Sip ‘N Sparkles to Facebook online events that open for a maximum of five days with just one day for a short, live event that’s one evening for one hour.

Why does she love it? It keeps the virtual event easy, fast and fun. “Everybody can spend an hour doing something like this and I only do it at 8 o’clock or later because dinner is done, dishes are done, and kids might be going to bed…”

How do you use it? Set up a Facebook event just two days before the actual event and make your Hostess a co-host so she can invite attendees. Use features such as going Live, polls, LocketBuilder and your My O2 Connection app to share images of jewelry.

Watch her Facebook Live Event training from the O2 Designer News from the Nest Facebook Group here.

2. Zoom Executive Vice President Tami Butcher is a big fan of Zoom for its flexibility and its capacity (up to 100 people for larger online gatherings).

Why does she love it? Tami often uses the platform for her team meetings and online “community coffee chat” or “community Happy Hour” gatherings to provide her team members, friends and family with space to connect. She typically invites someone from the community to provide value – a council person or a doctor from the community to share information, for instance.

She also uses Zoom to help her new Designers host Launch Parties to get their businesses off the ground.

How do you use it? Make sure you have great lighting, solid Internet and a professional setting for your Zoom. Get familiar with the features such as group muting if you need to control the interactions. Tami recommends focusing on privacy settings to “keep the creepers out.” Try to keep the password simple and easy to remember for your guests so they don’t miss out.

3. House Party House Party is a social media app that has picked up steam in recent months. The app gives users the chance to play games and participate in quizzes with up to eight users.

Director Julie Schuster loves the app and has received a positive response from her VIPs.

Why does she love it? The app is all about having fun together, so Julie loves diving into the games and seeing everyone laughing and having a good time. It’s one big reason she prefers it over Facebook because it feels “more personal” and “they have games to pick from.”

How do you use it? You, the VIP and the Customers need to download the app in advance. Next, have the jewelry you want to showcase and any “extras” you plan to give away for Happy Mail ready to go.

Keep in mind your party’s length. “I don’t want the party to be too long because I know they’re looking forward to the games! I first start by asking the guests to introduce themselves so that I can get an idea of what they like and how they know the Party Host. I show the My First Locket, Claras (of course because they’re super sparkly and it catches their attention!), a Watch and inscriptions Bar necklace.”

4. BeLive on Facebook
Vice President Heather Hall is a BIG fan of BeLive (available at BeLive.TV) and shared her tips on the O2 Virtual Academy Facebook Group in this video.

Why does she love it? BeLive is a user-friendly, live streaming platform that lets you share graphics, videos and interact with event attendees easily. It also provides stats to tell you how well your attendees are interacting. Plus, you can invite guests to talk! So, if you want to give your Hostess an opportunity to speak to attendees, you can have her on, too!

How do you use it? Use the platform for team or Customer events in groups, pages or your profile. Simply give permission to the app in all areas to host in your preferred location.


Be sure to join the O2 Virtual Facebook Group here for more tips and training – we have exciting new Virtual Event Outlines and ideas coming soon!