Our limited-time Spring Forward incentive starts today, March 15 and, to help you extend the invitation to as many potential New Designers as possible, we asked our leaders for their top tips!

From words of encouragement to tangible steps for growing your team, here are their top 30 tips:

Marci Saxon + Rose Saxon-Housum, Owlette Team + Executive Team Leader

  1. “Expand your VIP group and strengthen relationships with existing VIPs.
  2. Hold trivia nights, Bingo and other fun activities with a focus on encouraging participation.
  3. Hold online Customer appreciation events where you give away prizes with no obligation to purchase.
  4. Do Facebook Lives in your VIP group to interact with your VIPs. Always keep the focus on your VIPs and what they need.
  5. Create personal connections with your Customers to elevate your business. They are invested in you as you’re invested in them!
  6. Host a Mega Jewelry Bar® on Facebook and provide incentives for booking parties or joining your team. It creates a true team when we all work together and it helps our New Designers stay involved.
  7. Sponsoring should never be about you or hitting a goal or title. Shift your mindset to something positive and show a willingness to help. If you’re following up with Customers, Hostesses and team members, these things will happen naturally.
  8. Share your love, your ‘why,’ and don’t be afraid to keep it real!”

Maria + Angelina Navarrette, Senior Team Manager

  1. “Believe in yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask anyone and everyone. You never know whose life you may change with this opportunity.
  2. Work your business every day. Wishing and wanting doesn’t work. Working for it does.
  3. No doesn’t mean never. Keep asking until you get a yes. Don’t be afraid of not knowing everything. It’s never too early to sponsor. If you don’t ask, it will always be a no.
  4. Expand your network. Right now, social media platforms are so important to your business. Put yourself out there.
  5. Create culture. Show people that we’re more than just jewelry. There is so much more to this business than Lockets.”

Erin Fortney, Team Manager

  1. “Don’t give up, even after you get told ‘no!’ Just keep sharing the opportunity.
  2. Don’t just share the opportunity with family, friends or Customers. Find NEW people to share it with. Get creative where you share the opportunity.
  3. Be real and authentic. When people see how passionate I am about Origami Owl, it really helps. I share why I love Origami Owl and what Origami Owl has brought me. I share about how I’ve been able to help people tell THEIR stories and how much joy it brought them. I share how, because of Origami Owl, I have been able to pay off some debt and go on trips I probably wouldn’t ever be able to afford to go on.
  4. I’ve learned people love that Origami Owl has no monthly fees and that they get a free website for people to shop from. They love knowing that they only need 150 PV in a rolling six months. They love knowing that if they just want to sign up for the Designer discount to buy for themselves they can. I originally only signed up for the discount, but then realized I could earn extra income and that I could help people share their stories through our beautiful jewelry.
  5. Sponsoring isn’t done by spamming EVERYONE. Don’t cold message. When someone comments on your post about joining, always ask them if you can message them.”

Courtney Butler, Senior Director

  1. “Openly speak about the joys you experience in your journey as an Origami Owl Designer. Take photos with team members as often as you can, even if it’s a Zoom meeting screenshot. Post about any recognition you receive for career promotions or accomplishments, etc. Friends, and those you haven’t met, often join not because they want to start a business, but because they’re looking for a place to belong, friendships, flexibility with their schedule and recognition. You’re creating desire by sharing YOUR joy and journey.
  2. Share honestly and openly, and be yourself. Don’t post or speak about what you THINK others want to hear. Those who follow you will do so because you’re YOU and because they find value in what you share as a Designer and friend. Open your heart to those around you, and genuinely be a kind human with zero expectations in return.
  3. Take yourself completely out of the equation. Offering the gift of Origami Owl to a friend, family member or Customer is just that, a GIFT. It’s not about you, your team or how they will benefit you, but how Origami Owl can enhance THEIR life. Would they enjoy a place to belong? New friends? The chance to be a Force For Good® in their community? A 24/7 Designer discount on their favorite pieces for themselves, friends and family? The means to show their son or daughter (niece or nephew, etc.) what it means to be a Young Entrepreneur and the value of a dollar? What can Origami Owl do to enrich their life?
  4. Be careful not to OVERSHARE. It’s exciting (and can be a bit anxiety-filled) to share the opportunity, right? We can often blurt out the perks of being a Designer SO QUICKLY that someone potentially thinking about it can be scared away (word vomiting is real). There’s no need to overshare, talk about PV and all the rewards that can be earned ALL AT ONCE. Listen first to what they’re saying. Be thoughtful with your answers. New Designers need time to digest (think about how you felt as a New Designer). What were you most anxious about? What might have calmed your fears? Listen more; speak less.
  5. While there is no verbiage I can truly share to help with sponsoring (each conversation is as unique as each person), having an open conversation with a friend who truly adores Origami Owl can start with a question as simple as, ‘You’re genuinely wonderful at creating stories. Have you ever thought about becoming a Designer?’ That one little question can open a window of opportunity. Although they may not join right away, you’ve at least planted the seed and opened the conversation up for another time. Be patient. Cultivating relationships is what we do best.”

Melissa Davis, Senior Director

  1. “Be authentic! Don’t try to be someone you are not to impress others; it’s important to be who you are and build trust with every person you meet!
  2. How you show up matters! Be present and have a presence on social media, your team pages and in your VIP groups. If you’re not present, you can’t expect anyone to trust that you will be there for them later on.
  3. Show up and be passionate about who you are and what you do. Show off your crazy life! People want to be around other people who are happy, excited, real and relatable.
  4. Give value. It’s not always about jewelry. You have to show MORE than your product. When you are consistent on social media and you are personal, who are you? What does Origami Owl do for you? What is your lifestyle? Stay-at-home mom? Perfect! Show off your chaotic morning with coffee, kids, laundry and life. Work-at-home mama? Show it off! Show glimpses on your social stories and posts and give everyone those behind-the-scenes looks of your life. When you build their trust, they’ll want to follow along with you to see what happens next. It’s never too late to start doing this! We are in the business of people, building relationships and being social.
  5. It’s your job to pour the coffee; it’s their job to drink it. Some will; some won’t. It’s just your job to pour it and offer it. But, if you don’t offer it, you will never know who is going to accept that cup from you and drink it.
  6. Never make a decision for the other party. If you have a relationship with someone, and they are on your list of contacts about our incredible Origami Owl family, don’t ever discriminate against who you offer this opportunity to. That same person could say yes to someone else later on, all because you never poured that cup of coffee. Remember: It’s not about you! It’s about their wants and needs!
  7. Mindset matters. Attention goes where energy flows. You attract what you put out there, so, wake up with a grateful heart, give thanks and always keep moving forward. Be intentional about the energy you give off. Now, more than ever, people want to surround themselves with light, love and good energy!”

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