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Free trip. Costa Rica. You.CAN.Do.This.

The O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica incentive trip qualification just started a month ago and we love seeing Designers already earning the trip!

Remember, you earn 1 Point for every PV you generate during the incentive period! You need to earn 4,000 Points from your Personal PV, so make sure to keep that in mind!

With the Holiday 2019 Collection right around the corner and so many incredible collections released recently (The Fall/Winter 2019 Collection, The Bridal Collection, Harvest Collection and Halloween Collection!), you have PLENTY of ways to generate PV.

And, don’t forget – generating PV comes from SALES, and when you make SALES, you earn COMMISSION on each order. That means earning extra holiday cash just for going after your goals!

Okay, here are 3 tips for earning a FREE Trip to Costa Rica:

  1. Join the Costa Rica: O2 Adventure 2020 Facebook Group and plug into training! Our leaders are always popping by to share their strategies for maximizing your point-earning potential, so you never know what helpful details may be shared. Join the group here.
  2. Watch this video training from Senior Director Erin Zapata. Erin is a BOSS when it comes to earning incentive trips with Origami Owl and she shared her tips and strategies for generating tons of PV (and Points!) for this tropical trip. Watch it now.
  3. Focus on your Costa Rica Tracker. Post this in your bathroom; on your fridge – anywhere you will see it all the time. Consider what you can do TODAY to reach out to someone who needs a gift idea or a way to earn extra holiday cash to take care of the bills or holiday gift list. Download and print the tracker by logging into your Back Office and going to Designer Resources > Designer Resource Library > Trackers.

Learn more about the O2 Adventure 2020: Costa Rica trip here. Stay tuned for The Hoot recognition email later this month to see who’s earned it and get more tips!