We recognized so many Designers during our first-ever virtual “Stronger Together” O2 Experience for their OWL-mazing achievements, and we’re thrilled to share it with you, too!

In addition to our Parliament members, Strong Together Award recipients and Young Entrepreneur award earners, we recognized many Designers for advancing in rank, achieving consistent Personal Volume (PV) for 12 consecutive months, and Designers who achieved the top three in personal sales, personal sponsoring and developing Team Leaders.

Congratulations to all the Designers below for their incredible achievements!

Top 3 Overall in Personal Sales

  1. Nova Goforth, Executive Team Leader – 74,804 PV

    “To be very honest, I am not sure where I would be without Origami Owl jewelry. You hear stories about ‘life changing’ decisions, and this was one of them for me. Sales was nothing I had ever dreamed I would be good at, but I do love to talk and our jewelry is amazing. A match made in heaven for me. When my name was announced, I cheered and my husband came out and gave me the biggest hug. He is my No. 1 fan, and I couldn’t do this without him. I celebrated with my Customers because they are the reason I am here. I make every day all about them.”

  2. Karla Hemingway, Senior Team Leader – 42,088 PV

    “I am honored to be No. 2 in Personal Sales. Touch your business every day. Don’t follow the crowd. Find your own way of running your business. Wear your Lockets every day and reach out to past Customers to create a rapport with them.”

  3. Aimee Johnson, Senior Director – 42,032 PV

    “My motto has always been ‘If you share something you’re passionate about, it’s not really selling.’ I think when you simply SHARE what we have to offer – in a sincere, honest, loving way – then the process is much easier. DON’T ‘sell’ to people. Show an interest in them, learn about WHO they are and what’s important to them, and then share recommendations. No pressure, no tricks, no used-car-salesman approach; just simple CONNECTION. I’m honored to earn No. 3 in sales in the company – I truly had no idea I was that high!”

Top 3 Overall in Personal Sponsoring

  1. Breanna Johnson, Senior Director – 36 Qualified New Designers

    “I believe that when you are truly passionate about something, and you love what you do, it shines through your actions and leads you to success! My passion for helping others tell their stories, getting to know them and building genuine relationships is what I believe has brought me to the success I have found with Origami Owl. I tell my team to ‘Dream BIG + Always Smile!’ and to truly love what you do and have fun. People want to be around others who make them happy – it’s that simple! Working with intention, planning in advance, and being present in each and every moment has made a drastic increase in my sales, sponsoring and consistency! I absolutely LOVE everything about my job with Origami Owl, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Always believe in yourself and never give up.”

  2. Aimee Johnson, Director – 35 Qualified New Designers

    “I think everyone I know (aside from my husband) has been asked if they want to learn more about joining Origami Owl at one time or another! You just never know who’s watching and WAITING to be asked! A lot of people are curious but afraid to take that first step – when YOU approach first, you take that pressure off. Do not make assumptions; offer the opportunity to EVERYONE. It’s a numbers game friends – the more you ask, the more likely you are to get YESES. I’m respectful of the NOs, but have been VERY surprised by some of the Yeses, too! I will NEVER stop offering the gift of Origami Owl!”

  3. Alba Saenz, Director – 30 Qualified New Designers

    “Achieving No. 3 in Personal Sponsoring, to me, means that I have helped empower more women to see potential within themselves and helped them see everything Origami Owl has to offer.”

Top 3 Overall in Developing Team Leaders

  1. Alba Saenz, Director – 9 Team Leaders

    “Achieving No. 1 in Developing Team Leaders for the second year in a row seems surreal. It truly is amazing to help other women achieve their goals and see them prosper in their business. We are a team and seeing them succeed makes me smile.”

  1. Tatiana Quattrone Lessa, Director – 9 Team Leaders

    “Here is a quote I love: ‘Don’t give to get. Give to inspire others to give.’ My priority while developing leaders is always to gain their trust first; to make sure they feel that they belong somewhere, and that they are heard and appreciated. Then, I show them the next step, the next promotion (always starting from Senior Designer). It’s amazing how excited they get with the first promotion. Explaining step-by-step what their next promotion is makes it easier, so they know where to go next, especially in the beginning while everything is so new and overwhelming. Our monthly challenges help a lot to keep the motivation going. Consistency is the key!”

    3. Julie Schuster, Director – 9 Team Leaders

    “As soon as I joined Origami Owl, it became clear that I had found my new passion. I love the way that the organization encourages team-building and empowers everybody to be their best. This past year, I devoted as much time as humanly possible to building my team and making sure they had everything they needed to be successful on their Origami journey. My success this year has been largely in part to the team under me. I saw very quickly how important everybody was, from the newest girls on my team, to those who have been with me from the start. I make it a point to show those on my team how important they are by sending out happy mail and words of encouragement whenever possible. You have to be excited for EVERY SINGLE NEW DESIGNER who is sponsoring and building their team! Being their cheerleader is going to also help you be successful. Make sure to let them know what the perks of being a leader are! They earn more commission, bonuses, recognition and some extra HAPPY MAIL from me!”

Top in Personal Sales by Rank

Designer/Senior Designer/Executive Designer: Sharon Troster – 32,947 PV
Team Leader: Leigh Rider – 23,037 PV
Senior Team Leader: Karla Hemingway – 42,088 PV
Executive Team Leader: Nova Goforth – 74,804 PV
Team Manager: Sandy Daly – 29,362 PV
Senior Team Manager: Kandice Astamendi – 40,968 PV
Executive Team Manager: Eloise Layton – 21,579 PV
Director: Sandi-Rose Smith – 39,852 PV
Senior Director: Aimee Johnson – 42,032 PV
Executive Director: Emily Allison – 20,021 PV
Field Vice President: Heather & Gregory Hall – 12,801 PV
Senior Field Vice President: Beth Blemaster – 7,055 PV
Executive Field Vice President: Tami Butcher  – 12,108 PV

Top in Personal Sponsoring by Rank

Team Leader: Areli Castro – 9 Qualified New Designers
Senior Team Leader: Vivian Hernandez – 17 Qualified New Designers
Executive Team Leader: Erin Fortney – 16 Qualified New Designers
Team Manager: Shelley Licknack – 16 Qualified New Designers
Senior Team Manager: Joan Milligan – 19 Qualified New Designers
Executive Team Manager: Sandy & Lily Gast – 15 Qualified New Designers
Director: Alba Saenz – 30 Qualified New Designers
Senior Director: Breanna Johnson – 36 Qualified New Designers
Executive Director: Jessica Lopez – 24 Qualified New Designers
Field Vice President: Robyn Torres – 13 Qualified New Designers
Executive Field Vice President: Tami Butcher – 15 Qualified New Designers

Top in Developing Team Leaders by Rank

Team Manager: Kathy Cornell – 5 Team Leaders
Director: Alba Saenz – 9 Team Leaders
Senior Director: Lora Schott – 6 Team Leaders
Executive Director: Jessica Lopez – 6 Team Leaders
Executive Field Vice President: Tami Butcher – 6 Team Leaders

These Designers had consistent PV over the last 12 months!

100 PV: 1,428 Designers
250 PV:
606 Designers
500 PV:
179 Designers
1,000 PV:
Victoria Matzen
Aimee Johnson
Janet Olivieri
Linda Peterson
Laura Scheele
Sandi-Rose Smith
Cynthia Kruis
Courtney Butler
Sandy Daly
Breanna Johnson
Erin Zapata
Sharon Troster
Mishell Amick
Nova Goforth
Cailin Bundrick
Kandice Astamendi
Carrie Titus
Susan Watson
Wendy Nelson
Sarah Vasho-Krock

1,500 PV:
Victoria Matzen
Aimee Johnson
Laura Scheele
Sandi-Rose Smith
Cynthia Kruis
Courtney Butler
Sandy Daly
Breanna Johnson
Erin Zapata
Nova Goforth
Kandice Astamendi

2,500 PV:
Sandi-Rose Smith
Erin Zapata
Nova Goforth
Kandice Astamendi

Rank Advancements (since last year’s Convention, July 2019):

Team Leader: 175 Designers advanced to Team Leader
Senior Team Leader: 220 Designers advanced to Senior Team Leader
Executive Team Leader: 86 Designers advanced to Executive Team Leader
Team Manager:
Amanda Clavin
Amber Molano
Amphoe Arriola
Anjie Wiltfong
Christina Reyes
Denae Zamarron Ross
Elena Seaberg
Erin Fortney
Katie Allen
Kirsten Hanes
Kris Moser
Monica Wayman
Rosa Lopez
Tina Grover

Senior Team Manager:
Angelica Gomez
Daisy Garcia
Desiree Durning
Elizabeth Barrera
Jennifer Jordan
Kathy Cornell
LeahRose Gibson
Lindsey Grace Mckenney
Lori Sargent
Maureen Cisek
Raquel Kieper
Rebecca Robinson Porter

Executive Team Manager:
Beverly Marshall
Hope Erbert
Rosalinda Huey
Sandy & Lily Gast

Eloise Layton
Julissa Schuster
Tatiana Quattrone Lessa

Senior Director:
Alba Saenz
Lora & Erin Schott
Mamie Miller
Mirta Hernandez

Congratulations to all these Designers on your OWL-some achievements!