Sand. Sun. Swaying palms.

The 2019 “Tropic Like It’s Hot” Origami Owl® incentive trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic was filled with laughter, good times and plenty of memories! From nighttime parties on the beach to daytime excursions by catamaran, our “Tropic Like It’s Hot” earners were treated to relaxation and lots of fun in the sun.

But, they did more than just vacation – they made a difference, enjoyed much-deserved recognition, and spent their time connecting with Origami Owl’s Co-Founders and other Origami Owl Designers who are entrepreneurs just like them!

Here’s a peek at some of the highlights from the trip (keep reading for more!):

“To be rewarded and spoiled just for working my business is such an incredible feeling. Having team members join in the fun and connecting with them and the O2 team is such an added perk. We all made a pack to reconnect at convention so we can game-plan to earn the next one!”

-Melissa Taylor, Senior Director

“When I earned the trip, I cried. I just couldn’t believe it. I’ve been with O² for 5 years and it just felt like a dream. The trip was more than I could have ever imagined. My husband and I needed it so much. It was the first time him and I had ever had a vacation with just the 2 of us. We have 5 kids (one who has autism) and life is so stressful all the time. This really gave us the chance to just relax and enjoy everything. We are so grateful for the experience we had there.”

-Kristen Dillon, Executive Team Leader

“This was my second trip for two in two years. I’ve been home for three days and I STILL can’t believe it. There is nothing like being pampered and made to feel like YOU MATTER. And being able to spend time with people you previously only knew online is priceless. I have made lifelong friends and my life has changed since I became a designer.”

-Sherry Rosen, Executive Team Leader

“I had the time of my life “ 🤣🤣🤣. It was such an honor to be part of this group filled with amazing and wonderful Designers. I’ve always had zero confidence and now I have at least some. Old friends, new friends…I am 100% blessed to be part of Origami Owl. So many great memories, most of all the donations that everyone brought for the school. It’s so awesome to share the same beliefs as others. I’m still in awe and can’t wait to grow my business and go on another trip. Watch out, here I come! ❤️❤️✈️”

-Zoe Vincent, Executive Team Leader

“During the Punta Cana earning period, I never thought about earning the trip. My thoughts were always about working my business to earn an income. This has been my goal since starting 6+ years ago with Origami Owl: share my business + how to tell stories with our jewelry = income earned for me and my daughters. As we rolled from August to September, then October, and my sales were going, going going; I realized I could actually earn the trip. In November, I earned a trip for one and about a week or so later I earned the trip for two. I was ecstatic when one Sunday in November, after setting up for a holiday fair, I checked my Back Office and there it was…a trip for one earned! This was my first incentive trip earned! Then when I earned the trip for two, I had a whole list of folks I wanted to invite! I asked my oldest sister, Miriam, to join me in Punta Cana. 🤗”

-Sandra D’Auria, Team Leader


Una Fuerza del Bien

We’re also proud to share that our Designers orchestrated a Force For Good® effort to give back to children in the community while they were in the Dominican Republic!

Led by Origami Owl Executive Director Karen Alaniz and Field Vice Presidents Lynn and Dale Stover, the group brought more than 225 donated backpacks, tuition money for students, and seven, HUGE duffle bags full of school supplies to give to teachers at Centro Activio Shalom school in the Hoyo, a school in an impoverished neighborhood. The 19 Designers who traveled by bus to the neighborhood also brought three huge suitcases full of children’s clothes, Living Lockets® to gift to local teachers, and more than $2,000 for student tuition money. Lynn and Dale also purchased eight microscopes to donate to the school, one for each classroom.

Origami Owl Brand Ambassador Yvette Dickson says the experience was unforgettable for everyone.

“The children performed (their very first performance ever) a few songs for all of us…the songs were about getting up and putting on a smile when things aren’t so good and wanting to have a million friends all over the world to spread happiness,” recalls Yvette.

“Honestly, the school, students, and teachers were completely overwhelmed by the generosity of our Designers,” she shares. “They felt abundantly blessed and prayed a beautiful prayer over each Designer and The Nest employees. They asked God to keep this company healthy and profitable indefinitely.”

She adds, “the experience was life-changing.”

Karen says she was proud of how Designers came together to make a difference.

“Dale and Lynn Stover and I would like to say just how proud we are of each and every single person who made this possible,” says Karen. “Our entire trip donations exceeded $7,500 in value. We are so much more than jewelry – we are Origami Owl Designers, and every day, we are proud to say we have taken this effort global!”

Here are a few pictures from their global Force For Good effort:

We also want to give a special shout out to Executive Team Leader Tina Votaw, who put together a Force For Good effort during an excursion with the O2 Founders! Tina put together drawstring backpacks filled with toys and goodies for the children on the island they visited. The reactions on the children’s faces was priceless! Thank you, Tina!

Punta Cana 2019 Recognition

We LOVED recognizing so many of our Designers who truly stepped up their efforts for this incentive. Here’s who received special recognition on the trip:

Top 3 in Personal Sales:

Total Points:

Sandi-Rose Smith               Director                              26708

Linda Peterson                   Senior Team Leader             25567

Erin Zapata                          Senior Director                  24453

Top 3 in Sponsoring:

Total Points:

Breanna Johnson               Senior Director                                78263

Alicia De Leon                    Executive Team Manager                60184

Tiffany & Jonathan Gin     Senior Team Manager                        59908

Top 3 Overall Point Earners:

Total Points:

Breanna Johnson                Senior Director               102,958

Aimee   Johnson                 Senior Director                 77,428

Simcha & Jaiden Bloomfield        Director                         69,219

Rising Stars:

Tania Scifo – ETL

Michelle Marquez – ETL

Ann Barnes – ETL

Owlette, Taylor Hileman – STL


Congratulations to everyone who earned the trip! Whether it was for one or two, you worked hard and earned the chance to play hard.

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