Before discovering Origami Owl®, Jessica Lopez was struggling financially as a teacher.

“I’ve been a full-time teacher for over eight years,” shares Jessica of Texas. “I hated living paycheck-to-paycheck on my teacher salary.”

Wanting to get out of debt and achieve a lifestyle she’s always dreamed of, Jessica decided to start an Origami Owl business in February 2013 to earn extra money.

Finding Origami Owl + First Convention

Jessica began her O2 journey after noticing all the excitement in the room during the first in-home Jewelry Bar® she attended.

“I knew Origami Owl was new and was something special,” recalls Jessica.

Four months after she joined, Jessica found out she was pregnant, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her business.

Knowing she needed to achieve a big push in her business before the baby came, Jessica is thankful her Mentor, Director Mamie Miller, “dragged her” to her very first annual Origami Owl Convention event – even at six months pregnant.

“That really set a fire under me and completely changed my business,” recalls Jessica. “That decision brought me to where I am now.”

Setting O2 Business Goals

While attending her first Convention five years ago, Jessica was inspired and found herself admiring the “big girls” on stage and everything these leaders had accomplished.

“I made a promise to myself right then and there that I would always return to each Convention with a promotion,” shares Jessica.

And, she’s achieved it every year by focusing on ‘peak season.’ “I always look forward to Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. – so that I can rally my team,” she says. “I know that when they need their promotions, too, we all need to be on the same page; I can’t do it alone. I always tell them, ‘Team work makes the dream work!’”

Thankful for Origami Owl

Jessica’s initial goal after joining Origami Owl was to have enough money to cover her car payment every month. Then, once she started earning enough money to cover her car payment, she pushed even harder to cover her mortgage payment every month. After her bills were all taken care of, Jessica started saving for family vacations.*

“The best part of my O2 journey has been paying off my college loans, paying off my car, moving into a new house and being able to furnish it to my liking,” says Jessica. “I can now afford luxury items that I never could before. I never imagined I would have so much financial freedom with Origami Owl and give my family the lifestyle I had always wanted.”

She continues, “The rewards and recognition that Origami Owl provides has given me a lot of fulfillment. I always tell my team to claim what they want. I think Chrissy said it best at Convention she said I was a ‘manifester.’ Put your mind to something and make it happen. Your heart and passion will get you there.”

The Road to Parliament

One her biggest business goals? Achieving Diamond Parliament, Origami Owl’s highest, annual business honor

Not only has she achieved it; she’s extremely proud to say she earned Parliament three times prior to 2018. She fondly remembers the first time she noticed Diamond Parliament, however, the pinnacle of the achievement program.

“I remember at the 2016 Convention seeing Diamond Parliament earn their diamond-topped trophies and thinking it was the most gorgeous trophy I had ever seen,” recalls Jessica. “Then, when Origami Owl announced that Bora Bora was the next Diamond Parliament destination trip for the following year, I knew I had to find a way to make it happen.”

Bora Bora has been on Jessica’s dream board for the last five years.

She worked hard and achieved the milestone moment. But, she wasn’t sure how she would maintain the high level of effort for the following year.

“After I achieved Diamond Parliament in 2017 in 4th place, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to achieve as much for a third time,” shares Jessica. “As we started the year, I was focused on my next promotion and helping my team grow, as well.”

Jessica quickly learned a key principle that’s now stuck with her: focusing on her team is the best thing she can do.

“We had such tremendous team growth, that by mid-year, I knew I was on track for Parliament again, as well as still on track for my big promotion for the year,” says Jessica. “Once the Career Plan was updated, I knew I had a huge chance to double-promote.”

Jessica set her team into motion as they approached the Mother’s Day selling season and ended up double promoting in back-to-back months.

“After that, I realized I was a contender for Top 3 Diamond Parliament,” shares Jessica. “At that point, I made sure to just keep working with my team to finish strong and say a prayer!”

Earning Diamond Designer of the Year

And, their hard work paid off.

The moment arrived at the 2018 O2 Experience as Jessica stood on stage and heard her name announced as the No.1 spot in Parliament: Diamond Designer of the Year. It was nothing short of joyful.

“My first thought was, ‘We did it,’” says Jessica. “’We’ because it’s a team effort. I am where I am because of my team; I can’t do it alone. I thought about all my struggles over the last five years and what I’ve gone through to get here and to prove to my family, friends and Customers that there is so much success to be found with this amazing company and opportunity.”

What made that moment even more special for Jessica was sharing it with her son, Owlette Arturo Valenzuela Jr.

“Having the opportunity to share that moment with my son was so joyous,” shares Jessica. “I felt like a very proud mom; someone he can truly look up to. The confetti in the air and the gorgeous flowers – it was the most glamorous moment of my life!”

Future Goals

Jessica is extremely grateful for everything she’s achieved so far, and now looks to have her team at the top with her.

“My next goal is to get more of my team into Parliament and inspire other women to reach for their dreams,” shares Jessica. “As I’m approaching the top of the Career Plan, my next business goal is to achieve Field Vice President this year.”

Jessica also shares that she really wants more Directors on her team and to see them earn a spot on the 2019 Punta Cana Tropic Like It’s Hot incentive trip.

“I want my team, TEAM OWL-RAGEOUS, to make a large presence on this next trip,” shares Jessica.

Besides achieving what she’s always wanted financially, Jessica says she’s most thankful that Origami Owl has given her a sisterhood.

“When I celebrate any milestone in my life, my team is the first to know,” says Jessica. “I can’t imagine my life without this company. My life would be boring without all the excitement that comes with this opportunity.”

*Actual earnings can vary significantly depending upon time committed, skill level and other factors. Not everyone will achieve the level of income represented here. Amounts of income discussed may be before business expenses are deducted. Please review a complete Income Disclosure Statement found on

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