Over 100 Designers consistently earned Owlchiever in 2016 {Hoot Hoot} and a spot to join us for our “Cruisin’ Through the Caribbean” 2017 Owlchiever Trip this past March, and we had one OWL-mazing time!

Owlchievers enjoyed seven nights sailing through the Caribbean aboard the Norwegian Escape, with stops in St. Thomas, Tortola and Nassau!

Here are a few highlights shared by Owlchievers who attended the trip:

“The chance to be with team members is always a {trip} highlight! The sneak peek of the new product and the chance to enjoy all of these locations with Dale {my husband} is the biggest highlight! We have visited beautiful beaches and met the nicest people – one of these being Rowan – the gentleman who sang the ‘Washy Washy’ song to us, and was our waiter for a couple of our meals.”  – Lynn Stover, Senior Director


“This was my first incentive trip with Origami Owl, and the very first vacation my husband and I have ever taken together in our 15-year marriage! We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary during the cruise, so I knew it must have been fate. This trip meant that much more to me that I could take us both on a much-needed vacation together. On Day 2 of the trip, my husband hugged me so hard and said, ‘Thank YOU so much for this!’ That moment right there made everything worth it – all the stress, hard work, late nights and long events – it was the best vacation we have ever had!”  – Melissa Davis, Senior Team Manager (Photo: Melissa and her husband enjoying the cruise!)


“My favorite part was being able to take my husband on the cruise with me, hands down. We have been on cruises before, and I love that Origami Owl® gave me the opportunity to treat my biggest supporter, my husband, to a trip without having to pay for it. I also loved the one-on-one time we had with the Founders and my mentors. Origami Owl always goes above and beyond for us – we were pampered the whole time! Our meals were upgraded, we got cases of water delivered to our cabins just when I was feeling parched – honestly, it was amazing! It felt like they could read our minds.” – Cristi Burton, Senior Team Manager

Watch the above video about how the “Cruisin’ Through the Caribbean” 2017 Owlchiever Trip was Debbie Kimzey, Senior Team Leader, and her husband, Mike’s, first vacation together – just the two of them – in over 23 years!


Here’s the recap video from the “Cruisin’ Through the Caribbean” 2017 Owlchiever Trip.

Next Up: The Riviera Maya!

If these stories really inspired you, then now is the time to act! You too can earn a spot on the next Owlchiever Trip in 2018 to the exotic Riviera Maya and stay at the four-Diamond Fairmont Mayakoba resort, featuring one of Mexico’s most tropical locales with white, sandy beaches, and the pristine waters of the Caribbean. Read more here.


Here are a few ways our Owlchievers earned the 2017 Trip:

“My goal was simple – to earn Owlchiever each and every month!” – Lynn Stover, Senior Director

“Last year at the L.E.A.D. Empowerment Summit, I remember {Origami Owl Co-Founder} Chrissy saying over and over how 2016 is my year. I remember going home and creating my goal Locket with my accountability partner and my team. Then, in March 2016, I focused on sponsoring and Owlchiever. Every month, I told myself that anything less than 5 Owlchiever points was not acceptable. My first goal was to hit 80 points, then 100. I made sure to take advantage of the double point incentives being offered for sponsoring and Owlchiever – those really helped me! I pushed myself hard in August because it was the last month for bonus points – I shared the opportunity with EVERYONE. I hit 108 points in September. Then in December, I hit 126 points and exceeded my overall goal. Talk about a Merry Christmas!” – Melissa Davis, Senior Team Manager

“My top goal was to strive for Owlchiever every single month. My next goal was to do four to six Jewelry Bars® and add two new team members every month. Some months I made that goal, and some months I didn’t, but I didn’t give up. With these goals at the forefront of my mind, I made Owlchiever for 10 months. Hard work pays off! I’m looking forward to having my team on the next incentive trip.” – Cristi Burton, Senior Team Manager

Here are tips on how to earn the 2018 Trip:

“Work with your mentor to work out a pathway to earning Owlchiever each month. When this is your goal, work hard to accomplish it each and every month. The chance to take a trip with Origami Owl is like no other trip you’ve ever been on. The hard work is SO worth it!” Lynn Stover, Senior Director 

“My advice to other Designers is to NEVER, EVER GIVE UP. You will always hear this, but it’s true. If you really want something, do whatever it takes to get it. Work hard, be honest, love your business, love YOURSELF, be excited, be grateful, and share the opportunity with everyone! Hard work pays off; you will never regret it.” – Melissa Davis, Senior Team Manager

“Make sure you set your goals high. Try, even if you don’t think it’s a possibility. Don’t give up on your dreams. Remember your reason for starting this business and enjoy every blessing on the way to hitting your goals!” – Cristi Burton, Senior Team Manager

2018 Owlchiever Trip

Whooo’s on track to earn a spot on the 2018 Owlchiever Trip to Riviera Maya to stay in a four-diamond resort?

Designers earn their way on this trip by being an Owlchiever consistently, from January 1, 2017 at 12 a.m. CT – December 31, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CT, or by earning at least 80 Owlchiever Points.

Here’s a video of the beautiful Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya resort.

Learn more about the luxury Fairmont Mayakoba resort.

2018 Owlchiever Trip + Qualifications

  • Level 4 – 12 months Owlchiever or 150 Owlchiever Pts = Trip to the Riviera Maya for 2 + $1,000 USD | $1,400 CAD Cash toward Airfare for 2
  • Level 3 – 11 months Owlchiever or 125 Owlchiever Pts = Trip to the Riviera Maya for 2 + $500 USD | $700 CAD Cash toward Airfare for 1
  • Level 2 – 10 months Owlchiever or 100 Owlchiever Pts = Trip to the Riviera Maya for 2 {Airfare not included}
  • Level 1 – 8 months Owlchiever or 80 Owlchiever Pts = Trip to the Riviera Maya for 1 {Airfare not included}

Here’s a helpful tracker you can download so you can always see where you are in your journey. And, if you want to view your Owlchiever tracker in real time, you can go to your Back Office > MyO2 Business > MyO2 Rewards > Owlchiever tab.