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The 2017 O2 Experience was SO great, we’re coming back to Phoenix, Arizona next year! Mark your calendars for July 26-28, 2018, and be sure to bring a friend {or two!}. Let’s DOUBLE the number of Designers who attend and show them what it means to be a part of the O2 family!

Whether you were unable to attend Convention this year, or you want to relive all the heartfelt moments, here’s a recap of our 2017 O2 Experience.

The O2 Experience Special Awards

We looove to recognize our Designers! In addition to a fun night filled with on-stage recognition for our Designers who advanced in rank since our previous convention, we recognized six Designers for a few special reasons and our OWL-mazing Owlettes who graduated this year!

Let’s give these special award winners + Owlette graduates a Hoot Hoot!

O2 Culture Award Recipients

Every year, we give YOU the chance to nominate a deserving Designer who should be recognized with an O2 Culture Award for going above and beyond and exemplifying the heart of Origami Owl. We’re thrilled to share the OWL-mazing Designers who were recognized at convention.

Heart of O2 Award: Holly Corbett, Executive Team Leader

The Heart of O2 Award is the highest level of Designer recognition and is given by the Founders. The winner of this award embodies everything O2, from our mission to our core values, this Designer is committed to mentoring all Designers (even those who are not part of their team), and makes it a priority to help them achieve success both in their jewelry business, and in their lives. This Designer is a role model for all and contributes to causes they are passionate about and is genuinely selfless.

“Holly constantly amazes me, and is the most generous person I have ever known. I feel blessed to call her my friend. She has inspired many people to do kind things for others and spread some joy. She is positive proof that there are still good people in this world.” – Fellow Designer

Here are our Heart of O2 Winners from previous years:

2016: Heather Hall, Field Vice President

2015: Adrienne St. Jean, Designer

2014: Krista Saysanam, Senior Director

2013: Michelle Freatman, Senior Director

2012: Robyn Torres, Executive Director

Love, Inspire, Motivate Award: Amber Butts, Executive Team Leader

The Love, Inspire, Motivate Award is awarded to a Designer who genuinely loves and inspires all. This Designer is positively affects any situation, helps others to realize every situation, and is a Force For Good™. This Designer is both a committed professional Mentor and compassionate personal coach who has a personal story that inspires others.

“Amber is an amazing Mentor and goes out of her way to thank you and keep you motivated. She is always encouraging us to strive for more, to build our teams, reach for our goals, and so much more.” – Fellow Designer

Force For Good Award: Angie Bogardus, Team Leader

The Force For Good Award is awarded to a Designer who represents the O2 mission statement in every aspect of his or her life. They use O2 jewelry as an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others, and leads and serves their team in every way. Not only have they made significant efforts to be a Force For Good in their community, they also make extraordinary sacrifices for others, and contribute to charitable organizations by volunteering their time, or donating to a cause they are passionate about.

“I have never met a person more dedicated to helping others. Angie is the epitome of this award, and she is so deserving of it.” – Fellow Designer

Force For Good Award: Sharon Penner, Senior Team Leader

“Sharon knows everyone and everyone knows her by her bright smiling face, bubbly personality and her willingness to help. I have known her for over 10 years, and she is always helping someone, and putting people’s needs ahead of her own.” – a Longtime Friend

Most Inspiring Owlette Award: Skylar Boissonnault, Senior Designer

The Most Inspiring Owlette Award is awarded to an Owlette (young girl or boy ages 11-17) who has embraced their role and demonstrated their commitment to learning about O2’s jewelry opportunity. They not only embody the O2 mission and core values in every aspect of their life, they also inspire and motivate their peers through positive action.

“Skylar is so invested, so passionate, and so full of life and enthusiasm!” – Fellow Designer

Most Inspiring Owlette Team Award: Chana and Atara Seff, Senior Team Leader

The Most Inspiring Owlette Team Award is awarded to an Owlette team who embodies the O2 mission and core values, and has overcome adversity or challenging circumstances. Not only have their achieved success in their O2 jewelry business, they also serve as a role model for other Owlette teams.

“Chana and Atara always have a smile on their faces, upbeat attitudes, and make us all feel like we can soar just like them.” – Fellow Designer

Owlettes Graduate in Special Ceremony

Last year, we started a new tradition of recognizing Owlettes who are graduating out of the Owlette program because they turned 18. The touching, on-stage ceremony included a certificate, a special Living Locket®, branded O2 cap with tassel, and of course, lots of hugs!

Here’s who we recognized this year:

Anna Arnold (Not in attendance)

Zahira Becca

Alyssa Burton

Gabriella Denney

Michaela Emery

Bryce Gannon

Karlee Itomura

MaKendra Ochsner

Victoria Prestigiacomo

Makenna Quintana (Not in attendance)

Danielle Ramirez

Venus Ramos

Jessica Schell

EJ Sibug

Sarina Soltesz

Alexis Torrieri

Nicole Vazquez (Not in attendance)

Jewel Marie Villalobos