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We’re in the second month of our 1…2…3…Consistency is KEY incentive!

When you generate 100 PV or more every month – May through July – you can earn O2 Jewelry Credit, an O2 Jewelry Box, a Fall Charm, a Charm Case, cash or all of it!

Plus, we have exciting news for your New Designers who join this month! They can also earn incredible, extra perks by being consistent in June and July!

So, to give you extra motivation and inspiration to keep working hard (you got this!), we asked some of our leaders to share what they did in May to achieve their goals, and their tips to staying consistent in June and July.

16 Tips For Staying Consistent in June and July

Theresa Theisen, Senior Team Leader – Generated 2,209 PV in May!

“My planning for May started in April, before knowing about this awesome incentive. I made sure to front-load my month knowing Mother’s Day is one of my busiest times of the year and had my ‘hot dates’ for Hostesses to pick from. My ‘hot dates’ are special days to Host a Jewelry Bar to receive a special, little, extra gift from myself. I had an event three of the four Saturdays in May. I also had a few Facebook Jewelry Bars already scheduled to help my sales. Launching a special Wizard of Oz group also helped generate sales for those three launches, which contributed to my overall PV. Once I saw how close I was to Successbuilder, I personally messaged past Customers and my VIPs. My VIPs are always amazing at helping me reach a goal. I came up a little short, but completely satisfied with where I ended my month. This incentive was just icing on my month.”

  1. Personal message your past Customers and Hostesses. I’ve reached out to past Customers and Hostesses, and even current Hostesses, about participating in a Host to Post for seven days. By doing these two things, I went from having two Jewelry Bars® on the calendar in June to nine Jewelry Bars!
  2. Be intentional about sharing the new Summer Collection. Whenever we have a seasonal collection launch, I host a Mystery Hostess Jewelry Bar for my VIPs; this helps book Jewelry Bars, which helps with sales. Also, above sharing the assets provided from The Nest (in the My O2 Connection app), I personally message, or text message/call those who don’t have Facebook; my team members, and hold Facebook Live trainings. We’re having a team Facebook event where everyone invites their friends and family, so we can showcase the Summer Collection.
  3. Customer service is key. I’m a huge believer in great customer service. And, because of that, I have many repeat Customers.
  4. Utilize Field Trainer Abby Teet’s Host to Post outline. Reach out to friends and family. Pick out your own ‘hot dates,’ and offer a little gift to your Hostess. The Mystery Packs in the Back Office are amazing Hostess gifts.”

Ashley Robinson, Senior Team Leader – Generated 1,708 PV in May!

“I made a goal, wrote down what I needed to do to get there, used the trackers, and made it known far and wide what my goals were and what I was willing to do to reach them. I also sweetened the pot for my awesome VIPs with a fun prize at the end of the month. Prepping my VIP group for The Wizard of Oz Collection was also key. We had a whole week of trivia before the actual reveal, which I feel not only prepared them to grab all the goodies, but also got them excited about this amazing collection.”

  1. “Support your team. Send out emails at the beginning of the month. Do weekly check-ins. Set up fun team challenges. Offer to do training calls to help those who wish to utilize the extra assistance.
  2. Expand and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  3. Always wear your jewelry.
  4. Have fun and stay consistent.
  5. Use the tools available to you from The Nest. I have my tracker printed and filled up. I am using the tools in the Back Office, as well as the Mindset Mondays, Socially Unstoppable and Take Off to Leadership Facebook groups to keep me on track.
  6. Engage with your VIPs. I find my VIPs love themed months with prizes that fit the theme as we hit different levels of the monthly goal. June is all about watermelon.

Christina Navarro, Senior Team Leader – Generated 1,501 PV in May!

“I took this incentive as the perfect opportunity to hold myself accountable and stay consistent. I was already setting myself up for growth, so this was perfect timing. I took more time to personally reach out to even more people. Personal connection is key.”

  1. “Touch your business every day. Origami Owl gives us all the tools we need. All we have to do is stay consistent. Touch your business every day and you will, no doubt, see results. If something isn’t working, it’s okay to try something new. Just make sure you’re doing something.
  2. Focus on basics, in addition to new launches. The Summer Collection was seriously off the charts, but for me, personally, I have realized that sticking with the basic steps in building a Living Locket® is where my passion lies, so I plan to focus on that. Especially since I am finally expanding into my ‘cold market.’ I am finally meeting new people who have never even heard of Origami Owl. It’s important to me that they know Bella’s story and the true meaning of capturing their story inside of our Lockets.”

Carolina McGrath, Executive Team Leader – Generated 2,646 PV in May!

“I touched my business every single day in May. Some days, it was only one call, and other days, it was more. Setting up Jewelry Bars was my first focus, then coaching those Hostesses about how we were partners, was second. Luckily for me, I also had some event orders that were needed. With The Wizard of Oz Collection, I ran a week of trivia on my social media channels that funneled the participants into my VIP community where they felt taken care of. It was easy for them to stay on top of The Wizard of Oz updates and place their orders with ease. With my team, I pointed out that being consistent would make the difference. I had three newer Designers who set goals with me. We chatted daily about what worked and what didn’t. Building that consistency right away in their businesses has proven to be valuable. It’s much easier when you start out being consistent; changes happen even faster. We also have talked about front-loading the month and putting your strongest efforts there the first two weeks. Make things happen, then when change is felt and goals are reached early, the remainder of the month is ‘icing on the cake!’”

  1. Front-load your month. It worked for everyone on our team who tried it. Keep what works and change what doesn’t. Change – not eliminate! Try something different. Don’t just stop doing what didn’t work.
  2. Talk to new people about the June incentive. When we are expanding our networks and talking to new people, we ask them if they want to earn a free cruise. When they ask how, we share our booking ideas. There are so many ways to offer a booking – Field Trainer Abby Teet’s Host a Post idea, online and in-home Jewelry Bars, Take Out Buckets – there are so many great ideas that surely one of them should work with a potential Hostess.
  3. Use the Limited Edition Collections the way they were intended. ‘Limited edition’ means ‘no reorders planned.’ It has proven to be beneficial in your business. It creates urgency in their desire and the orders are placed with a little bit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) attached to them. If you love it and need it – get it now!
  4. Offer your VIPs a ‘group order’ option. I’ll place a large group order and then they’ll come pick it up from me when it arrives. This saves them the individual shipping fees and let’s us meet face-to-face when they pick up their order so we’re able to share some of the other pieces from the collection in person. Often, this leads to more orders!”

Additional Thoughts

Christina Navarro, Senior Team Leader

“Above all, I believe what motivated me most was knowing how much I’d be expanding my network if I were to hit this level. My business is mostly to non-profits; I donate 10 to 20 Lockets each month to people who will never know who I am, so it was important for me to start setting myself up with people I could follow up with once the new incentive trip is announced. I think finding what you’re passionate about, and using that in your business, is important. Also, I will forever cherish the Sparkle Pumpkin Charm I purchased for myself when I found out I was 55 cents away from 1,500 PV!”

Ashley Robinson, Senior Team Leader

“It’s taken a while to get here, and definitely requires some time, work and lots of love, but I’ve learned that success comes from being real and someone who others can connect with. It’s important to show others your passion, it fuels you and draws people to you simultaneously.”

Carolina McGrath, Executive Team Leader

“Thank you to The Nest for developing these challenges and providing us the opportunity to grow our businesses outside of our comfort zones. These incentives give us a fun way to push ourselves beyond what we normally do and get rewarded for it! I taught school for 30 years and was rarely recognized for my strengths, growth or accomplishments as an educator. The opportunities The Nest gives us are outstanding. Thank you!”